Celebration of Excellence

Each year, SEMTE recognizes the achievements of faculty, staff and students at its annual Celebration of Excellence event. This year, due to COVID-19, we were unable to host our event. Please join us in congratulating our 2021 awardees!

Faculty Awards

NASA Early Career Faculty Award

  • Sze Zheng Yong

SEMTE Staff Excellence Awards

Rising Star

  • Adriana Castillo-Melendez

Staff Excellence Award

  • Andrea Brown
  • Kelley Hall
  • Shannon Pete

National Student Awards

DOE Krell Fellowship

  • Steve Wilson, Chemical Engineering (Faculty Advisor: Chris Muhich)

NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Gabriel Nile, Chemical Engineering (Faculty Advisor: Kailong Jin)

Grand Challenge Scholars


  • Alexandra Fernandez, Chemical Engineering
  • Claire Block, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Cindy Rogel Bahena, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Karishma Albal, Mechanical Engineering
  • James Pillar, Mechanical Engineering

Outstanding Graduate Student Research

Materials Science Engineering

  • Ying Qin (Faculty advisor: Sefaattin Tongay)

Teaching Awards

Fulton Schools of Engineering Top 5% Teaching Award

  • Spring Berman
  • Werner Dahm
  • Lenore Dai
  • Marcus Herrmann
  • Hyunglae Lee
  • Ryan Milcarek
  • Eric Nian

Fulton Schools of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award

  • Sefaattin Tongay


Outstanding TA/UGTA

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • TA – Nihar Thakkar
  • UGTA – Kyle Gossett

Chemical Engineering

  • TA – Mohamed El-Mistiri
  • UGTA – Adam Chismar, Jessie Hernandez

Materials Science Engineering

  • TA – Evangeline Amonoo
  • UGTA – Claire Block, Patrick Hays

Fulton IMPACT Service Awards

  • Cindy Rogel Bahena – Materials Science and Engineering


Outstanding Honors Thesis

  • Jeremy Chao – Mechanical Engineering
  • Lauren Bennett – Mechanical Engineering
  • Josh Buchard – Materials Science & Engineering
  • Alexis Hocken – Chemical Engineering 
  • Amanda Tran – Chemical Engineering

Outstanding Undergraduates

Aerospace Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: James Hansen
  • Finalists: David Madden, Colton Rice

Mechanical Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: Jeremy Chao
  • Finalists: Jaimee Andreotti, John Daly, Kyle Horn, Yisha Ng

Chemical Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: Alexis Hocken (also SEMTE Outstanding Graduate)
  • Finalists: Rachel Kha, Dylan Ellis, Thomas Skalsky, Dillon Labban, Xueqi (Lily) Li

Materials Science & Engineering

  • Outstanding Graduate: Ruth Oliver
  • Finalists: Patrick Hays