Celebration of Excellence

Each year, SEMTE recognizes the achievements of faculty, staff and students at its annual Celebration of Excellence event. This year, due to COVID-19, we were unable to host our event. Please join us in congratulating our 2020 awardees!

Faculty Awards

Top 5% teaching

  • Werner Dahm
  • Lenore Dai
  • Hyunglae Lee
  • Ryan Milcarek
  • Kiran Solanki
  • Sef Tongay

National Science Foundation CAREER award

  • Brent Nannenga
  • Yulia Peet
  • Sze Zheng Yong

National Academy of Inventors Fellow

  • Nate Newman
  • Terry Alford

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

  • Sef Tongay

SEMTE Staff Excellence Awards

Rising Star

  • Miriah Kleijn
  • Amy Newberg

Staff Excellence Award

  • Robert Booher
  • Samantha Ramirez
  • Molly Swindler

National Student Awards

NSF Fellowship

  • Ava Karanjia, Chemical Engineering (Faculty Advisor:  Heather Bean, Microbiology)
  • Justin Huxel, Materials Science & Engineering (Faculty Advisor:  Zach Holman, ECEE)

Goldwater Scholarship

  • Alexis Hocken, Chemical Engineering (Faculty Advisor:  Matthew Green, Chemical Engineering)

Outstanding Graduate Student Research

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Shiba Biswal (Faculty advisor: Spring Berman)
  • Keju An (Faculty advisor: Jean Andino)

Materials Science Engineering

  • Lei Liu (Faculty advisor: Houlong Zhuang)

Chemical Engineering

  • Yifei Xu (Faculty advisor: Lenore Dai)
  • Jamie Handlos (Faculty advisor: Abhi Acharya)

Biological Design Engineering

  • Hanah Goetz (Faculty advisor: Xiaojun Tian – SBHSE)
  • Deepanjan Ghosh (Faculty advisor: Kaushal Rege)
  • Joel Lusk (Faculty advisor: Barbara Smith – SBHSE)
  • Devin Bowes (Faculty advisor: Rolf Halden – SEBE)

Outstanding TA/UGTA

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • TA – Marielle Debeurre
  • UGTA – Jessica Lin

Chemical Engineering

  • TA – Zachary Hubbard
  • UGTA – Steven Wilson

Materials Science Engineering

  • TA – Evangeline Amonoo
  • UGTA – Tanzil Chowdhury

Fulton IMPACT Service Awards

  • Claire Jordan – Mechanical Engineering
  • Ava Karnjia – Chemical Engineering
  • Tyler Souders – Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics)
  • Eric Trinh – Chemical Engineering
  • Madison Walker – Mechanical Engineering

Outstanding Honors Thesis

  • Alex Gardeck, Mechanical Engineering (Faculty Advisor:  Mark Holl, Biological Design Engineering)
  • Tiffany Hertzell, Mechanical Engineering (Faculty Advisor: Hyunglae Lee, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
  • Daniel Sinclair, Materials Science and Engineering (Faculty Advisor: Nik Chawla, Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Serita Sulzman, Materials Science and Engineering (Faculty Advisors: Qing Hua Wang and Candace Chan, Materials Science and Engineering)

Outstanding Undergraduates

Aerospace Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: Mennatallah Hussein
  • Finalists: Ciara Sypherd, David Valderama

Mechanical Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: Julie Pham
  • Finalists: Clayton Bliss, Lucas Petersen, Alex Gardeck

Chemical Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: Maeve Kennedy (also SEMTE Outstanding Graduate)
  • Finalists: Alyssa Carlson, Shaun MacDonald, Savanah Hull, Morgan Delgado, Omar Abed

Materials Science & Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: Serita Sulzman
  • Finalists: Jennifer Connor, Tanzil Chowdhury, Thomas Ohrn, Justin Huxel