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Solar energy engineering and commercialization (PSM)

Our graduates

PSM SEEC alumni are working in a variety of different fields, ranging from curriculum development to project management.  The following is information provided directly from some of our graduates.

Average annual starting salary: $67,000

Brigitte Lim, class of 2017

Brigitte Lim

Brigitte Lim, a recent graduate from the solar energy engineering and commercialization professional science master’s program, was recognized for her work using solar energy to solve employment challenges in the Philippines with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Prize awarded through the Geneva Challenge.
Photographer: Monique Clement/ASU

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Moayyad Hamad, class of 2014

Mo Hamad project 2 As the executive manager of AYAVA Solar, Moayyad recently completed a 75kWp PV project in Palestine. The project will provide a factory with 80% of their annual energy. The system will be connected based on NET Metering terms negotiated beteen the utility company and AYAVA Solar and the custormer. This is the first ever factory in Palestine to install a NET metering system that is self-financed by the owner. The payback period is expcted to be less than two years between value-added tax returns, depreciation and energy savings. In addition to his PSM SEEC, Moayyad earned am MBA from Birzeit University (Palestine), and his bachelor of science in engineering from ASU.

Hear what our graduates have to say

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*Priority deadline for Fall 2019 admission is February 3, 2019. Eligible applications received by that date will be given first consideration for available fellowship funding.  The program has a rolling application deadline.

Program contacts

Karen Dada
Program Manager


Ron Roedel, PhD
Emeritus Professor, Electrical Engineering and Program Director


I really appreciated PSM SEEC program’s focus on finding practical solutions for advancing solar energy. Doing an applied project with Arizona Public Service gave me a great “real-world” experience and the chance to explore a subject that really mattered to me.

Edward Burgess

Research consultant, Mayes Law Firm

There is no question that the PSM degree was a key factor in landing my position at the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The broad curriculum enables me to speak credibly in the context that a regulatory body like the ACC addresses.

Jeff Francis

Utilities engineer, Arizona Corporation Commission

ASU’s solar master’s program provided us the relevant multidisciplinary education and significant industry connections to ensure our employment and marketability for years to come.

Jamie Kern

Fellow, US Department of Energy

After six years at ASU, one under-graduate degree and two graduate degrees, I can honestly say I loved the experience, and the PSM Solar Energy Engineering & Commercialization program was by far the single most rewarding. I was fortunate enough to be a part of such a great learning experience.  Not only did I gain more valuable technical knowledge but I took part in experiences I would have never been able to be a part of in any other program.  These included meeting with top CEO’s in the field, specialty seminars and outside trips including Washington DC.  

To top it all off the people in place to guide you through the program are the best I dealt with in all of ASU.  If you have the interest and the opportunity to be a part of this program then by all means do so! After graduating I applied for 6 positions with 5 major Companies in different Engineering fields.  I was offered 5 positions from the 6 interviews.  

Bryan Lester

Mechanical engineer, Iron Ridge

My experience at ASU served as a perfect launching point into the solar energy industry. I made important connections that would not have been possible if not for the solar PSM program. My expectations were exceeded and I would recommend it.

Brogan Lyster

Solar thermal designer/installer, California Solar Thermal

ASU’s Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization program boosted me into a happy career in Arizona’s solar industry. I cherish the knowledge and experience gained in the program where I am now equipped to examine solar engineering concepts, public policy and utility law. This program could not have occurred elsewhere under different direction so I was lucky to attend Arizona State!

John Mitman

Project engineering, Natural Power and Energy

The PSM SEEC program as well as its exceptional administrators established a foundational platform and equipped me with the tools for a successful career in the energy industry, becoming part of a positive change for future endeavors. The program has helped and is helping upcoming pioneers for history changing objectives for the better of our world.

Manuel Quijada

Energy systems engineer and Engineering professor, Western College

I thought the program was great!  I feel very blessed to have been a part of it as it I think it a very unique program. There were many unique things to this program such as the DC trip and the colloquiums.  I really enjoyed the week long course in DC and I felt it was very beneficial.  I had no idea of how the government really functions, especially in relation to solar energy and I am now much more comfortable with it.

I also really enjoyed the solar commercialization course which I thought was a real life experience class.  I think universities fail at teaching practical experiences and leave that for internships, co-ops, and side jobs which does not really work for most people because it can be really difficult to find those.  The DC trip was similar in that we got to experience what policy makers actually do for their work.  This hands on experience is extremely beneficial and I feel that I learned more in that one week than several courses combined.

Michael Waller

PhD student - Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology

The P.S.M. Solar Energy Engineering & Commercialization was a great! Coming from significant background in the solar industry, I was looking to expand both my technical knowledge, as well as learn more about energy policy. With this program, I achieved both goals. In addition, the applied project provided me the opportunity to explore the intersection between international development, solar technology, and education.

Louis Woofenden

Engineering director, Net Zero Solar

This program is very unique in ways of depth of knowledge, wide subject coverage. Students have great opportunities to interact with guest speakers, including energy policy decision makers. We have the most helpful program manager who is always there to help students, organize career mixers and social events for the benefit of students. The program is definitely a great one for people interested in the renewable energy sector.

Liling (Cassie) Yan

Regional PV system designer, Solar City

Additional Alumni

Kyle Burns

Project engineer

Natural Power and Energy

Brenda Byers

Project development engineer

First Solar

Jared Fiorentine

Senior project engineer

PhotonWorks Engineering

Travis Gentz


Arizona Public Service

Moayyad Hamad

Executive manager


Kevin Hengehold

Energy program director

Arizona Community Action Association

Jeffrey Lee

Chief technology officer

Solar Stream Innovations

Sage Lopez

Associate civil engineer

Verengo Solar

Dhanunjaya (Dan) Mantena, EIT

Market operations engineer

Energy Reliability Council of Texas

James McCall

Energy-water analysis intern

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Adam Monteilh

Commercial project manager

Sun Valley Solar Solutions

Nirmal Pandya

First Solar

Associate project development engineer

Tyler Pearce

PV Power plant performance engineer II

First Solar

Andrew Shaw

Field service engineer


Prateek Sikka

Quality control solar power plants

First Solar

Justin Smith

PhD candidate

Arizona State University

Rene Valenzuela

Aerospace engineer

United States Air Force

Kevin White

Technology specialist

Strategic Solar Energy, LLC

Liling (Cassie) Yan

Regional PV system designer

Solar City

Yutao Zong


TUV Rheinland (Shanghai City, China)