The Materials Science and Engineering Program offers an integrated B.S.E.-M.S. program for students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in engineering degree and the Master of Science degree. This allows students to graduate with both degrees in five years of full-time course work.

Students interested in this program must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Have at least 75 credit hours applicable to an ASU B.S.E. in Materials Science and Engineering in order to apply to the program.
    • Have a cumulative ASU GPA of 3.5 or higher.
    • Have a minimum of 90 credit hours of course work applicable to the ASU Materials Science and Engineering bachelor’s degree completed prior to enrollment in the accelerated program.
    • Have successfully completed MSE 415.

Students earning a B.S.E. in Materials Science & Engineering can use six credits at the 500 level of graduate course work towards undergraduate degree requirements. These six credits count towards the graduate degree requirements as well. If the student’s schedule permits, they will also be able to reserve an additional six credits of graduate level coursework for a maximum of twelve pre-admission credits.

Application Procedure

Students must apply for admission to the program through the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy (SEMTE) and the ASU Graduate College by submitting an application form for the integrated programs in materials science and engineering. Interested students should meet with their academic advisor to learn more about the program and how to apply.

Applications must be accompanied by:

    • Three recommendation signatures from ASU faculty members.

Note: The GRE is not a requirement for this degree.

Please contact the graduate adviser with questions about the integrated program before you apply.

Course Selection

The student, together with the faculty advisor, selects up to six credit hours at the 500 level to be taken prior to the B.S.E. graduation. An additional six credit hours of 500 level coursework may be reserved only for the M.S. program.

All courses must be taken at the ASU Tempe Campus.