The Program

Arizona State University has an outstanding undergraduate and graduate Materials Science and Engineering program.

Students and faculty in the materials science and engineering program work within a strong teaching and research environment with many opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to learn in dynamic instructional settings and be involved in cutting-edge research.

Undergraduate Program Highlights

    • 28% of undergraduate Materials Science students are in ASU’s Barrett Honors College (vs. 6% of all ASU students)
    • Most students become involved in research or part time/summer work in industry
    • Individualized attention: outstanding 7:1 undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio
    • Small class sizes: most Materials classes have 20-30 students

The ASU Difference

    • Nationally recognized microscopy & materials processing/characterization facilities which include the LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science (CSSS) & the ASU Nanofab
    • Major metro area – the Phoenix metropolitan offers a low cost of living and ample opportunities for students
    • Local industries – many semiconductor and high tech firms such as Intel, Motorola (Freescale), Boeing, Honeywell, & Microchip to name a few
    • Sunny warm climate – a variety of plentiful leisure and recreational activities

Quick Facts

    • Undergraduate Program Chair: James Adams
    • Graduate Program Chair: Terry Alford
    • Total Enrollment Fall 2017: 252
    • Undergraduate Students Fall 2017: 112
    • Graduate Students Fall 2017: 140
    • Bachelor Degrees Awarded (2015 – 2016): 23
    • Master’s Degrees Awarded (2015 – 2016): 30
    • Ph.D. Degrees Awarded (2015- 2016): 12
    • Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty: 12
    • SEMTE Research Expenditures: $19.2 M (FY 2017)