Welcome to aerospace engineering at Arizona State University!  Our undergraduate programs provide a first-rate experience for students interested in a career in any area of aeronautical or astronautical engineering.

Our aerospace engineering programs prepare students for a variety of professional options.  Though a majority of our graduates choose to go directly to jobs in the aerospace industry, others attend graduate school to further their technical education or to engage in ground-breaking research.  Still others enter professional schools such as business or law.

We offer concentrations in both aeronautics and astronautics.  The aeronautics concentration emphasizes topics relevant to the design and analysis of aircraft, helicopters, missiles and other atmospheric vehicles, while the astronautics option highlights topics important to the engineering of rockets and spacecraft.  Both concentrations give students a rigorous technical background as well as a variety of experiences solving real and timely engineering problems.

Many of our students hone their creative and leadership skills through engagement in one of several extra-curricular aerospace-related activities.  Be sure to check out the Daedelus rocketry club, which has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Large Dangerous Rocket Ships program!  The Air Devils Design-Build-Fly team participates in a national competition every year with their radio-controlled, self-designed aircraft.  The Sun Devil Satellite Lab team is in the middle of designing and building an earth-imaging satellite; the group’s founder was recently honored with the ACE Student of the Year award.

Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics), B.S.E.: this branch of aerospace engineering is concerned primarily with the design and construction of aircraft structures and power units, and with the special problems of flight within the Earth’s atmosphere.

Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics), B.S.E.: is the branch of aerospace engineering that deals with the science and technology of space flight and the machines designed to exit or work entirely beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Aerospace Engineering (Autonomous Vehicle Systems), B.S.E.:  The concentration in Autonomous Vehicle Systems is structured so that students will have general exposure to engineering of autonomous aircraft plus depth in one area of specific importance to UAV’s. The depth areas, or “tracks”, are 1) guidance, navigation and control (GNC) and 2) communications. The senior capstone project consists of UAV design and development.


The aerospace engineering program at Arizona State University is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Student enrollment and graduation data are available at