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Graduate defenses


Sreevatsan Bhaskaran Direct Detection Time of Flight Lidar Sensor System Design
and A vortex tracking algorithm for a Doppler Lidar
10/24/2018; 2 PM; ERC 593
Somya Singh
Deformation Behavior of Co-Sputtered and Nanolaminated Metal/Ceramic Composites 10/17/2018; 12:00 PM; ECG 218
Prudhvi Tej Chinimilli Human Activity Recognition and Control of Wearable Robots
10/15/2018; 10 AM; ECG 218
Nai-Yuan Liu
Sensors and their applications for connected health and environment
9/17/2018; 8 AM; ECG 218
Hooman Farsani
A Heterogeneous Porous Media Model for Fluid Flow Simulation
8/24/2018; 10 AM; WXLR A103
Ragesh Kumar Ramachandran
Exploration, Mapping and Estimation using a Swarm of Resource-Constrained Robots
8/24/2018; 9:30 AM; ERC 490
Simone Bernardini Efficiency-Limiting Recombination Mechanisms in
High-Quality Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells
8/23/2018; 10 AM; ERC 593
Siddhant Datta
Characterization of Fatigue Damage in Aerospace Materials under Complex Multiaxial Loading
8/17/2018; 11:00 AM; STAUF A417
Ruijin Cang
Data-Augmented Structure-Property Mapping for Accelerating Computational Design of Advanced Material Systems
7/24/2018; 1:00 PM; GWC 107
Ashlee Aiello Corrosion and Passivation of Mg-Al and Ni-Cr Alloys
7/19/2018; 3 PM; ISTB 696
Prudhvi Ram Peri
Physio-chemical Characterization of PZT based ultrasonic transducer stack
7/16/2018; 3 PM; ECA 219
Tarun Shesh
Carbon dioxide transfer characteristics of hollow-fiber, composite membranes
7/12/2018; 11 AM; BDA 204
Zz Haggerty

Excavation in Swarms: Applications to Human Infrastructure Problems

7/12/2018; 2 PM; ECA 219
Vaibhav Jhawar
Design of a Knee Exoskeleton for Gait Assistance
7/12/2018; 11 AM; ERC 490
Sri Ram Prasath Ramasubramaniyan
Fabrication, Modeling and Control of a Spherical Tail-Sitter UAV
7/11/2018; 10 AM; GWC 107
Bin Chen
Atomic Scale Characterizations of Two-dimensional Anisotropic Materials and Their Heterostructures
7/9/2018; 9:30 AM; ECA 219
Siying Liu
Investigation on Fatigue Behavior of Alloys by Various Approaches
7/6/2018; 3 PM; ERC 490
Hui Cai
Layer Structured Gallium Chalcogenides: Controlled Synthesis and Emerging Properties
6/29/2018; 3 PM; ECA 219 
Kedi Wu
Novel Growth Routes and Fundamental Understanding of Pseudo-One-Dimensional Materials
6/29/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Srishti Gupta
Synthesis and Characterization of Amphiphilic molecules for their use in health care industry
6/28/2018; 12:00 PM; ECA 219
Christopher Lefky
Corrosion and Sensitized Microstructure Evolution of 3D Printed Stainless Steel 316 and Inconel 718 Dissolvable Supports
6/28/2018; 9 AM; WXLR A311
Seyed Mostafa R. Sorkhabadi
Gait Dynamic Stability Analysis with Wearable Assistive Robots
 6/19/2018;  10 AM; GWC 107
Shantanu Das
Nucleation and Growth of Single Layer Graphene on Supported Cu Catalysts by Cold Wall Chemical Vapor Deposition
 6/15/2018; 2 PM; ECA 219
Hassan Alshehri
Opto-thermal Energy Transport with Selective Metamaterials and Solar Thermal Characterization of Selective Metafilm Absorbers
6/7/2018; 10 AM; GWC 107
Taylor RainesPropellant Mass Scaling and Decoupling and Improved Plasma Coupling in a Pulsed Inductive Thruster
6/8/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Sami Alelyani
Improvements to Heat-driven Cooling Cycles
6/6/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490;
Harini Murali
Aminoglycoside Polymers and Combination Treatments in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Studies
5/31/2018; 11 AM; ECG 215
Aniket Chitale
Generalized T-Map Modelling Procedure & Tolerance Sensitivity Analysis using T-Maps
5/14/2018; 10 AM; ECG 315
Takayuki Nosaka
Carbonaceous Nanomaterials as Flame Retardant Coating on Fabric
5/10/2018; 10 AM; ECG 215
Linda Fou
Indicators of Anticipated Walking Surface Transitions for Powered Prosthetic Control
4/13/2018; 9 AM; ECG 215
Sirong Lu
Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas at SrTiO3-Based Oxide Interfaces
 4/13/2018; 1:30 PM; PSF 306
Irene Lujan Regalado
Characterization of Thermo-Mechanical Damage in Tin and Sintered Nano-Silver Solders
 4/13/2018; 10 AM; ECG 347
Stephanie Booth
Effects of Wildlife Deterrent Devices Affixed to Wind Turbines on Power Output
 4/13/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Srisuda Rojsatien
Magnesiothermic Conversion of Sintered-Closely Packed Diatom (Coscinodiscus wailesii) Monolayer on Silicon Wafer and its Optical Properties
 4/13/2018; 11 AM; LSA 119
Kanishka Singh
Affine Abstraction of Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Active Model Discrimination
 4/12/2018; 9 AM; LL 114
Rushabh Talati
Implementation and Comparison of Various Observers for Time Delay System
 4/12/2018; 1:30 PM; DISCVRY 123
 Kshitiz Dolia
Accelerated UV Testing and Characterization of PV Modules with UV-cut and UV-pass EVA
 4/12/2018; 12:30 PM; ED 238
Yaopengxiao Xu
Modeling complex material systems using stochastic reconstruction and lattice particle simulation
 4/12/2018; 2 PM; ECG 238
Tanmoy Chatterjee
Understanding the interaction of wind farms and turbulent atmoshperic boundary layer in a large eddy simulation framework: from periodic to LIDAR based mean data driven cases
 4/12/2018; 12 PM; ERC 490
Hangkun Jing
Selenate and Chromate Removal with Titanium Dioxide based Photocatalysts
 4/11/2018; 2 PM; LL 272
Peyman Sirous
Metal Ion Detection by Luminescent Metal Organic Frameworks
 4/11/2018; 12:15 PM; PSH 131
Jueming Hu
Numerical Modeling of Cake Formation and Permeate Flux Decline in Membrane Filtration Using OpenFOAM
 4/10/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Ximo Chu
Surface Treatment of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
 4/10/2018; 12 PM; ISTB4 396
Seyedehmelika Meraji
Methylated and Unmethylated pDNA Delivery Comparison in Mammalian Cells
 4/9/2018; 2:15 PM; ECG 214
Sayalee Joshi
Microbial Metabolic chain elongation
 4/9/2018; 11 AM; BDA AL1-50  
Xingye Wang
In-situ Photoemission Spectroscopy Characterization of Electronic States in Semiconductor Interfaces
 4/9/2018; 3 PM; ERC 490
Nancy Fujikado
Synthesis of Acetylenic Carbon Molecules via Pulsed Laser Ablation in Ethanol
 4/9/2018; 1 PM; PSD 105
Sai Gautham Nuthi
Computational Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Pneumatically Driven Actuators for the Development of a Soft Robotic Arm
 4/9/2018; 12 PM; LL 270
Ashwin Agathya Boochakravarthy
Study Of Doped Magnetic System
 4/6/2018; 11 AM; DISCVRY 123
Sai Chaitanya Mangavelli
Numerical simulation of the interaction between floating objects and a gravity driven flow
 4/6/2018; 1 PM; ECG 317
Mathew Delisle
Destabilized Aircraft Response: the Implications of Pilot Trim Error
 4/6/2018; 2 PM; GWC 107
Paige Colasurd
Expression, Characterization, and Structural Studies of Anti-amyloid Antibody Fragments
 4/5/2018; 1 PM; LL 245
Spencer Cleary
The Supersonic Performance of High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engines with Fixed Conical Spike Inlets
 4/5/2018; 4:30 PM; ECG 335
Shaohua Chen
Modeling, Characterizing and Reconstructing Mesoscale Microstructural Evolution in Particulate Processing and Solid-State Sintering
 4/3/2018; 1:30 PM; ERC 490
Gokul Chandrasekaran
3D-Printed Heat Exchangers: An Experimental Study
 4/2/2018; 9 AM; GWC 109
Weston K. Bertrand
Enhanced Desorption in Novel Sorbent Materials Using Ultrasound
 4/2/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Jyothis Anand Prem Anand Jayaprabha
The Optimized Use of Phase Change Materials in Buildings
 4/2/2018; 4 PM; WGHL L1-15
Amr Fairag
Smart HVAC Zoning for Residential Buildings
 3/30/2018; 11 AM; ECA 219
Jung Eun Park
Analyses of Spray Atomization Based on Integral Form of Conservation Equations: Applications to Liquid Jets in Cross Flows and to CFD
 3/30/2018; 2 PM; LL 270
Vishnu Kumar Budama
Design and Evaluation of a Concentrating Solar Power System with Thermochemical Water Splitting Process for the Co-production of Hydrogen and Electricity
 3/29/2018; 10 AM; ERC 593
Mitchell Armstrong
Designing Sorbent-Containing Electrospun Fibers For Dilute Chemical Separations
 3/21/2018; 10 AM; LSE 204
Ashutosh Agarwal
Alloying of 2D Anisotropic Materials and Studying Their Vibrational and Optical Properties
 3/20/2018; 9 AM; ERC 490
Kaushik Sridhar Vadari Venkata
Microstructure development in magnetite films via non-classical crystallization
 3/16/2018; 10 AM; PSH 331
Xiangbing Jiao
From materials to devices: (I) Ultra-thin flexible implantable bio-probes with biodegradable sacrificial layers (II) Carrier spin injection and transport in diamond
 3/15/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Xu Wang
Understanding the Mechanical Behaviors of Lithium-Based Battery Anodes─Silicon and Lithium Metal
 2/28/2018; 12 PM; ECG 317
Wen-Hsi Huang
Recycling Valuable Materials from Crystalline-Si Solar Modules
 2/22/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Kousik Ganesan
 Capable Copper Electrodeposition Process for Integrated Circuit - Substrate Packaging Manufacturing
 2/9/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Ashwin Rai
Novel Methodology for Atomistically Informed Multiscale
2/7/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Liuyang DingFundamentals and Applications of N-pulse Particle Image Velocimetry-accelerometry: Towards Advanced Measurements of Complex Flows and Turbulence
1/30/2018; 12:00 PM; ERC 490
Nithya SubramanianPhysics-Based Modeling of Material Behavior and Damage Initiation in Nanoengineered Composites
12/14/2017; 10 AM; ECG 315
HsinWei WuCharacterization of Perovskite Oxide/Semiconductor Heterostructures
12/13/2017; 9:00 AM; PSF 306
Benyamin Gholami BazehhourMultiscale Modeling of Oxygen Impurity Effects on Macroscopic Deformation and Fatigue Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium
11/21/2017; 11:00 AM; ART 240
Qianlang LiuProbing atomic, electronic, and optical structures of nanoparticle photocatalysts using fast electrons
11/21/2107; 9:30 AM; ERC 593
Sandesh G. BhatDesign and Development of a Passive Prosthetic Ankle
11/6/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Amr IbrahimSynthesis and Gas Transport Properties of Graphene Oxide Membranes
11/6/2017; 11 AM; WXLRA106
Sahil InamdarHydrogel Nanosensorsfor Colorimetric Detection and Dosimetry in Proton Beam Radiotherapy
11/3/2017; 1:30 pm; ECA 219
Majid VaghayenegarCharacterization of HgCdTe and Related Materials For Third Generation Infrared Detectors
11/3/2017; 9:30 AM; PSB 234
Jui-Yung ChangRadiative Heat Transfer with Nanowire/NanoholeMetamaterials for Thermal Energy Harvesting Applications
10/31/2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Yiyang LiMultiscale modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of phase-segregated polymers: polyethylene and polyuria
 10/30/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Shahriar AlamA Fundamental Model Methodology for the Analysis Design and Fabrication of a Narrow Transparency Window in a Bulk Meta-Material
10/27/2017; 3 PM; ERC 593
Tyler StannardCorrosion and Corrosion-Fatigue Behavior of 7075 Aluminum Alloys Studied By In Situ X-Ray Tomography

10:30 AM; ERC 490
Scott TurnageAnomalous Dynamic Behavior of Stable Nanograined Materials

11:30 AM; ERC 490
John Robert WilsonThe Doghouse Plot: History, Construction Techniques, and Application
10/19/2017; 9 AM; ECG 215
Chandrashekara Shashank KairaStructure-Property Relationships in Aluminum-Copper alloys using Transmission X-Ray Microscopy (TXM) and Micromechanical Testing
10/17/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Joshua B. JamesStability, Transport and Modification of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 Membranes for Light Hydrocarbon Separations

9:30 AM; ECG 215
Bryan WhitsellHuman-Robot Interaction Utilizing Asymmetric Cooperation and the Brain
 9/18/2017; 10 AM; ECG 238
Huidan Yin Synthesis and Characterization of ZIF-71/PDMS Mixed Matrix Membranes for Biofuel Separation Through Pervaporation
8/31/2017; 9:00 AM; ERC 490
Venkatraman NagarajanNumerical Simulation of Entrainment and Recirculating Flow at the Base of an Aerospike Nozzle with Supplementary Base Flow
7/12/2017; 1:00 PM; ERC 593
Anurag GandhiInvestigation of transition and vortex systems of a dynamically pitching airfoil under the free-stream turbulence conditions

10:00 AM; ERC 490
Brian ThompsonEngineering Escherichia coli for the Novel and Enhanced Biosynthesis of Phenol, Catechol, and Muconic Acid
7/11/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Santosh Shekar MudunurOptimizing parameters for the process of electrochemical reduction of Carbon-dioxide
7/10/2017; 2:00 PM; ERC 593
Robert HolgateAdvanced Prosthetics and Joint Mechanisms
7/5/2017; 10:00 AM; ERC 490
Kyle W. StaggsSeparations of Biofuels and Bioproducts via Magnetic Mesoporous Carbons
7/14/2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Nathan CahillOptimal Design Methods for Increasing Power Performance of Multiactuator Robotic Limbs
7/3/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Georgios Konstantinos KaravasBrain Computer Interfaces for the Control of Robotic Swarms

10:00 AM; ERC 593
Rutvik VaidyaAnalyzing the performance of Lithium-ion batteries for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Second-life applications
6/23/ 2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Ehsan IzadiInvestigating the mechanical behavior and deformation mechanisms of ultrafine-grained metal films using ex-situ and in-situ TEM techniques
6/22,/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Liang HuangMetal Complexes for Organic Optoelectronic Applications
6/13/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Jared SchoepfTiered Approach to Detect Nanomaterials in Food and Environmental Matrices
6/7/2017; 8:30AM; ERC 490
Saul OpieEffects of Phase Transformations and Dynamic Material Strength on Hydrodynamic Instability Evolution In Metals
5/31/2017; 1:00PM; ERC 593
Shrinil ShahEffects of Structural Uncertainty on the Dynamic Response of Nearly Straight Fluid-Filled Pipes: Modeling and Numerical Validation
5/26/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Ankush SharmaShape Factors for Pseudo-Steady State Flow in Fractured Hydrocarbon Wells of Various Reservoir Geometries
5/22/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Wei GaoMolecular Dynamic Simulations of Diffusion and Phase Behaviors of Colloidal Particles in Two-Component Liquid Systems
5/11/2017; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Narayan Vishnu KanhereOptimization of particle size of α-Alumina separator on performance of Lithium Ion Batteries
4/28/2017; 8:00AM; GWC 487
Pulkit SharmaToward an Uncertain Modeling of Hypersonic Aerodynamic Forces
4/11/2017; 8:00AM; GWC 535
Ashish GopalakrishnanCharacterization of the Dynamic Strength of Aluminium at Extreme Strain Rates and Pressures
 4/14/2017; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Shantanu PoreReliability of PV modules: Dependence on manufacturing quality and field climatic conditions
4/13/2017; 10:30AM; ISTB4 396
Adit PatankarDegradation Linearity Determination And Temperature of Photovoltaic Modules in the Field
4/13/2017; 3:00PM; BYAC 190
Wilson KongAngle Resolved Polarization and Vibrational Studies of Transition Metal Trichalcogenides and Related Alloys
4/12/2017; 3:00PM; LL 243
Ninad ChameleFractal Ag electrodeposits in Radial Programmable Metallization Cells as Physical Unclonable Functions
4/11/2017; 10:00AM; ISTB4 596
Devon BridgemanA Portable Colorimetric Sensing Platform for the Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide in Breath
4/11/2017; 1:00PM; GWC 465
Varun KelkarAnalysis of Chlorination & UV effects on microplastics using Raman spectroscopy
4/13/2017; 1:00PM; GWC 487
Sneha ShenoyEffect of Foreign Object Damage on Fatigue of Inconel 718 at elevated temperature (1050 C) 
4/14/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Philip SakievichIdentification, Decomposition and Analysis of Dynamic Large-Scale Structures in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
 4/14/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Ryan SpillerLongitudinal Stability of Twin-Fuselage Aircraft with Oscillations Due to Unattached Tails
4/13/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Andrew VerbinDetailed Design of a Pulsed Plasma Thrust Stand
4/13/2017; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Brendan HernandezLongitudinal Static Stability of a Tethered Rotorcraft
4/13/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Venkata Sathya Sai Renuka VallabhaneniEnvironmental-Induced Damage in Tin (Sn) and Aluminum (Al) Alloys
4/13/2017; 12:30PM; ERC 490
Jia XuSynthesis and functionalization of zinc oxide nanowires
4/13/2017; 11:00AM; PSF 306
Ke GengMorphology Evolution during Dealloying at High Homologous Temperature
4/12/2017; 10:15AM; ISTB4 240
Girish Nigamanth RaghunathanNumerical Solution of a 2-D model for formation of Zonal Jets
4/11/2017; 11:00AM; LL 45
Benjamin AndersonConceptual Fuselage Design with Direct CAD Modeling
4/11/2017; 11:00AM; Stauff A 317
Fraaz TahirCreep-Fatigue Damage Investigation and Modeling of Alloy 617 at High Temperatures
4/10/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Barry O'BrienNew Materials and Device Designs for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
4/10/2017; 12:00PM; ECA 219
Rohit SarkarSynthesis and in situ Characterization of Nanostructured and Amorphous  Metallic Films
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; ECG 227
Andre J. BrewerSurface Plasmon-polariton Enhanced Lasing: Numerical Studies
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; LSA 119
Sean WilsonScalable Control Strategies and a Customizable Swarm Robotic Platform for Boundary Coverage and Collective Transport Tasks
4/7/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Gargi KailkhuraCFD Analysis of Wind Potential Across Rooftop Gaps of Tall Buildings
4/7/2017; 1:00PM; ECG 305
John BeardTakeoff Obstacle Clearance Procedures: The Feasibility of Extended Second Segment Climb
4/7/2017; 12:00PM; LL 149
Nihanth CherukuruDoppler Lidar Vector Retrievals And Atmospheric Data Visualization in Mixed/Augmented Reality
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Melvin MathewOptimum Co-Product Utilization from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae
 4/6/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 490
Rick AhlfAutonomic Closure in Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) Simulations of Turbulent Flows
4/4/2017; 11:00AM; ERC 593
Yue DengA Novel Mobile Device for Environmental Hydrocarbon Sensing and Its Applications
4/4/2017; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Nicholas KemmeQuantifying the Properties of Elastic, Liquid Metal Based Thermal Interface Materials
3/28/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jeffrey SkidmoreOn the Effect of Walking Surface Stiffness on Inter-leg Coordination during Human Walking: a Unique Perspective to Robot-assisted Gait Rehabilitation
4/3/2017; 12:30PM; GWC 487
Jing LuEvaluation of Compound Semiconductors for Infrared Photo-detection Applications
3/31/2017; 10:00AM; PSB 234
Puneet Vasudev JethaniPower Management Strategy of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Peak Power Shaving Using Ultra-Capacitor3/30/2017; 9:30AM; ERC 490
Man LiSelenium Removal from Power Plant Waste Water with Solid Phase Extraction Materials3/30/2017; 12:00PM; ISTB4 396
Yuting WangReduced Order Modeling with Variable Spatial Fidelity for the Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Multi-Bay Structures3/3/2017; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Zhao ZhaoCharacterization of Novel Thin-Films and Structures for Integrated Circuit and Photovoltaic Applications2/20/2017; 11:00AM; ERC 490
Bonsung KooA New Atomistic Simulation Framework for Mechanochemical Reaction Analysis of Mechanophore Embedded Nanocomposites2/17/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jino GeorgeExtraction of Coherent structures using NS in 3D Turbulent flows and its effects on Chemotaxis1/30/2017; 2:00PM; ECG 236
Nathan BakkenSmall Molecule Organic Optoelectronic Devices1/6/2017; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Viraj DamleTuning Surface Wettability Through Volumetric Engineering: Healthcare, Defense, and Energy Applications of Liquid Shedding Materials12/21/2016; 9:00AM; GWC 487
Tanushree SalviAnalyzing Controllable Factors Influencing the Cycle Time Distribution in Semiconductor Industries12/15/2016; 9:30AM; GWC 487
Hechao LiMicrostructural Quantification, Property Prediction, and Stochastic Reconstruction of Heterogeneous Materials Using Limited X-Ray Tomography Data12/5/2016; 1:00PM; GWC 487
Xiaoda SunBioinspired Anti-Icing Coatings and Spatial Control of Nucleation using Engineered Integral Humidity Sink Effect11/9/2016; 9:00AM; GWC 487
Antony KirubanandhamIn situ Electromigration and Reliability of Pb-Free Solders At Extremely Small Length Scales11/8/2016; 10:30AM; PSH 552
Juan Oziel De la Fuente ValadezNonlinear Phase Based Control to Generate and Assist Oscillatory Motion with Wearable Robots11/8/2016; 1:00PM; ERC 593
Eric HadderPredicting Minimum Control Speed on the Ground (VMCG) and Minimum Control Airspeed (VMCA) of Engine Inoperative Flight Using Aerodynamic Database and Propulsion Database Generators11/8/2016; 1:00PM; BA 258
Gustavo SeixasA System Identification Approach to Dynamically Modeling and Understanding Physical Activity Behaviors11/9/2016; 1:00PM; ERC 593
Nikhil SonawanePrecision Pointing in Space Using Arrays Of Shape Memory Based Linear Actuators11/8/2016; 10:30AM; GWC 109
Pawan VeereshAn extended finite element method for modelling dislocation interactions with inclusions11/4/2016; 10:30AM; LL45
Nirmal DobariaEffects of Foreign Object Damage on Fatigue Behavior of Two Metallic Materials used in a Concentrating Solar Power Plant11/1/2016; 12:30PM; ERC 593
Yuanyu MaSolution Phase Synthesis and Properties of Thin Films and Nanocomposites for Thermoelectricity11/3/2016; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Siddhesh GajareStudy of Properties of Dielectric Ceramic Resonator at Cryogenic Temperatures11/4/2016; 1:00PM; LL 103
Salil RabadePassive Thermochemical Energy Storage System for Low Power Sensor Modules for Space Applications11/1/2016; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Gaurav JainAssessment of pattern of energy consumption with varying building parameters11/7/2016; 1:00PM; ECG 227
Ting YangElectrospinning of Ceramic Solid Electrolyte Nanowires for Lithium-Ion Batteries with Enhanced Ionic Conductivity11/3/2016; 9:00AM; ECG 305
Mansa RajagopalanDesign of Stable Nanocrystalline Materials for Extreme Applications10/27/2016; 10:00AM; ISTB2 299
Mohammad AlzorganLook-Ahead Information Based Optimization Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicles10/26/2016; 10:00AM/GWC 535
Xinhao ZhaoStudy of CdTe/MgxCd1-xTe Double Heterostructures and Its Application in High Efficiency Solar Cells and in Luminescence Refrigeration10/31/2016; 12:00PM; ECG 227
Hongen XieCharacterization of the Structural and Optical Properties of III-V Semiconductor Materials for Solar Cell Applications10/19/2016; 11:00AM; PSF 372
Ganesh SubramanianUltrafast electrons and X-rays as probe to biomolecular dynamics10/07/2016; 8:30AM; GWC 487
Jay PatelMechanisms for Kink Band Evolution in Polymer Matrix Composites: A Digital Image Correlation and Finite Element Study4/14/2016; 10:30 AM; GWC 487
Hailong ChenA Novel Nonlocal Lattice Particle Framework for Modeling of Solids
07/01/2015; 9:30AM; ERC 490
Soochan LeeA Study of Latent Heat of Vaporization in Aqueous Nanofluids
06/19/2015; 3:30PM; ERC 593
Gautam PanikkarProcess Optimization of Silver Iodide-Silver Metaphosphate Ionic Glass Molding for Solid State Superionic Stamping
06/19/2015; 9:30AM; 330Y
Mingmeng ZhangPolymer-Gold Composite Particles: Synthesis, Characterization, Application, and Beyond
06/19/2015; 10:00AM; LSA 109
Payam HaghighiExplicating Formal GD&T Schema from Manufacturing Process Plans for 3D Conformance Analysis using m-maps05/01/2015; 3:00PM; GWC 487
Joon Young LeeOptimization of Complex Thermal-Fluid Processes04/29/2015; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Philip W. NewUsing the Phase Angle Oscillator Controller for Hopping Robots04/21/2015; 1:30PM; ERC 490
Shiba BiswalModeling and Control of Flapping Wing Micro Aerial Vehicles04/20/2015; 1:30PM; ERC 593
Luke BorkowskiMultiscale Modeling of Advanced Materials for Damage Prediction and Structural Health Monitoring04/20/2015; 10:30AM; ERC 490
Tianxiang GaoConductive polymeric binders for Lithium-ion battery anode04/20/2015; 2:00PM; GWC 465
Skyler JacksonEfficiency Improvements in a Horizontal Desalination Unit04/20/2015; 10:20AM; EGC 227
Shanliangzi LiuGallium-Based Room Temperature Liquid Metals and its Application to Single Channel Two-Liquid Hyperelastic Capacitive Strain Sensors04/20/2015; 11:45AM; ISTB II 299
Ramana Kumar PothamsettiPhotovoltaic Electrolysis Propulsion System04/20/2015; 11:00AM; ECG 218
Salar SafarkhaniThe C++ implementation of refined level set grid (RLSG) method04/20/2015; 10:30AM; ERC 593
Xinchen GuoAlgebraic Multigrid Poisson Equation Solver04/17/2015; 11:00AM; ERC 111
James MertensOn Quantifying Electromigration Processes in Sn-0.7Cu Solder with Lab-Scale X-Ray Computed Microtomography04/17/2015; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Andrew BatesPhase Oscillator04/16/2015; 3:00PM; 330Y
Xiaoyan YingNumerical Simulation of Environmental Flow over Urban Landscape for Applications to Renewable Energy04/16/2015; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Yiling FanConformable Skin Electronics Based on Spiral Pattern04/15/2015; 1:30PM; ERC 593
Yogesh Rao KadiyalaNumerical simulations of the impact of large wind farms on the local climate04/15/2015; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Pengchao SongThe Effects of Nonlinear Damping on Post-flutter Behavior Using Geometrically Nonlinear Reduced Order Modeling04/15/2015; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Guoyi LiNumerical simulation of environmental flow over buildings for renewable energy application04/13/2015; 1:00PM; ERC 593
Ajay PanwarAnalysis of Cavitation-Induced Pressure Loads on Compliant Polymer Coatings04/13/2015; 3:00PM; GWC 109
Mark IsonOn Enhancing Myoelectric Interfaces by Exploiting Motor Learning and Flexible Muscle Synergies04/10/2015; 9:30AM; ERC 490
Dennis DunnModeling Particle-Laden Turbulent Flows Using the Conditional Quadrature Method of Moments04/09/2015; 4:30PM; ERC 593
Desai ZhangCharacterization of Magnetic Nanostructures Using Off-Axis Electron Holography04/03/2015; 3:00PM; GWC 487
Dominic KedeltyA Comparison of Performance between Reconstruction and Advection algorithms for Volume-of-Fluid methods04/02/2015; 10:00AM; ISTB2 299
Jeayoung ChoiDevelopment of Nanosphere Lithography Technique with Enhanced Lithographical Accuracy on Periodic Si Nanostructure for thin Si solar cell application03/04/2015; 3:00PM; ERC 593
John WesterdaleModeling Cardiac Function With Particle Image Velocimetry03/03/2015; 3:00PM; ERC 490
Andrew BrownThree Dimensional Characterization of Microstructural Effects on Spall Damage in Shocked Polycrystalline Copper02/26/2015; 12:30PM; ERC 490
Dineshbalaji RamarajUnderstanding Cooling Delay in High Density Data Centers01/12/2015; 1:30PM; ERC 593
Xiaoli MaSynthesis and Characterization of Microporous Inorganic Membranes for Propylene/Propane Separation01/08/2015; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Arash Elhami KhorasaniNovel Electrical Measurement Techniques for Silicon Devices01/06/2015; 11:30AM; ERC 593
2014 and prior
Saurav SahooApproximate a-priori Estimation of the Response Amplificationdue to Geometric and Young's Modulus Mistuning12/17/2014; 10:00AM; GWC 465
Karthik ElamvazhuthiApproach to Planning, Allocation and Mapping in Robot Swarms using Infinite Dimensional Models11/17/2014; 11:00AM; ECG 236
Karthik KannanA Level Set Approach for Denoising and Adaptively Smoothing Complex Geometry Stereolithography Files11/17/2014; 8:15AM; GWC 535
Chase WheelerLoad Carrying Assistance Device: Pogo Suit11/17/2014; 4:00PM; ERC 490
Nilesh BadweFracture of Nanoporous Gold11/14/2014; 10:00AM; ISTB4 240
Robert McDonaldEvaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Uranium Dioxide Doped with Oxide Additives11/14/2014; 1:00PM; ECG 237
Harshad Rajendra PanditFlow Induced Stress Analysis in Poroelastic Medium11/14/2014; 4:45PM; ERC 490
Aniket Ravindra ShirsatModeling and Control of a Quadrotor Aircraft11/14/2014; 1:15PM; GWC 465
Alex WertheimGrowth and Characterization of Pyrite Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications11/14/2014; 3:30PM; GWC 107
Mehul A BhatiaRole of impurities on deformation of HCP crystal: A multi-scale approach11/13/2014; 3:00PM; ERC 490
Anirudh VasudevanImproving Yields and Productivity of Microbe-Catalyzed Production of Targeted Bio-Molecules using In-situ Adsorption11/13/2014; 2:00PM; GWC 535
Huilai TianAntibody Based Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach for Alzheimer’s Disease11/12/2014; 1:00PM; ISTB4 396
Jin ZouDevelopment of Mechanochemically Active Polymers for Early Damage Detection11/12/2014; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Timothy K. DarlingFinite Element Modeling of Human Brain Response to Football Helmet Impacts11/10/2014; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Harn Chyi LimMicrostructurally Explicit Simulation of Multiphysics Transport Behaviors in Uranium Dioxide 11/10/2014; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Beatrice TamakloeSynthesis and Characterization of Polymer-Templated Magnetic Nanoparticles11/10/2014; 10:30AM; GWC 535
Jiuhao YuSynthesis and Characterization of Boronic-acid-Containing Metal Organic Frameworks11/10/2014; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Beth MagermanCorrelation Study for Energy Content ahead of Wind Farm to Predict Wind Power using Doppler LiDAR Measurements11/07/2014; 11:30AM; ERC 490
Stephen R. ShafferInvestigations of Environmental Effects on Freeway Acoustics11/07/2014; 1:30PM; ERC 490
Prabhu BharathanInvestigation of Properties of Amorphous and Liquid State Chalcogenide Barriers 11/06/2014; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Abbas JaberConstruction of a Thermal  Conductivity Measurement Platform  for Bulk and Thin Film Samples Based on the 3ω Technique11/06/2014; 9:00AM; ERC 593
Kai-Chun LinApplications of Biogenic Silica Nanostructures from Diatoms 11/06/2014; 1:30PM; ERC 490
Yuwen DongA Novel Control Engineering Approach to Designing and Optimizing Adaptive Sequential Behavioral Interventions10/31/2014; 10:00AM; GWC 535
Sumit Sunil NarsaleAn Improved Framework for Design Concept Generation Based On Experiential and Intuitive Methods10/29/2014; 4:30PM; ENGRC 490
Yaopengxiao XuStructural characteristics and applications of hard-particle packings via event-driven molecular dynamics simulations 10/28/2014; 3:00PM; ERC 490
Ankita ThakurComparative Life Cycle Assessment of Sunscreen Lotion using Organic Chemicals versus Nano-Titanium Dioxide as UV Blocker10/27/2014; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Rebekah TheisenTheoretical Characterization of Zinc Phthalocyanine and Porphyrin Analogs for Organic Solar Cell Absorption10/07/2014; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Anthony CadorinOptimization of the Implementation of Renewable Resources in a Municipal Electric Utility in Arizona09/17/2014; 1:00PM; ISTB4 596
Yogesh M. ChukewadAn Investigation of Kinematic Redundancy for Reduced Error in Micromilling07/18/2014; 1:00PM; ENGRC 593
Zeaid HasanMultiscale Analysis of Nanocomposites and their use inStructural Level Applications07/18/2014; 10:00AM; ENGRC 593
Jong Hwa LeeA musculoskeletal model of the human hand to improve human-device interaction07/18/2014; 10:30AM; ERC 490
Nicholas LinneenSynthesis and Carbon Dioxide adsorption of Amine Modified Particulate Silica Aerogel Sorbents07/17/2014; 2:00PM; ENGRC 593
Stewart MannModeling and Analysis on Pervaporation Separation ofComposite Zeolite Membranes07/17/2014; 10:00AM; ENGRC 593
Varun VyasNonlinear geometric response of structure with piezoelectric actuator by reduced order modeling using a temperature analogy07/17/2014; 12:00PM; ENGRC 490
Cameron KopasAnalysis of Molybdenum-Copper Superconducting Bilayers07/11/2014; 12:30PM; ERC 593
Jinjun ZhangModeling and Analysis on Pervaporation Separation ofComposite Zeolite Membranes07/07/2014; 10:00AM; ENGRC 490
Prashant SinghCharacterization of Ingestion through the Rim Seal of Rotor-Stator Disk Cavity in a Subscale Single-Stage Axial Turbine06/25/2014; 2:00PM; ENGRC 593
Prabath VemulapalliReconciling the differences between tolerance specification and measurement methods06/05/2014; 11:00AM; ERC 593
Deepakshyam KrishnarajuNon-local Finite Element Model for Rigid Origami05/30/2014; 10:30AM; ERC 593
Ashwin Krishna MuraliRole of Uncertainty in Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment
Exploring the Case of Petrochemical Refineries and Polymer Manufacturing Units
05/29/2014; 10:00AM; ENGRC 593
Somilkumar RathiGrowth of Novel Semiconducting Nano and Heterostructures05/28/2014; 3:00PM; ENGRC 490
Timothy W SowersAn Experimental Investigation of Capillary Driven Flow in Open RectangularChannels: A Method to Create PDMS Microfilaments for pN Scale Force Measurements05/27/2014; 3:00PM; ENGRC 593
Eric TurnerLuminescent Cyclometalated Platinum and Palladium Complexes with Novel Photophysical Properties05/23/2014; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jeremy EctonPhosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes with Platinum Complexes05/21/2014; 12:00PM; ENGRC 593
Andrew MatneyReduced Order Model-Based Prediction of the Nonlinear Geometric Response of a Panel Under Thermal, Aerodynamic, and Acoustic Loads04/21/2014; 1:30PM; ENGRC 490
Anandrao BiradarWind estimation and it's effects on path following of UAVs, applying corrections in navigation04/18/2014; 4:00PM; ISTB4 692
Liuyang DingMulti-pulse PTV: evaluation on spatial resolution, velocity accuracy, and acceleration measurement04/18/2014; 1:00PM; LL149
Prasannakumar GhadageNovel Waypoint Generation Method For Increased Mapping Efficiency Using UAV04/18/2014; 3:00PM; ISTB4 692
Peter HrubyUnderstanding Plasticity and Fracture in Aluminum Alloys and their Composites by 3D X-ray Synchrotron Tomography and Microdiffraction04/18/2014; 10:00AM; ECG 214
Jeremy MartinjakoTolerance Maps For Patterns Of Profiles04/18/2014; 9:00AM; ISTB4 596
Shyam Subramanya RaoTolerance Maps For Patterns Of Profiles04/17/2014; 1:00PM; ISTB4 396
Sanjitarani SantraElectron Microscopy Study of Phase Transformation and Metal Functionalization of TiO2Nanotubes02/11/2014; 3:30PM; ERC 111
Vick SuryadiToxicity study in Alzheimer's disease cell model04/17/2014; 12:30PM; GWC 567
Dinghao TangCharacterization of MBE-grown Semiconductor Materials for Photovoltaic Applications04/16/2014; 9:00AM; PSF 306
Di ZhaoA Novel Handheld Real-time Carbon Dioxide Analyzer for Health and Environmental Applications04/16/2014; 2:30PM; ERC 593
Tyler FleethamOrganic Optoelectronic Devices Employing Small Molecules04/15/2014; 9:30AM; ISTB2 299
Nicholas HeitzmanComparison of Commercial Aircraft Fuel Requirements in Regards to FAR, Flight Profile Simulation, and Flight Operational Techniques04/15/2014; 11:00AM; ERC 593
Tianwei SunNeedleless Electrospinning Experimental Study and Nanofiber Application in Semiconductor Packaging04/15/2014; 2:00PM; ENGRC 593
Alejandro CastanedaCO2 Photocatalytic Reduction to Fuels04/11/2014; 2:30PM; ISTB4 396
Bryan WhitsellHuman-Robot Cooperation: Communication of goals and leader/follower dynamics04/11/2014; 1:00PM; PEBE 157
Bo LuSynthesis and Characterization of Thin Ceramic-Carbonate Dual-Phase Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separation04/09/2014; 9:30AM; ENGRC 490
Teng MaStudy on buckled stiff-thin-film on soft substrates as functional materials03/26/2014; 1:30PM; ERC 490
Prashant MohanDevelopment and Verification of a Library of Feature Fitting Algorithms for CMMs03/21/2014; 2:00PM; GWC 465
Sujay KulkarniAssessments of global model simulations of present and future climate03/19/2014; 10:00AM; ECG G214
Yonghao AnMechanics of Silicon Electrodes in Lithium Ion Batteries03/18/2014; 3:00PM; ERC 490
Rebekah McKennaMetabolic Engineering for the Biosynthesis of Styrene and its Derivatives03/10/2014; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Anna HaywoodModeling, Experimentation, and Analysis of Data Center Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization02/11/2014; 3:30PM; ERC 111
Karin Rudman PrietoEffect on Processing Conditions on Grain Boundary Character Distribution and Mobility in Oxide Nuclear Fuels01/31/2014; 11:00AM; ERC 593
Amrita Amy MallikPreparation of a Novel Aminoglycoside-based Microgel and Nanogel for Biomedical Applications01/27/2014; 9:00AM; ERC 593
Yuting WangClosed-form Inverse Kinematic Solution for Anthropomorphic Motion in Redundant Robot Arms11/21/2013; 9:00AM; PEBE 157
Daniel OlidenParametric Analysis of Hypersonic Inlet using Computational Fluid Dynamics11/20/2013; 1:00PM; ISTB4 596
Rahul RaghavanSynthesis And Electrochemical Characterization Of Silicon Clathrates As Anode Materials For Lithium Ion Batteries11/20/2013; 12:00PM; ERC 593
Stephen KilgoreElectromigration in Au Interconnects11/18/2013; 3:00PM; ERC 533
Maryam KhorshidiComputational Tool Development for Design Completion and Evaluation/Analysis11/15/2013; 4:00PM; ISTB4 596
Jing YuanCompressible flow through a porous medium: choking at pore scale and its implications11/14/2013; 9:00AM; ISTB4 399
Leticia LaraEffect of Grain Orientation on Electromigration in Sn-0.7Cu Solder Joints11/13/2013; 8:30AM; ERC 593
Mengchu HuangHafnium Oxide as an Alternative Barrier to Aluminum Oxide For Thermally Stable Niobium Tunnel Junctions11/06/2013; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Tyler NortonSynthesis and Stability of Ceramic-Carbonate Dual-Phase Membrane For Carbon Dioxide Separation10/09/2013; 2:30PM; ERC 490
Ganesh SubramanianElectronic excitations in Topological Insulators studied by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy10/04/2013; 3:00PM; PSA-311
Xiang KeFE Simulation Based Friction Coefficient Factors for Metal Forming08/09/2013; 10:30AM; ENGRC 490
Nathan MarineBehavior of Colloids with Anisotropic Diffusivities07/24/2013; 1:30PM; ERC 593
Benjamin RoosResponse of Metal Structures on Chalcogenide Thin Films to Thermal, Ultraviolet and Microwave Processing07/24/2013; 12:00PM; ECG 214
Ruben D. Ponce WongTowards Haptic Intelligence for Artificial Hands: Development and Use of Deformable, Fluidic Tactile Sensors to Relate Action and Perception07/24/2013; 10:00AM; ENGRC 490
Zhao ZhaoEffect of Microwave Annealing of Low Energy Boron Implanted and Phosphorus Implanted Silicon07/24/2013; 10:30AM; ECG 214
Thomas HinesContact and Length Dependences in Single-Molecule Electronics07/23/2013; 4:00PM; ERC 490
Michael De GregorioActive and Passive Precision Grip Responses to Unexpected Perturbations07/19/2013; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Ali MoradiTheoretical Predictions of Sauter Mean Diameter and Droplet Velocities for Pressure-Swirl Atomizers through Energy Conservation Methods07/15/2013; 12:00PM; ECG 214
Noel C. BakerImproving Climate Projections Through the Assessment of Model Uncertainty and Bias in the Global Water Cycle07/12/2013; 10:30AM; ERC 593
Magdian Ulises Galan VeraStudy of interface adhesive properties of wurtzite materials for carbon fiber composites07/11/2013; 1:30PM; ERC 593
Mahmoud VahidiGrowth and characterization of novel thin films for microelectronic applications07/03/2013; 10:00AM; ECG 214
Man LiElectrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Properties of the Copper Hydroxyphosphate Mineral Libethenite06/26/2013; 3:00PM; ISTB4 396
Oluyomi AjuloElectrochemical Characterization of Anode-respiring Geobacter sulfurreducens and Geoalkalibacter subterraneus06/24/2013; 10:30AM; BDA 250
Denzil FrostSelf-Assembly at Ionic Liquid-Based Interfaces: Fundamentals and Applications06/18/2013; 2:00PM; ERC 490
You LiGrowth and Characterization of Thin Films of High Performance Microwave Dielectrics06/04/2013; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Sina GhodsDetailed Numerical Simulation of Liquid Jet in Crossflow Atomization with High Density Ratios05/13/2013; 3:00PM; ERC 490
Ruijin CangOptimized vortex tube bundle for large flow rate applications04/19/2013; 9:30AM; ERC 593
Dylan MillerPressure Based Spirometry: Mobile Spirometry Using a Pressure Transducer04/19/2013; 2:30PM; BDA AL 1-10/14
Harshil Naresh PatelRegulation of 3D Human Arm Impedance04/19/2013; 10:30AM; PSA-109
Nicole RaySynthesis and Characterization of Nickel Zinc Spinel Ferrite Thin Films Using the Spin-Spray Deposition Method04/19/2013; 3:00PM; ECG 214
Matt H. SummersSmall-Scale Hybrid Rocket Test Stand & Characterization of Swirl Injectors04/19/2013; 12:00PM; ISTB2 299
David J. TaylorLead Identification, Optimization, and Characterization of Novel Cancer Treatment Strategies Using Repositioned Drugs04/19/2013; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Chris Wilson AntuvanEMG-based Robot Control Interfaces: Beyond Decoding04/18/2013; 3:00PM; PSA 307
Bo YangFunctional Materials Characterization by Electron Microscopy and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy04/17/2013; 12:00PM; ECG G305
Taylor BrownleeDetecting Oligomeric Beta-Amyloid for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease04/15/2013; 1:30PM; ERC 490
Kevin HensberryProbabilistic Fatigue Damage Localization at Unknown Temperatures Using Guided Wave Methods04/15/2013; 10:30AM; GWC 487
Arash Elhami KhorasaniCarrier Lifetime Measurement for Characterization of Ultraclean Thin p/p + Silicon Epitaxial Layers04/15/2013; 1:00PM; ISTB1 227
Rajitha VemuriNovel Low Temperature Processing for Enhanced Properties of Ion Implanted Thin Films and Amorphous Mixed Oxide Thin Film Transistors04/15/2013; 11:30AM; ISTB1 227
Michael WiehnContinuous In-Situ Removal of Butanol from Clostridium acetobutylicum Fermentations via Expanded-bed Adsorption04/15/2013; 10:00AM; PSA 304
Raghavendra KrishnamurthyWind Farm Characterization and Control using Coherent Doppler Lidar04/11/2013; 3:30PM; ERC 593
Kevin HargraveTurbine Inlet Analysis of Injected Water Droplets04/09/2013; 9:00AM; ISTB2 299
Houk PaekClimate Variability and Trend on Interannual-to-Centennial timescales from Global Observations and Atmosphere-Ocean Model Simulations03/22/2013; 2:00PM; ISTB2 265
Mark MinerMicrochannel Flow Boiling Enhancement via Cross-Sectional Expansion03/06/2013; 1:00PM; ISTB2 265
Qing ChenMorphology Evolution in Dealloying02/20/2013; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Aditya ChoukulkarCoherent Doppler Lidar for Boundary Layer Studies and Wind Energy02/15/2013; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Parag Subhash PathakExperimental Study of the Flow Field in a Model Rotor-Stator Disk Cavity Using Particle Image Velocimetry02/15/2013; 12:00PM; ECG G215
Jayanth Kumar ThiagarajanExperimental study of pressure and main gas ingestion distributions in a model rotor-stator disk cavity02/14/2013; 12:30PM; ERC 490
Samir SavaliyaLeast-Squares fit for points measured along Line-Profiles formed from line and arc segments01/25/2013; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Kapil Krishnan3D Modeling of Incipient Spall Damage in Shocked FCC Multicrystals01/18/2013; 10:00AM; ENGRC 593
Lingtao LiuMechanism of Microwave Loss Tangent in high performance Dielectric Materials12/21/2012; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Aditi SarafImpact of Poly Vinyl Alcohol on support layer of commercial Thin Film Composite membranes : Enabling use of Reverse Osmosis membranes in Forward Osmosis11/21/2012; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Patricia NicholsGrowth and Characterization of Chalcogenide Alloy Nanowires with Controlled Spatial Composition Variation for Optoelectronic Applications11/20/2012; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Lupin Niranjan JaishankarTolerance Analysis of Parallel Assemblies Using Tolerance-Maps® and a Functional Map Derived from Induced Deformations11/20/2012; 2:00PM; ENGRC 593
Jae Jin KimCharacterization of HgCdTe and Related Materials and Substrates for Third Generation Infrared Detectors11/20/2012; 10:15PM; PSF 306
Shaofeng SunDealloying Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking11/20/2012; 3:00PM; ISTB4 596
Ali Fallah-AdlDevelopment of a robust and integrated methodology for predicting the reliability of microelectronic packaging systems11/19/2012; 12:30PM; ERC 593
Raghavendra MurthyDecreasing Bladed Disk Response With Dampers on a Few Blades: Optimization Algorithms, Linear and Nonlinear Applications11/19/2012; 10:00AM; ISTB2 299
Albert MoncadaAdvances in Micromechanics Modeling of Composites Structures for Structural Health Monitoring11/16/2012; 3:00PM; GWC 535
Manuel PadillaSynthesis and Characterization of a Polymer Electrolyte for Solid State Zinc-Air Batteries11/16/2012; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Ricardo PerezMultiscale Reduced Order Models for the Geometrically Nonlinear Response of Complex Structures11/16/2012; 1:00PM; ERC 593
Yadong ShenFeature Cluster Algebra and its Application to Geometric Tolerancing11/16/2012; 9:30AM; ISTB4 596
Mingzhi DaiSynthesis, characterizations and applications of nanoporous carbon composites11/09/2012; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Hyung Woo Choi1-dimensional zinc oxide materials growth and solar cells application11/08/2012; 12:00PM; ISTB2 299
Aaron PeshlakaiChallenging the Versatility of the Tesla Turbine: Working Fluid Variations and Turbine11/05/2012; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Rio CavendishStructural Analysis of Nickel Doped Cerium Oxide Catalysts for Fuel Reforming in the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell10/17/2012; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Huxiao XieProperties of Cerium containing lead free solder10/12/2012; 2:30PM; GWC 109
Sriya SanyalCore-Shell Composite Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications9/28/2012; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Xiaoqian LiElectrochemical Stability of Nanoscale Electrodes9/27/2012; 1:30PM; ECG 214
Zohair ZaidiGrowth of InGaN Nanorings via Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition8/22/2012; 4:00PM; ENGRC 593
Ashish SharmaClimate Modeling & Downscaling for Semi-Arid Regions8/14/2012; 1:00PM; ENGRC 593
Ying ChenCascading Evolutionary Morphological Charts for Holistic Ideation Framework8/10/2012; 2:00PM; GWC 107
Selisa F. RollinsA Comparative Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on the Adsorption of Small Molecules on Anatase and Brookite Surfaces7/31/2012; 9:00AM; ENGRC 593
Jake AdkinsA Process for Renewable Production of 5-Carbon Polyamide Monomers Using Engineered E. coli7/20/2012; 12:00PM; ERC 593
Ben MillerA System for In Situ UV-Visible Illumination of Transmission Electron Microscope Samples7/20/2012; 2:00PM; ERC 490
Yuchen WangCharacterization of polymer resins and magnetic particles for biofuel recovery via solid phase extraction7/20/2012; 9:30AM; ENGRC 593
Monique M. RodriguezA Density Functional Theory of CO2 Interaction with Brookite TiO27/16/2012; 9:00AM; ENGRC 593
Hardeep SinghThermal-Structural analysis of High Pressure Superheater 1 of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator7/13/2012; 12:00PM; ECG 214
Ting YangSynthesis of One-Dimensional and Hyperbranched Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Battery Solid Electrolytes7/11/2012; 2:00PM; ISTB4 596
Tobin Peyton-LevineExperimental Demonstration of Photovoltaic Powered Solar Cooling With Ice Storage6/29/2012; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Tiantian ZhangEffect of Helium Ion Irradiation on the Tunneling Behavior in Nb/Al/AlOx/Nb Josephson Junctions6/26/2012; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Yuping PanDevelopment of Stimuli-responsive Hydrogels Integrated with Ultra-thin Silicon Ribbons for Stretchable and Intelligent Devices6/20/2012; 9:00AM; ERC 593
Pai LiuFabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes-Zinc Oxide Structure by Drop-drying and Ink Jet Printing6/19/2012; 9:00AM; ERC 593
Michael R. MunroeModel Agnostic Extreme Sub-pixel Visual Measurement and Optimal Characterization6/15/2012; 3:00PM; ENGRC 490
Amit YadavPervaporation Of Ethanol/Water mixtures using PDMS Mixed Matrix Membranes6/04/2012; 3:00PM; ERC 490
Balaje Dhanram RavichandranDevelopment of Acoustic Sensor for Flow Rate Monitoring6/01/2012; 1:00PM; Al-140
Michael BoueyImpact of Grid Resolution on Atmospheric Model Simulation of Offshore Surface Wind Speed5/22/2012; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Wei LvPlasmonic Nanoparticles and their Suspensions for Solar Energy Conversion5/11/2012; 12:00PM; ERC 593
Bryan LesterMobile Health Applications of Breath Analysis: Challenges and Solutions5/10/2012; 2:00PM; AL1-14 BioDesign
Jiaping ZhangMechanics Analysis of Coupled Large Deformation and Diffusion in Gels5/10/2012; 9:45AM; ECG 214
Brett StrawbridgeCharacterization of MBE Grown Metal, Semiconductor and Superconductor Films and Interfaces by Concurrent Use of In Situ Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) and Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (REELS)4/24/2012; 3:00PM; ERC 593
Robbie AdamsMicrostructural and Mechanical Property Characterization of Laser Additive Manufactured (LAM) Rhenium4/13/2012; 1:00PM; GWC 109
Jon BaltzerStructure and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in Simulations of Wall-bounded Turbulent Shear Flows with Canonical Geometries4/13/2012; 8:30AM; ECG G214
Anthony VizziniDamage Detection in Blade-Stiffened Anisotropic Composite Panels Using Lamb Wave Mode Conversions4/12/2012; 3:00PM; PSA 104
Kyle YazzieMechanical Shock Behavior of Environmentally-benign Pb-free Solders4/12/2012; 9:30AM; COOR L1-34
Shereen ElhalawatyOxygen Nanodistributions in Cobalt-Iron Electrodeposited Thin Films: Some Effects on Magnetic Properties High Resolution Analytical Electron Microscopy4/11/2012; 12:30PM; PSC101-103
Brian FernandoDesign Process for a Multi-Axial Fatigue Testing Machine for Vehicle Wheel Assemblies4/11/2012; 9:30AM; ECG G214
Eric PadillaCharacterization of Local Deformation in Pb-free Solder Joints Using Three Dimensional (3D) X-ray Microtomography4/11/2012; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Shengke ZhangInvestigation of the Evolution of Conduction Mechanism in Metal on Transparent Conductive Oxides Thin Film System4/10/2012; 9:00AM; ERC 593
Chia-Ling FangResistivity and Optical Transmittance Simulation on Metal Embedded Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films4/05/2012; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Michael GrumskiAb initio Study of Tantalum Nitride and Silver Adatoms4/02/2012; 1:00PM; GWC 107
Huang-Chiao HuangGold Nanorod-based Assemblies and Composites: Cancer Therapeutics, Sensors and Tissue Engineering Materials4/02/2012; 12:00PM; BDB B105
Yingtao LiuIntegrated Structural Health Management Of Complex Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures3/30/2012; 10:00AM; ECG G347
Jeff SpencerLarge Eddy Simulations of A Reverse Flow Combustion System3/29/2012; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Brent OdomInvestigating the Costs and Benefits of Controllable Inlet Orifice Hydraulic Diameter in Microchannel Cooling Devices2/21/2012; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Kang-Sik BaeComputational Analyses of Complex Flows with Chemical Reactions2/17/2012; 2:00PM; GWC 109
Rose Robin GilbertValidation of Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Data Center Cyber-Physical Models2/13/2012; 12:30PM; BYAC 190
Jungwoo NahStress and Structure Evolution during Cu/Au(111) – (22x√3) Heteroepitaxy: An  In-Situ Study with UHV-STM1/31/2012; 8:00AM; ECG 214
Kyu Sung LeeSolution Processable Hybrid Solar Cells Based on Semiconductor Nanoparticles1/30/2012; 1:00PM; PSA 311
Gurpreet SinghComplexity Measurement of Cyber Physical Systems12/20/2011; 1:00PM; ECG G305
Sajesh AdulkarModeling and Characterization of Ammonia Injection and Catalytic Reduction in Kyrene Unit-7 HRSG11/23/2011; 9:00AM; ECG G214
Aditya Deepak KherOn how Boundary Conditions affect the Three Dimensional Instabilities of Non-Linear Thermally Stratified Spin-Up Flows in Cylindrical Geometries11/16/2011; 4:45PM; LSA 109
Heather McFeleaPillar Initiated Growth of High Indium Content Bulk InGaN to Improve the Material Quality for Photonic Devices11/16/2011; 10:00AM; ECG 305
Harn Chyi LimMicrostructurally Explicit Simulation of Grain Boundary Diffusion in Depleted Uranium Oxide11/15/2011; 9:00AM; ECG 214
Manikandan MohanA Framework for Holistic Ideation in Conceptual Design Based on Experential Methods11/15/2011; 3:00PM; GWC 107
Wenfeng ZhaoCharacterization of HgCdTe and HgCdSe materials for the third generation infrared detectors11/15/2011; 1:40-3:40PM; PSB 305
Alpha LabianoEvaluation of Nanoporous Carbon Thin Films for Drug Loading and Controlled Release11/14/2011; 1:00PM; ECG 305
Lijin JoyDesign Methodology for Modifying an Existing Internal Combustion Engine to Generate power from a Stored Air System11/10/2011; 3:00PM; ERC 593
William OvermannStudy of a Night Sky Radiator Cooling System Utilizing Volumetric Fluid Emission and Varying Cover Materials11/10/2011; 2:00PM; PSH 330
Vaidehi JakkaliFinite Element Modeling of the Effect of Reflow Porosity on the Mechanical Behavior of Pb-free Solder Joints11/09/2011; 1:00PM; BYAC 240
Sid (Sadiq) JubranModeling and Optimization of a Hybrid Solar PV-Powered Air Conditioning System with Ice Storage11/09/2011; 12-1:00PM; ECG 305
Matthew Austin StonebrakerComputer Model Verification and Testing of an Apricus AP-30 Evacuated Tube Collector Array11/09/2011; 8:00AM; ECG 214
Robert ZellerEffects of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Proton Activity on The Mechanism of Oxygen Reduction in Ionic Liquids11/08/2011; 10:00PM; ERC 490
Erin EppardStudy of Cross-flow Cooling Effects in a Stirling Engine Heat Exchanger11/07/2011; 9-10:00AM; ECG 305
Enisa HarrisThermal Interface Material Characterization Under Thermo-mechanical Stress of Induced Angle of Tilt11/07/2011; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jordan KennedyThe Structure and Stress Development of Adsorption, Impurity Incorporation, and Temperature Controlled Morphology for Thin Films11/07/2011; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Yeshpal GuptaResearch and Development of a Small - Scale Adsorption Cooling System11/04/2011; 8:30-10:30AM; ISTB 2 265
Clinton SmithDirect Numerical Simulation of the Flow Over a Golf Ball11/04/2011; 8:00AM; PSA 113
Vaneet SharmaSynthesis and In Situ Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigations of Ceria Based Oxides for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes11/03/2011; 10:00AM; PSH 331
Ding WangSeparation of Oil and Other Organics from Water Using Inverse Fluidization of Hydrophobic Aerogels11/02/2011; 10:30PM; ECG 305
Erika EngstromEngineering the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface: From Electrode Architecture to Zn Redox in Ionic Liquids10/31/2011; 10:00PM; ERC 490
Santhosh ChennaIn-Situ Environmental TEM Studies for Developing Structure-Activity Relationship in Supported Metal Catalyst10/20/2011; 3:15PM; PSB 234
Srinath BalajiMaterial Substitution in Legacy System Engineering (LSE) With Fuzzy Logic Principles10/18/2011; 3:00PM; ENGRC 490
Jon TuckerFirst-principles study of thermodynamic properties in thin-film photovoltaics10/12/2011; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Thomas HeatonAn in situ Surface Stress Study of Electrochemical Phenomena: Electrodeposition and Molecular Adsorption9/29/2011; 10:10AM; ERC 193
Peter BradyNumerical Methods and Simulations of Complex Multiphase Flows8/18/2011; 2:00PM; ERC 490
Asit RairkarSimulating Texture Evolution and Grain Growth in Metallic Thin Films8/15/2011; 1:30PM; ECG 214
Kuang LiuMicromechanics Based Multiscale Modeling of the Inelastic Response and Failure of Complex Architecture Composites7/27/2011; 12:00PM; ECG 305
Michael MarrsMixed Oxide Thin Film Transistors for Flexible Displays7/26/2011; 2:00PM; ECG 237
Yao-Wen ChangReduced Order Modeling for the Nonlinear Geometric Response of a Curved Beam7/22/2011; 2:00PM; ECG 305
Admir MakasEffect of Rolling Induced Anisotropy on Fatigue Crack Initiation  and Short Crack Propagation in Al 2024-T3517/20/2011; 1:00PM; ECG 214
Lucas VuA Focused Poly (Aminoether) Library for Transgene Delivery to Cancer Cells7/14/2011; 1-3PM; GWC 109
Thomas J. LevarioCharacterization of Novel Adsorbents for the Recovery of Alcohol Biofuels from Aqueous Solutions via Solid-Phase Extraction7/14/2011; 9:30-11:30AM; ECG 214
Praveen KumarDynamics of Vortices in Numerically Simulated Turbulent Channel Flow7/14/2011; 9:00AM; PSA 104
Robert A. TaylorThermal Energy Conversion in Nanofluids7/12/2011; 12-1PM; ECG 214
Jessica TorresElastic Properties of Molecular Glass Thin Films7/11/2011; 2:00PM; GWC 107
Mandar J. GadreThermal Processing & Microwave Processing of Mixed-Oxide Thin Films7/08/2011; 12:30PM; GWC 535
Bassam Mohammed ZiadehFinite Element Analysis on the Effects of Elastomeric Inclusions for

Abating Heat Transfer in Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns
7/06/2011; 10:00AM; ECG 214
Huiyang FeiMultiscale Modeling of Mechanical Shock Behavior of Environmentally-Benign Lead-Free Solders

in Electronic Packaging
6/30/2011; 10-12AM; GWC 535
Hee-Joung JounStudies of Epitaxial Silicon Nanowire Growth at Low Temperature6/27/2011; 2:30-4:30PM; GWC 535
Chuntao LuoMultiscale Modeling & Virtual Sensing for StructuralHealth Monitoring6/27/2011; 1-3PM; ECG 214
Randall ShortridgeAdaptive Anisotropic Mesh Generation for Solution of Incompressible Viscous Fluid Flows using High Order Velocity Gradient Error Indicators6/23/2011; 2:00PM; ECG 305
Masoud Yekani FardNonlinear Inelastic Mechanical Behavior of Epoxy Resin Polymeric Materials6/13/2011; 1-3PM; ECG 214
Steven A. KleinVolumetric particle velocimetry for microscale flows6/08/2011; 2:00PM; ERC 490
Clyde CoelhoSensing and Knowledge Mining for Structural Health Management6/07/2011; 1-3PM; ECG 320
Jialin YuEnhanced Performance in Quantum Dot Solar Cell with TiOx and N2 Doped TiOxInterlayers5/31/2011; 12:30PM; ECG 317
Shanta Boddapati Antibody based therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease5/20/2011; 10:30AM; ECG 335
Brian ParmaThree-Dimensional Modeling and Analysis of Magnetoplasmadynamic Acceleratio
5/19/2011; 2:00PM; ECG 214
Akhilesh Reddy EndurthyCoupling of Thermal Mass with Night Ventilation inBuildings4/22/2011; 10:00AM; GWC 109
Jennifer Walters StewartInfluence of Thermal Aging on the Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Dual Phase Precipitation Hardened Powder Metallurgy Stainless Steels4/22/2011; 3:30PM; ECG 236
Eulalia SiuInteraction between Organophosphates and Oxide Surfaces for Air Pollution Control4/22/2011; 5:00PM; GWC 107
Colton RearickThe Synthesis and Characterization of Gold-Core/LDH-Shell Nanoparticles4/21/2011; 3:00PM; GWC 487
Nadeem Shafi KhanGeneralized Statistical Tolerance Analysis and 3D Modelfor Manufacturing Tolerance Transfer in ManufacturingProcess Planning4/20/2011; 8:30AM; GWC 107
Shriya K. SeshadriSynthesis and Characterization of Ordered Mesoporous Silica with Controlled Macroscopic Morphology for Membrane Applications4/20/2011; 2:00PM; ERC 490
Abhijeet B ShasedharaImage Processing An Experimental Analysis of ImageProcessing in Fluidic Process4/19/2011; 4:00PM; ERC 490
Matthew B. AndersonCarbonate-Ceramic Dual-Phase Membrane forHigh Temperature Carbon Dioxide Separation4/19/2011; 2:00PM; PSA 106
Mark J. MinerA Theoretical Analysis of Microchannel Flow Boiling Enhancement via Cross-Sectional Expansion4/19/2011; 10:30AM; ERC 490
Carrie EggenFormation of Biomimetic Membranes on Inorganic Supports of Different Surface Morphology and Macroscopic Geometry4/15/2011; 1:00PM; ECG 319
Lawrence MickelsonSurface Stress during Electro-Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide and Bulk Stress Evolution during ElectrochemicalIntercalation of Lithium4/15/2011; 8:00AM; Interdisciplinary 1, Room 227
Rajitha VemuriSusceptor Assisted Microwave Annealing of Ion Implanted Silicon4/14/2011; 11:30AM; ECG 487
Sutapa BaruaEnhancement of Polymer-mediated Gene Expression usingChemotherapeutic Modulators of Intracellular Trafficking andCell Cycle Progression4/14/2011; 9:00AM; B105
Fernando MoralesEuler-Lagrange Modeling of Vortex Interaction with a Particle-Laden Turbulent Boundary Layer4/13/2011; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Joseph ShafferFinite Element Analysis of Silicon Thin Films on SoftSubstrates as Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries4/12/2011; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Jesmin HaqThermo-Mechanical Analysis of Temporary Bonding Systemsfor Flexible Microelectronics Fabrication Applications4/07/2011; 2:30PM; ERC 490
Kelly LofgreenMeasurement of Thermoelectric Devices4/06/2011; 9AM; GCW 111
Philip M. WheatCollective behavior of swimming bimetallic motorsin chemical concentration gradients3/25/2011; 4PM; ECG 335
James VillarrealAn Accessible Architecture for Affordable Access to Space11/23/10; 10AM; GWC 109
Nihal U. JunnarkarExperimental Study of the Flow Field in a Model 1.5-Stage Gas Turbine Rotor-Stator Disk Cavity11/22/10; 10AM; GIOS L1-08
Jeremiah Gutierrez-JensenDirect Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow Over a Dimpled Flat Plate Using Immersed Boundary Technique11/19/10; 1PM; GIOS L1-08
Cunjiang YuStudy of Mechanical Buckling as a Versatile Modulator with Various Applications8/27/10; 12PM; GWC 487
Huan MaInterfacial Particle Self-Assembly and Beyond8/27/10; 9AM; ERC 490
Neelakantan ManiStandardization of CMM Algorithms and Development of Inspection Maps for Geometric Tolerances8/20/10; 1PM; GWC 472
Sunilkumar SoniStructural Health Management of Aerospace Hotspots under Fatigue Loading7/20/10; 10AM; ECG 214
Nicholas GrapsasNear Wellbore Flow in High Pressure Gas Wells: Linear and Radial Geometry7/13/10; 2PM; GWC 487
Daniel RobinsonParameter Estimation in Complex Flows with Chemical Reactions7/20/10; 1PM; ISTB2 227
Cristobal HicheImpact Damage Characterization and Localization on Aircraft Composite Components using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors7/15/10; 10AM; GWC 487
Erik HenriksonAn Experimental and Theoretical Study Towards Performance Improvements of the Ablation Fed Pulsed Plasma Thruster7/19/10; 1PM; ISTB1 227
Javier AvalosSingle Stage and Multi Stage Effects of Mistuning on the Response of Blades7/16/10; 3PM; ERC 490
Teresa RosaSynthesis of Metal-Organic Framework-5 (MOF-5) Membranes and Amine-Modified Aerogel Sorbents for Carbon Dioxide Separation6/25/10; 2PM; ERC 490
Szu-Yu ChenMicrofabrication-free Miniaturized Droplet-Based PCR System6/28/10; 10:30AM; ECG 317
Steven SharkDesign, Development and Experimental Performance Analysis of a Toroidal Aerospike Nozzle6/25/10; 2:30PM; ECG 214
Jacob DennisExperimental Investigation and Analysis of the Sol-Brid Tactical Rocket Motor6/25/10; 1PM; ECG 214
Charles RetallackStratified Flows in Complex Terrain7/01/10; 10AM; ISTB2 227
Kringan SahaAdvancing Mineral Sequestration4/21/10; 2PM; GWC 107
Subhasish MohantyStructural Health Monitoring and Condition Based Fatigue Damage Prognosis of Complex Metallic Structures4/23/10; 10AM; GWC 109
Derek TangTantalum Oxide as an Alternative Dielectric Material for Integrated Passive Devices and DRAM applications4/22/10; 4PM; ECG 317
Ulises GalanZinc Oxide Nanowire Interphase for Carbon Reinforced Composites4/26/10; 1PM; ECG 214
Jiaying CaiAdvanced Materials for Electrochemical Reactors4/21/10 1PM; PSH 130
Christopher GuthrieThe Aerodynamic Impact of a Flip-Tip Device On a Hovering Rotor4/23/10; 11AM; GWC 111
Juan E. TibaquiráReclaiming Water From Energy Generation Technologies4/15/10; 2PM; PSH 131
Xinxin LiProcessing Effects on Properties of Mesoporous Silica Films Using Preformed Templates4/21/10; 9AM; GWC 111
Jay KniepSynthesis of mixed-conducting membranes with improved properties for membrane reactor applications4/21/10; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Mark WittSimulation, Modeling, and Design of a Solar Thermal Ammonia-Water Absorption Refrigeration System4/16/10; 9:30AM; GWC 11