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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers develop new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems and space exploration, often specializing in areas such as aerodynamics, lightweight structural design, navigation and control, and advanced propulsion systems. The aerospace engineering program teaches a broad range of skills and the use of computational tools to design aircraft and spacecraft.

Degrees offered: BSE, MS, PhD

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a rigorous and creative program that focuses on the study of transforming matter and energy into useful resources for society. Chemical engineers exploit various chemical and physical phenomena to develop products used in everyday life and serve key roles in the petrochemical, materials, electronic and biotechnology industries.

Degrees offered: BSE, MS, PhD

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials engineers use a mix of chemistry and physics to understand and improve the properties and performance of materials that comprise the world around us. Materials engineering benefits many industries as well as day-to-day life. Prospective graduate students from non-engineering backgrounds like chemistry, physics, math and other sciences are encouraged to apply.

Degrees offered: BSE, MS, MS online, PhD

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers use their strong understanding of fundamental physics, thermodynamics, structural mechanics and control systems to turn ideas into reality. We create practical tools and devices for all sectors of society, from a single small component to an entire machine.

Degrees offered: BSE, MS and PhD

Solar Energy Engineering & Commercialization

The Solar Energy Engineering & Commercialization graduate program offers advanced, interdisciplinary education in solar energy to students with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM).

Degree offered: PSM

Congratulations, Class of 2017!

Brittany Nez, Outstanding Graduate

Brittany Nez was a cowgirl growing up, riding and roping from an early age. Every spring and summer her family traveled to her grandmother’s house on the Navajo reservation to tend the livestock, and she still loves being outdoors.

Learn more about our Brittany Nez, outstanding grad in Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics)

Travis Skinner, Outstanding Grad

Travis Skinner always thought he would go into the medical field — then he took a physics class. “The more I learned about what engineers do the more I wanted to be an engineer,” he says.

Learn more about Travis Skinner, outstanding grad in Mechanical Engineering

Gnyanesh Trivedi, Impact Award

Gnyanesh Trivedi was drawn to engineering through his love of physics: “It explains the world around us — in fact, the entire universe.”

Learn more about Gnyanesh Trivedi


Brigitte Lim makes a difference for her home country

Brigitte Lim, a recent graduate from the Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization professional science master’s program, was recognized for her work using solar energy to solve employment challenges in the Philippines.

Taylor Wiehn wins inaugural FURI Alumni Award

Wiehn says the exposure to research in FURI instilled a passion for problem solving and laid a foundation for the skills she uses today at Gore, where she works as a quality engineer as part of a new product development team.

Eyeing art from a scientific viewpoint

Nathan Newman says he “likes being around artists because they have the same appetite to create art as I do to understand science and the world around us.”

Revved up: High hopes for hitting new heights

A confident Arizona State University team is gearing up for what is widely considered the toughest international student automotive design and performance competition. About 30 members of ASU’s chapter of ...

Calculating a love of math

Do you like math? We tend to feel strongly one way or another, and likely your decision rides on your experiences in the classroom. “Mathematics itself is fairly neutral,” says ...

Impressive at IGEM


Lenore Dai named SEMTE school director

Lenore Dai, professor of chemical engineering, has been named the next director of the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy (SEMTE), one of the six schools in the ...

FlashFood student startup gains more momentum

Ford Motor Company has awarded Arizona State University a $25,000 grant to help support a social entrepreneurship endeavor founded by several former and current ASU engineering, business and sustainability students. ...