ASU Air Devils fly high

Arizona State University students earned 14th place at the AIAA Design/Build/Fly competition with an innovative aircraft design and overcame a challenging year.

Congratulations to our Celebration of Excellence awardees!

Alexandra Fernandez, Chemical Engineering
Grand Challenge Scholar

Sze Zheng Yong
Sze Zheng Yong
NASA Early Career Faculty Award

James Hansen
Outstanding Undergraduate – Aerospace Engineering

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From aircraft to spacecraft, students in this program develop the tools needed to create new ways to explore the atmosphere and beyond.

Degrees offered: BSE, MS, PhD

Help prepare for the future needs of the world’s citizens with this real-world-driven program designed around matter and energy.

Degrees offered: BSEMS, PhD

Touching on everything from sustainability to consumer products, there’s virtually nothing in which this discipline isn’t directly involved.

Degrees offered: BSEMS, MS onlinePhD

Turn ideas into reality in this program that puts the student in the driver’s seat of creating practical tools and devices for machines to small components.

Degrees offered: BSEMS, PhD

Harness the power of the sun in this graduate program that puts students in on the ground floor of a growing power source for our nation and the world.

Degree offered: PSM

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SEMTE innovation and excellence

A passion driven mission

A passion driven mission

Rising in the ranks at NASA, Fulton Schools alum Zachary Pirtle is finding opportunities to put his education in engineering and philosophy into practice

Opportunity for advancement

Opportunity for advancement

Two Fulton Schools doctoral students have earned opportunities to work with national research labs to advance energy storage and space exploration technologies

Meet our 2021 exceptional graduates

Meet our 2021 exceptional graduates

Each semester, the Fulton Schools selects members of the graduating class who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership and community service during their time as students