Compared to the first silicon-based transistors of the 1950s, the extraordinary capabilities of today’s consumer electronics seem like the stuff of science fiction. But new research at Arizona State University is developing the foundation of quantum-based technologies that could transform our reality beyond what we’ve imagined.

Sefaattin Tongay, an associate professor of materials science and engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, is leading one of the first research teams to demonstrate new, high-quality manufacturing techniques for a unique type of 2D substance called Janus materials.

“We are coming up with an entirely new chemistry of Janus materials that has never been reported before. And with the manufacturing technique [we are developing], we are able to get high-quality Janus layers for completely new types of light-emitting materials and entirely new quantum domains that have never been explored before,” says Tongay, who is also the materials science and engineering undergraduate program chair in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, one of the six Fulton Schools.

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