The Program

Chemical engineering is a rigorous and creative discipline that is concerned with the study of matter and energy and their transformation into forms useful for society. The chemical engineering program at ASU is devoted to undergraduate and graduate education, innovative education and discovery, and is recognized nationally among the top 50 chemical engineering programs by U.S. News & World Report. The chemical engineering faculty are committed to fully developing students’ potential by providing a unique and stimulating learning and research environment, exposing students to a diversity of viewpoints and teaching/learning styles, and preparing students to work in teams to solve real-world, multidisciplinary problems.

Quick Facts

    • Undergraduate Program Chair: David Nielsen
    • Graduate Program Chair: Mary Laura Lind
    • Total Enrollment Fall 2017: 871
    • Undergraduate Students Fall 2017: 783
    • Graduate Students Fall 2017: 88
    • Bachelor Degrees Awarded (2015 – 2016): 166
    • Master’s Degrees Awarded (2015 – 2016): 24
    • Ph.D. Degrees Awarded (2015 – 2016): 5
    • Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty: 18
    • SEMTE Research Expenditures: $19.2 M (FY 2017)