Graduate Program

The graduate program in Materials Science and Engineering at ASU is one of the largest in the U.S.  The flexibility of the program structure encourages students to explore topics at the boundaries between traditional disciplines.  There are many research thrusts in materials at ASU that span a wide range of cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary topics including understanding the structure-property relationships of nanomaterials, and applications in energy, security, and sustainability.

Graduate students are advised by members of the Graduate Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering that is comprised of faculty members from a variety of disciplines across engineering, physics, and chemistry.  There are approximately 70 Graduate Faculty in Materials Science and Engineering engaged in the highest levels of research over an extremely broad range of research areas that is reflective of the depth and breadth of materials research.  Graduate students have the opportunity to choose a research mentor and dissertation/thesis committee members  from this impressive group of nationally and internationally recognized  group of engineers and scientists.

A strong alumni network helps our students find internships and full employment, both locally and nationally. A number of students in our Master of Science in Engineering program are working in local companies and their presence in classes and seminars provides a great networking system and serves to build industry-university interactions.

Materials Science and Engineering, M.S.

This graduate program prepares students for professional careers in materials science and engineering and related fields in industry, government and educational institutions. It requires two core materials courses, a seminar and six elective courses, chosen to follow the student’s interests, which may span multiple academic departments.

Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D.

This field draws upon a fundamental base of knowledge, with underpinnings in physics, chemistry and engineering. The program extends that knowledge to address a broad range of materials-driven challenges, such as energy efficiency, sustainability, functional nanostructures, electronic materials, biomaterials and polymers. Interdisciplinary in nature, our curriculum offers four required courses in core subjects:

    • Structure and properties of materials
    • Advanced thermodynamics
    • Kinetics and phase transformations
    • Physics of materials

Please see the ASU Graduate Policies and Procedures for additional information.

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