Graduate Program

ASU’s mechanical engineering graduate faculty and students conduct innovative research in all of the traditional core areas of mechanical engineering with applications to some of society’s most pressing problems in energy, environment, human health and transportation. State-of-the-art laboratories and computational facilities support the research and educational missions.

All graduate degree programs stress a sound foundation in technical fundamentals, communication and professionalism, along with access to several interdisciplinary programs. A broad‐based curriculum is offered in design, systems and control, fluid mechanics science and engineering, mechanics and dynamics of solids, transport phenomena, thermodynamics and energy.

Mechanical Engineering, M.S.

The M.S. is the research master’s degree; writing and defending a thesis is required. This degree program prepares engineers for doctoral study or industrial positions that specialize in research, project management and product innovation.

Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. is directed toward original research. Writing and defending a dissertation that describes an original contribution within the chosen discipline is required. The doctoral program emphasizes original research and provides students with a strong background for employment by academic institutions, government laboratories and industrial research laboratories.

Students who are enrolled in the Ph.D. program and who do not have a previously earned a M.S. may apply for a master’s-in-passing upon completion of 30 hours of appropriate graduate course work. Contact the graduate programs personnel for additional information.

Please see the ASU Graduate Policies and Procedures for additional information.

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