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Graduate defenses

2019 – 2020

Pablo Guimera CollInsights into Crack Dynamics Governing Surface Quality during Spalling of Semiconductors7/27/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Tarun AmlaFinite Element Method Assisted Analysis of Fatigue and Damage in Low Temperature Sintered Nano-Silver Soldered Joints7/24/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Omik SaveVariable Impedance as an Improved Control Scheme for Active Ankle Foot Orthosis
7/20/2020; 1:30 PM; Zoom link:
Pranvera KolariEngineering Properties of Transition Metal Halides via Cationic Alloying7/13/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Avinash Singh NayalExperimental Study of Solar Thermophotovoltaic (STPV) Energy Conversion with
Selective Metafilm Coatings and GaSb Cell separated by Glass Microspheres
7/13/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Nicholas TheutThe Influence of Water Dose and Water Content on Adhesion of Solar Module Interfaces
7/9/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Omik Milind SaveVariable Impedance as an improved control scheme for Active Ankle Foot Orthosis
7/13/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link;
Vipul GadekarDesign of Wings for Jump-Gliding in Biped Robot7/10/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Justin GonzalesInfluence of Mechanisms on the Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of High-Performance Dielectric Ceramics7/9/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Antriksh SharmaData-driven Approach to Predict the Static and Fatigue Properties of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V7/9/2020: 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Bhaumik BhedaStatistical Analysis of 3D-DEM for Steady State Conduction Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum
7/7/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Husain MithaiwalaElectrospun Pretreatment Membranes
7/7/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Philip MulfordEnvironment Sensor Coverage UsingMulti-Agent Robot Headings
7/13/2020; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Hanxiao LiuOptical Properties of III-Nitride Semiconductors for Power Electronics and Photovoltaics
7/6/202; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Pouya AmrollahiNanoplasmonic sensing of disease-associated extracellular vesicles - an ultrasensitive diagnosis and prognosis approach
7/8/2020; 9:30 AM; Zoom link:
Talal AlqahtaniPhase Change Materials for Thermal Management in Thermal Energy Storage Applications
7/7/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link: Link:
Kartik VenkatramanTowards high spatial resolution vibrational spectroscopy in a scanning transmission electron microscope
6/30/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Kenneth ManningStimuli Responsive Barrier Materials for Breathable, Chemically-Protective Wearable Fabrics
6/30/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Farzaneh MoghadamDeveloping safe and controllable Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR)-based therapies with design principles of synthetic biology
7/2/2020; 2:30 PM; Zoom link:
Arun Sundar Sundaram SingaraveluDeformation Behavior of adidas BOOST(TM) Foams Using In Situ X-ray Tomography and Correlative Microscopy6/19/2020; 9:30 AM; Zoom link:
Po-Yi SuStructural and Optical Properties of III-V Semiconductor Materials for Photovoltaics and Power Electronic Applications6/16/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Praveen KotagamaFundamentals of Soft, Stretchable Heat Exchanger Design5/29/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Varun NalamModeling of 2D human ankle stiffness during postural balance and walking for robot-aided ankle rehabilitation5/4/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Michael SerhanPoint of Care Detection of Iron Through Colorimetric Sensing5/1/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Shiba BiswalSelf Organization of Multi-Agent Systems Using Markov Chain Models4/15/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Shiljashree VijayCompetitive growth of 2D Metal-organic frameworks and its alloys4/17/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Emmanuel DasinorThermal Resistance Measurements of Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Structures (TPMS) of the Thermogalvanic Brick4/17/2020; 12:00 Pm ; Zoom link:
Mohammed Yasir SayyadSynthesis of 2D Janus Crystals and their Superlattices4/17/2020; 11:30 AM; Zoom link:
Joseph Niko VlastosTungsten Trioxide-based Variable Reflectivity Radiation Coatings for Optical Propulsion Applications4/17/2020; 3:30 PM; Zoom link:
Elikplim GahAnt-Inspired Control Strategies for Collective Transport by Dynamic Teams with Temporary Leaders4/16/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Wei HuangThermal Drainage Flow of a Viscous Gas From a Semi-Sealed Narrow Channel4/16/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Dakota EdwardsMagnetically Actuated Electronics and Robotics for Medical Applications4/16/2020; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Matthew PrillimanMoving-Average Transient Model for Predicting the Back-surface Temperature of Photovoltaic Modules
4/15/2020; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Alex PetrasMagnetic Needle Steering4/15/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Jignesh VanjariaGrowth and Characterization of Group IV Semiconductor Thin Films using a simplified PECVD reactor4/15/2020; 4:00 PM; Zoom link:
Nana Kwame OkwaeDesign, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Sand Burrowing Robot4/14/2020; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Karthik KannanComputational Methods for Simulations of Multiphase Compressible Flows for Atomization Applications4/15/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Terry Obeng-AmpomahInvestigating the Performance of 3D-printed sorbents for Direct Air Capture of CO2 4/14/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Namrata KanthFabrication and Characterization of TiO2-PMMA composite fibers for Environmental Remediation4/10/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Sridhar NivertyFour Dimensional (4D) Microstructural and Electrochemical Characterization of Dissimilar-metal Corrosion in naval structural joints4/10/2020; 2:30 PM; Zoom link:
David ManfordInvestigating the Thermodynamic Cycle and Efficiency of the Thermal Hydraulic Engine4/10/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Benjamin GreenleeA Computational Protocol for Spray Flows Using the Quadratic Formula as the Primary Atomization Module4/10/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Joe Victor Carpenter IIIAdvanced Characterization of Aerogel Films Deposited via Aerosol Impaction-Driven Assembly4/9/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Rajeev Reddy KosireddyStructural Characterization of III-V Bismide Materials grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy4/9/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Sree Shivani VemulapalliPhase-Field Modeling of Electromigration-Mediated Morphological Evolution of Voids in Interconnects4/7/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Krishishvar VenkateshAdsorption of Perfluoroalkyl Substances from Groundwater Using
Pilot and Lab Scale Columns
4/6/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Cameron KopasSynthesis and Characterization of Superconductor-Dielectric Interfaces4/2/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Rahul FranklinMicrostructural Control in Fabricating Multifunctional Carbon Fibers3/30/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Prathamesh VartakCharacterization of Solution-processed Metal Chalcogenide Precursor,
Thin Film, and Nanocomposite for Thermoelectricity
4/1/2020; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Jinshan LinNonlinear Reduced Order Modeling of Structures Exhibiting a Strong Nonlinearity3/27/2020; 8:30 AM; Zoom link:
Kashyap SathyamurthyEffect of incorporating aerodynamic drag model in trajectory tracking performance of DJI F330 quadcopter3/27/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Souvik PoddarDesign of a Portable Pneumatic Exosuit for Knee Extension Assistance with Gait Sensing using Fabric-based Inflatable Insole sensors3/27/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Manogna AdepuNumerical Modeling and Experimental Studies on the Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer of Silica Glass Particles4/3/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom Link:
Tianxiang GaoGranule Formation, Structure and Content Uniformity from Single Drop Impact on Heterogeneous Powder Beds3/24/2020; 12:00 PM; Zoom Link:
Seid M. SadaatComputational Modeling for Phononic Crystal Property Discovery and Design - From Eigenvalue Analysis to Machine Learning3/6/2020; 11:00 AM; WXLR A113
Mai XuExperimental and Simulation Study on Novel Adsorbents for Carbon Capture, Oxygen Sorption and Methane Recovery3/4/2020; 1:00 PM; ERC 490
Yifei XuMultifunctional Soft Materials: Design, Development and Applications3/3/2020; 9:00 AM; ERC 490
Sebastian HuseinEnhanced Carrier Mobility in Hydrogenated and Amorphous Transparent Conducting Oxides2/20/2020; 1:00 PM; GWC 535
Yizhi ZhangHeteroatoms doped nanocarbon for supercapacitor2/6/2020; 10:00 AM; ERC 490
Han-Chun WuProperties of mixed-ionic electronic ceramics (MIEC) and their applications in oxygen and hydrogen production1/30/2020;
3:00 PM; ERC 490
Elizabeth FortinKinetics of Void Nucleation and Growth at Grain Boundaries on Shock Loaded Copper Bicrystals01/21/2020; 12:30pm; WXLR 311A
Mu-Tao ChenChemical and Geometric Transformations of MoS2/WS2 Heterostructures by Plasma Treatment11/5/2019; 1:30 PM; WGHL L1-15
Michael TranToxicology of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides11/6/2019; 11:45 AM; GWC 567
Payam SabbaghiMetamaterial Enhanced Near-Field Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion11/6/2019; 9:30 AM; ERC 593
Keju AnFluidization of Nanosized Particles by a Microjet and Vibration Assisted (MVA)
11/5/2019; 1:00 PM; GWC 569
Cameron KleppeModeling the Flowability of Granular Materials11/5/2019; 4:00 PM; WGHL L1-08
Piyush HotaAerodynamic Characterization of a Tethered Rotor11/4/2019; 4:15 pm; WXLR A107
Diane HaiberNanoscale Heterogeneities in Visible Light Absorbing Photocatalysts: Connecting Structure to Functionality Through Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy11/4/2019; 2:00 PM; BAC 324
Masood NevisipourEvaluating the Effects of Ankle-Foot-Orthosis, Functional Electrical Stimulators, and Trip-specific Training on Fall Outcomes in Individuals with Stroke11/4/2019; 1:00 PM; PEBE 157
Shanthan Reddy AlugubelliNanoscale Electronic Properties in GaN based Structures for Power Electronics using Electron Microscopy11/4/2019; 1:00 PM; PSF 372
Mahmoud Matar AbedArtificial Enzymes from Hafnium Diboride Nanosheets Dispersed in Biocompatible Block Copolymers11/1/2019; 1:00 PM; WGHL 201
Philip ThomasAircraft are not Fair-Weather Friends: An Analysis of Aircraft En-Route Performance and Economy with Real-World Atmospheric Conditions 11/1/2019; 9:00 AM; BAC 313
Andrew ThoesenHelically-Driven Dynamics in Granular Media10/31/2019; 8:00 AM; WGHL 201
Chaitanya KaleDesign of a thermally stable nano-crystalline alloy with superior tensile
creep and fatigue behavior
10/30/2019; 10:30 AM; GWC 569
Russell UrieLaser-Activated Nanomaterials for Tissue Repair10/9/2019; 9:00 AM; BA L1-27
Luqmanal Hakim SirajudeenProtein and Peptide Directed Inorganic Nanoparticle Synthesis9/30/2019; 12:30 PM; CDS 137
Xiaodong MengNext Generation Photovoltaic Modules: Visualizing Deflection, Stress Analysis and Module Fabrication9/23/2019; 10:30 AM; GWC 535
Pulkit GargThe Effect of Defects on Functional Properties of Niobium for Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities: A First Principles Study9/6/2019; 11:00 AM; LSA 101
Sujyot MonyInvestigation into laser welding as an interconnection method in Interdigitated Back contact(IBC) solar cell modules. 7/23/2019: 1:00 PM; ERC 490
Sangeet Sankaramangalam UlhasDeveloping an Open Source Tool Suite for Cross Platform Training of Neural Networks7/15/2019; 2:00 PM; ECG 237
Dipesh B. TrivediLarge scale synthesis of novel polar 2D materials7/15/2019; 10:00 AM; ECG 237
Tanner BitzVariable Damping Control of a Robotic Arm to Improve Trade-off Between Performance and Stability7/15/2019; 10:00 AM; ECG 236
Houpu YaoRobust and Generalizable Machine Learning through Generative Models,Adversarial Training, and Physics Prior7/12/2019; 2:00 PM; ECG 237
Marion Branch Kelly4D Microstructural Characterization of Electromigration and Thermal Aging Damage in Tin-Rich Solder Joints7/12/2019; 1:00 PM; ERC 490
Venkateshwaran Ravi NarayananExperimental Investigation of
Laser-Induced Optoacoustic Wave Propagation for Damage Detection
7/12/2019; 12:00 PM; ECA 219
Swapneel S DanayatInvestigating 3-D Printed Polymer Heat Exchanger 7/12/2019; 11:00 AM; ECG 236
Bianca KurianSubcycle Corrosion fatigue Crack Growth under Variable Amplitude Loading7/12/2019; 10:30 AM; ECA 219
Aryabhat DarnalDamage Detection using SONIC IR Imaging for Composite Laminate 7/12/2019; 9:00 AM; ECA 219
Siddhant SrivastavaNon-Invasive Methods To Detect Underground Leaks7/11/2019; 2:00 PM; ECG 237
Stewart MannConcentration Polarization, Nanophotonic Flux Enhancement and the Mitigation of Concentration Polarization in Pervaporation Desalination7/11/2019; 10:00 AM; ECG 236
Duo LiCovalent Chemical Functionalization of Semiconducting Layered Chalcogenide
Nanosheets and Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions on MoS2
7/11/2019; 9:00 AM; ECG 237
Michael MachasInvestigating Strategies to Enhance Microbial Production of and Tolerance Towards Aromatic Biochemicals7/10/2019; 10:00 AM; ECG 236
Santhosh Kiran RajarajanMechanical Behavior of Copper - Cobalt thin films7/2/2019; 10:00 AM; ECG 236
Raghav SharmaAn Investigation into the Stiffness Response of Lattice Shapes under Various Loading Conditions6/27/2019; 10:00 AM; GWC 487
Abdul Hannan KhalidLow Temperature Soot Regime of Propane/Air in a Micro Flow Reactor with Controlled Temperature Profile6/18/2019; 2:00 PM; ERC 593
Ramteja Reddy KondakindiAFM Bi-material Cantilever Based Near-field Radiation Heat Transfer Measurement6/17/2019; 10:00 AM; GWC 107
Madhava Reddy VarakanthamExperimental Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of 3D printed Co-Continuous Composite Polymers under Static and Cyclic Loadings6/13/2019; 2:15 pm; ECG 236
Saurabh PrabhuCharacterization of Flexible Heat Sinks6/11/2019; 3:00 PM; ECA 219
Yi YangZwitterionic Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Copolymers: Membrane Applications and Fundamentals6/11/2019; 3:00 PM; ERC 490
Karthik ElamvazhuthiControllability and Stabilization of Kolmogorov's Forward Equations for Robotic Swarms6/7/2019; 1:00 PM; ECG 236
Harshwardhan Wadikar Thermal Cycling Of LTO||LCO Batteries Subjected to Electric Vehicle Schedule and Its Second Life Evaluation5/31/2019: 11:00 AM; ECG 214
Chuyun GuanOptical simulation and colloidal lithography fabrication method of bowtie shape metasurface 5/30/2019; 10:00 AM; GWC 109
Carlos BallesterosA Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Library For Cartesian Meshes5/30/2019; 11:00 AM; ERC 490
Ethan Lee LawrenceAtomic-Level Analysis of Oxygen Exchange Reactions on Ceria-based Catalysts5/16/2019; 10:00 AM; GWC 107
Ashish RanaFabrication of Superconducting Tunnel Junction via Double Angle Evaporation 5/14/2019; 1:00 PM; ECA 219
Akshay PhadnisUsing droplet induced deformations in functional polymeric materials for heat and mass transport modulation5/13/2019; 10:00 AM; ECA 219
Di ShenViscous compressible flow through micro-conduit5/9/2019; 10:30 AM; ECG 214
Roshan Sameer AnnamInvestigation of Heat Exchanger Improvement via Ultrasonic Energy4/12/2019; 9:00 AM; ECG 237
Michael Loren LayStatistical Investigations of Parameters that Drive High-Shear Granulation4/11/2019; 1:30 PM; ART 202
Andrew SweeneyForce Measurement of Basilisk Lizard Running on Water4/11/2019; 12:30 PM; USE 170B
Pooja ArularasuCombined UV-Temperature-Humidity Accelerated Testing of PV Modules:
Reliability of UV-cut and UV-pass EVA Encapsulants
4/11/2019; 11:30 AM; GWC 535
Swapneel DanayatDesign and Analysis of 3d Printed Heat Exchangers4/11/2019; 11:00 AM; GWC 487
Junxin WangSimulation and Analysis of Walking on Compliant Surfaces4/11/2019; 10:00 AM; BDH 157
Calli CampbellMolecular beam epitaxial growth of monocrystalline MgxCd1-xTe/MgyCd1-yTe (x [less than] y) double heterostructures and solar cells4/11/2019; 10:00 AM; ERC 111
Pedro Jesse MartinOptimization of Back Reflectors for Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules4/11/2019; 9:00 AM; ED 320
Faisal RajaEvaluation of Properties of Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Structures using
4/10/2019; 3:00 PM; ART 240
Woo Jung ShinSpray Deposited Oxides for Applications in Solar Cells4/10/2019; 3:00 PM; BAC 324
Sushrut GandhiDesign, simulation and testing of a controller and software framework for automated construction by a robotic manipulator4/10/2019; 2:00 PM; LL 149
Adnan AbdullahiForward Osmosis Desalination using Thermoresponsive hydrogels as draw agents; An experimental study4/10/2019; 12:00 PM; COOR 186
Immanuella KankamDesign of an Immersive Virtual Environment to Investigate How Different Drivers Crash in Trolley-Problem Scenarios4/10/2019; 10:30 AM; ERC 490
Brandon BoeppleHeat Transfer in a Rotary Drum Using Infrared Camera Temperature Measurement4/10/2019; 10:00 AM; LSE 250
Dylan DebruinFormulating a Particle-Free and Low Temperature Nickel Reactive Ink for Inkjet Printing Conductive Features4/10/2019; 9:30 AM; ECG 227
Harsh LalEfficiency based Flight analysis for a Novel Quadcopter system4/10/2019; 9:00 AM; GWC 487
Abhinav KshitijAccurate and Efficient Autonomic Closure for Turbulent Flows4/9/2019; 12:30 PM; GWC 487
Kody KlimesHigh-Performance Organic Light Emitting Diodes4/9/2019; 11:00 AM; GWC 181
Sean McIntyreDesign of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Carbon Capture Applications: Approaches for Adsorptive Separation of CO2/N2 and O2/N2 Mixtures4/8/2019; 2:00 PM; ERC 490
Luke BurgettComparison of Traditional Two-Spool and Three-Spool with Vaneless Counter-Rotating Low-Pressure Turbine for Aircraft Propulsion Power Extraction4/8/2019; 9:00 AM; ECG 236;
Gayatri PodeDirect Electrolysis of Lithium on Copper 4/8/2019; 3:05 PM; BAC 324
Che Wei OuThe effect of leading-edge geometry on the induced drag of a finite wing4/5/2019; 10:00 AM; ECG 237
Sherzad T. TahirModeling the Effect of Urbanization on Climate and Dust Generation, Transportation, and Deposition Over Desert Cities4/5/2019; 3:30 PM; ECG 218
Jordan KocherAnalyzing the Opportunities for NIPAAm Dehumidification in Air Conditioning Systems4/4/2019; 3:00 PM; ERC 593
Hanqing NanModeling Emergent Behaviors of Multi-Cellular Systems in 3D Extracellular Matrix: Heterogeneous Extracellular Matrix Reconstruction, Cell Micromechanics and Novel Mechanotaxis4/4/2019; 2:00 PM; ECG 237
Guoyi LiHealth Management and Prognostics of Complex Structures and Systems4/3/2019; 12:00 PM; PSH 330
Daniel CoxeDrag Reduction in Turbulent Pipe Flow by Transverse Wall Oscillations at Low and Moderate Reynolds Number4/2/2019; 1:00 PM; GWC 487
Heather ZuninoRapidly Decompressed Particle Beds4/1/2019; 8:00 AM; ECA 219
Pengchao SongUncertainty Modeling for Nonlinear and Linear Heated Structures4/1/2019; 3:00 PM; SCOB 302
Jue-Hyun LeeChip production rate and tool wear estimation in micro-endmilling4/1/2019; 10:00 AM; WXLR A104
Kai Zhou
Physics-Based Lidar Simulation and Wind Gust Detection and Impact Prediction for Wind Turbines
3/29/2019; 12:30 PM; WXLR A106
Karthik Subramaniam PushpavanamRadiation-induced Nanoparticle Formation as Novel Means of in Vivo / in Vitro Dosimetry3/29/2019; 2:00 PM; ECG 227
Adil AnsariA Collation and Analysis of Two-Dimensional Unsplit Conservative
Advection Methods for Volume of Fluid at Interfaces
3/26/2019; 11:00 AM; GWC 535
Bohan ShanSynthesis and Characterization of 2D and 3D Metal Organic Frameworks3/27/2019; 12:00 PM; BA 341
April M. JeffriesReactive Ink Metallization for Next Generation Photovoltaics3/11/2019; 9:00 AM; ECG 236
Matthew RalphsEnhanced Thermal Conductivity in Soft Composites Through Magnetic Alignment and Contact Engineering2/5/2019; 12 PM: GWC 535
Qinan ChangFast Forward and Inverse Wave Propagation Method for Tomographic Imaging of Defects in Solids
12/12/2018; 10 AM; ECG 215
Turki AlajmiKuwait Residential Energy Outlook: Modeling the Diffusion of Energy Conservation Measures
12/3/2018; 3 PM; ERC 593
Vidu JayanettiBasilisk Lizard Inspired Methods for Locomotion on Granular and Aquatic Media with Robotic Applications
11/30/2018; 10 AM; ART 240
Lauren BrunaciniInvestigation of the Electrical Resistivity of a
Perchlorate Oxidizer Based Electric Propellant Formulation
11/29/2018; 8:00 AM; ECG 335
Wenwen XuMaterial Processing for Edible Electronics11/15/2018; 9:00 AM; ERC 490
Sonam DahireStatistical models for prediction of mechanical property and manufacturing process parameters for gas pipeline steels11/7/2018; 10:00 AM; ECG 218
Daniel Miskin Early Wing Structural Design for Stiffness and Frequency Response 11/6/2018; 1:30 PM; GWC 535
Nirangkush Das Trajectory Modeling, Estimation and Interception of a Thrown Ball using a Robotic Ground Vehicle 11/6/2018; 12 PM; EDB L1-24
Aesha Patel Comparison of Encapsulant Degradation between Glass/Backsheet and Glass/Glass Field-aged Photovoltaic Modules11/6/2018; 11 AM; GWC 137
Viswa sai pavan Buddha
Series Resistance Increase in Field Degraded PV Modules in Different Climatic Conditions
11/5/2018; 3 PM; ERC 593
Rahul Verma Design, Fabrication & Characterization Of Pva/Nanocarbon Composite Fibers
11/2/2018; 12 PM; CDS 13
Dheepak Surya Kalyana Raman Theoretical investigation of transport across S/F interfaces
11/2/2018; 10:30 AM; DISC 246
William LeeExperimental Measurements of the Power Output of a Copper/Copper(II) Thermogalvanic Brick
11/2/2018; 10:30 AM; ECG 214
Penghong Guo
System Identification, State Estimation, And Control Approaches to Gestational Weight Gain Interventions
11/2/2018; 2 PM; LSA 109
Madhu Krishna Murthy
Characterization of Electrically Active Defects at Nb/Si Interface Using Transport and Transient Capacitance Measurements
10/29/2018; 1:00 PM; EDB L1-27
Pinar Cay Durgun
Investigation of water permeation through molecular sieve particles
in thin film nanocomposite membranes
10/25/2018; 11 AM; GWC 137A
Sreevatsan Bhaskaran Direct Detection Time of Flight Lidar Sensor System Design
and A vortex tracking algorithm for a Doppler Lidar
10/24/2018; 2 PM; ERC 593
Somya Singh
Deformation Behavior of Co-Sputtered and Nanolaminated Metal/Ceramic Composites 10/17/2018; 12:00 PM; ECG 218
Prudhvi Tej Chinimilli Human Activity Recognition and Control of Wearable Robots
10/15/2018; 10 AM; ECG 218
Nai-Yuan Liu
Sensors and their applications for connected health and environment
9/17/2018; 8 AM; ECG 218
Hooman Farsani
A Heterogeneous Porous Media Model for Fluid Flow Simulation
8/24/2018; 10 AM; WXLR A103
Ragesh Kumar Ramachandran
Exploration, Mapping and Estimation using a Swarm of Resource-Constrained Robots
8/24/2018; 9:30 AM; ERC 490
Simone Bernardini Efficiency-Limiting Recombination Mechanisms in
High-Quality Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells
8/23/2018; 10 AM; ERC 593
Siddhant Datta
Characterization of Fatigue Damage in Aerospace Materials under Complex Multiaxial Loading
8/17/2018; 11:00 AM; STAUF A417
Ruijin Cang
Data-Augmented Structure-Property Mapping for Accelerating Computational Design of Advanced Material Systems
7/24/2018; 1:00 PM; GWC 107
Ashlee Aiello Corrosion and Passivation of Mg-Al and Ni-Cr Alloys
7/19/2018; 3 PM; ISTB 696
Prudhvi Ram Peri
Physio-chemical Characterization of PZT based ultrasonic transducer stack
7/16/2018; 3 PM; ECA 219
Tarun Shesh
Carbon dioxide transfer characteristics of hollow-fiber, composite membranes
7/12/2018; 11 AM; BDA 204
Zz Haggerty

Excavation in Swarms: Applications to Human Infrastructure Problems

7/12/2018; 2 PM; ECA 219
Vaibhav Jhawar
Design of a Knee Exoskeleton for Gait Assistance
7/12/2018; 11 AM; ERC 490
Sri Ram Prasath Ramasubramaniyan
Fabrication, Modeling and Control of a Spherical Tail-Sitter UAV
7/11/2018; 10 AM; GWC 107
Bin Chen
Atomic Scale Characterizations of Two-dimensional Anisotropic Materials and Their Heterostructures
7/9/2018; 9:30 AM; ECA 219
Siying Liu
Investigation on Fatigue Behavior of Alloys by Various Approaches
7/6/2018; 3 PM; ERC 490
Hui Cai
Layer Structured Gallium Chalcogenides: Controlled Synthesis and Emerging Properties
6/29/2018; 3 PM; ECA 219 
Kedi Wu
Novel Growth Routes and Fundamental Understanding of Pseudo-One-Dimensional Materials
6/29/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Srishti Gupta
Synthesis and Characterization of Amphiphilic molecules for their use in health care industry
6/28/2018; 12:00 PM; ECA 219
Christopher Lefky
Corrosion and Sensitized Microstructure Evolution of 3D Printed Stainless Steel 316 and Inconel 718 Dissolvable Supports
6/28/2018; 9 AM; WXLR A311
Seyed Mostafa R. Sorkhabadi
Gait Dynamic Stability Analysis with Wearable Assistive Robots
 6/19/2018;  10 AM; GWC 107
Shantanu Das
Nucleation and Growth of Single Layer Graphene on Supported Cu Catalysts by Cold Wall Chemical Vapor Deposition
 6/15/2018; 2 PM; ECA 219
Hassan Alshehri
Opto-thermal Energy Transport with Selective Metamaterials and Solar Thermal Characterization of Selective Metafilm Absorbers
6/7/2018; 10 AM; GWC 107
Taylor RainesPropellant Mass Scaling and Decoupling and Improved Plasma Coupling in a Pulsed Inductive Thruster
6/8/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Sami Alelyani
Improvements to Heat-driven Cooling Cycles
6/6/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490;
Harini Murali
Aminoglycoside Polymers and Combination Treatments in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Studies
5/31/2018; 11 AM; ECG 215
Aniket Chitale
Generalized T-Map Modelling Procedure & Tolerance Sensitivity Analysis using T-Maps
5/14/2018; 10 AM; ECG 315
Takayuki Nosaka
Carbonaceous Nanomaterials as Flame Retardant Coating on Fabric
5/10/2018; 10 AM; ECG 215
Linda Fou
Indicators of Anticipated Walking Surface Transitions for Powered Prosthetic Control
4/13/2018; 9 AM; ECG 215
Sirong Lu
Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas at SrTiO3-Based Oxide Interfaces
 4/13/2018; 1:30 PM; PSF 306
Irene Lujan Regalado
Characterization of Thermo-Mechanical Damage in Tin and Sintered Nano-Silver Solders
 4/13/2018; 10 AM; ECG 347
Stephanie Booth
Effects of Wildlife Deterrent Devices Affixed to Wind Turbines on Power Output
 4/13/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Srisuda Rojsatien
Magnesiothermic Conversion of Sintered-Closely Packed Diatom (Coscinodiscus wailesii) Monolayer on Silicon Wafer and its Optical Properties
 4/13/2018; 11 AM; LSA 119
Kanishka Singh
Affine Abstraction of Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Active Model Discrimination
 4/12/2018; 9 AM; LL 114
Rushabh Talati
Implementation and Comparison of Various Observers for Time Delay System
 4/12/2018; 1:30 PM; DISCVRY 123
 Kshitiz Dolia
Accelerated UV Testing and Characterization of PV Modules with UV-cut and UV-pass EVA
 4/12/2018; 12:30 PM; ED 238
Yaopengxiao Xu
Modeling complex material systems using stochastic reconstruction and lattice particle simulation
 4/12/2018; 2 PM; ECG 238
Tanmoy Chatterjee
Understanding the interaction of wind farms and turbulent atmoshperic boundary layer in a large eddy simulation framework: from periodic to LIDAR based mean data driven cases
 4/12/2018; 12 PM; ERC 490
Hangkun Jing
Selenate and Chromate Removal with Titanium Dioxide based Photocatalysts
 4/11/2018; 2 PM; LL 272
Peyman Sirous
Metal Ion Detection by Luminescent Metal Organic Frameworks
 4/11/2018; 12:15 PM; PSH 131
Jueming Hu
Numerical Modeling of Cake Formation and Permeate Flux Decline in Membrane Filtration Using OpenFOAM
 4/10/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Ximo Chu
Surface Treatment of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
 4/10/2018; 12 PM; ISTB4 396
Seyedehmelika Meraji
Methylated and Unmethylated pDNA Delivery Comparison in Mammalian Cells
 4/9/2018; 2:15 PM; ECG 214
Sayalee Joshi
Microbial Metabolic chain elongation
 4/9/2018; 11 AM; BDA AL1-50  
Xingye Wang
In-situ Photoemission Spectroscopy Characterization of Electronic States in Semiconductor Interfaces
 4/9/2018; 3 PM; ERC 490
Nancy Fujikado
Synthesis of Acetylenic Carbon Molecules via Pulsed Laser Ablation in Ethanol
 4/9/2018; 1 PM; PSD 105
Sai Gautham Nuthi
Computational Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Pneumatically Driven Actuators for the Development of a Soft Robotic Arm
 4/9/2018; 12 PM; LL 270
Ashwin Agathya Boochakravarthy
Study Of Doped Magnetic System
 4/6/2018; 11 AM; DISCVRY 123
Sai Chaitanya Mangavelli
Numerical simulation of the interaction between floating objects and a gravity driven flow
 4/6/2018; 1 PM; ECG 317
Mathew Delisle
Destabilized Aircraft Response: the Implications of Pilot Trim Error
 4/6/2018; 2 PM; GWC 107
Paige Colasurd
Expression, Characterization, and Structural Studies of Anti-amyloid Antibody Fragments
 4/5/2018; 1 PM; LL 245
Spencer Cleary
The Supersonic Performance of High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engines with Fixed Conical Spike Inlets
 4/5/2018; 4:30 PM; ECG 335
Shaohua Chen
Modeling, Characterizing and Reconstructing Mesoscale Microstructural Evolution in Particulate Processing and Solid-State Sintering
 4/3/2018; 1:30 PM; ERC 490
Gokul Chandrasekaran
3D-Printed Heat Exchangers: An Experimental Study
 4/2/2018; 9 AM; GWC 109
Weston K. Bertrand
Enhanced Desorption in Novel Sorbent Materials Using Ultrasound
 4/2/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Jyothis Anand Prem Anand Jayaprabha
The Optimized Use of Phase Change Materials in Buildings
 4/2/2018; 4 PM; WGHL L1-15
Amr Fairag
Smart HVAC Zoning for Residential Buildings
 3/30/2018; 11 AM; ECA 219
Jung Eun Park
Analyses of Spray Atomization Based on Integral Form of Conservation Equations: Applications to Liquid Jets in Cross Flows and to CFD
 3/30/2018; 2 PM; LL 270
Vishnu Kumar Budama
Design and Evaluation of a Concentrating Solar Power System with Thermochemical Water Splitting Process for the Co-production of Hydrogen and Electricity
 3/29/2018; 10 AM; ERC 593
Mitchell Armstrong
Designing Sorbent-Containing Electrospun Fibers For Dilute Chemical Separations
 3/21/2018; 10 AM; LSE 204
Ashutosh Agarwal
Alloying of 2D Anisotropic Materials and Studying Their Vibrational and Optical Properties
 3/20/2018; 9 AM; ERC 490
Kaushik Sridhar Vadari Venkata
Microstructure development in magnetite films via non-classical crystallization
 3/16/2018; 10 AM; PSH 331
Xiangbing Jiao
From materials to devices: (I) Ultra-thin flexible implantable bio-probes with biodegradable sacrificial layers (II) Carrier spin injection and transport in diamond
 3/15/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Xu Wang
Understanding the Mechanical Behaviors of Lithium-Based Battery Anodes─Silicon and Lithium Metal
 2/28/2018; 12 PM; ECG 317
Wen-Hsi Huang
Recycling Valuable Materials from Crystalline-Si Solar Modules
 2/22/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Kousik Ganesan
 Capable Copper Electrodeposition Process for Integrated Circuit - Substrate Packaging Manufacturing
 2/9/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Ashwin Rai
Novel Methodology for Atomistically Informed Multiscale
2/7/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Liuyang DingFundamentals and Applications of N-pulse Particle Image Velocimetry-accelerometry: Towards Advanced Measurements of Complex Flows and Turbulence
1/30/2018; 12:00 PM; ERC 490
Nithya SubramanianPhysics-Based Modeling of Material Behavior and Damage Initiation in Nanoengineered Composites
12/14/2017; 10 AM; ECG 315
HsinWei WuCharacterization of Perovskite Oxide/Semiconductor Heterostructures
12/13/2017; 9:00 AM; PSF 306
Benyamin Gholami BazehhourMultiscale Modeling of Oxygen Impurity Effects on Macroscopic Deformation and Fatigue Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium
11/21/2017; 11:00 AM; ART 240
Qianlang LiuProbing atomic, electronic, and optical structures of nanoparticle photocatalysts using fast electrons
11/21/2107; 9:30 AM; ERC 593
Sandesh G. BhatDesign and Development of a Passive Prosthetic Ankle
11/6/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Amr IbrahimSynthesis and Gas Transport Properties of Graphene Oxide Membranes
11/6/2017; 11 AM; WXLRA106
Sahil InamdarHydrogel Nanosensorsfor Colorimetric Detection and Dosimetry in Proton Beam Radiotherapy
11/3/2017; 1:30 pm; ECA 219
Majid VaghayenegarCharacterization of HgCdTe and Related Materials For Third Generation Infrared Detectors
11/3/2017; 9:30 AM; PSB 234
Jui-Yung ChangRadiative Heat Transfer with Nanowire/NanoholeMetamaterials for Thermal Energy Harvesting Applications
10/31/2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Yiyang LiMultiscale modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of phase-segregated polymers: polyethylene and polyuria
 10/30/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Shahriar AlamA Fundamental Model Methodology for the Analysis Design and Fabrication of a Narrow Transparency Window in a Bulk Meta-Material
10/27/2017; 3 PM; ERC 593
Tyler StannardCorrosion and Corrosion-Fatigue Behavior of 7075 Aluminum Alloys Studied By In Situ X-Ray Tomography

10:30 AM; ERC 490
Scott TurnageAnomalous Dynamic Behavior of Stable Nanograined Materials

11:30 AM; ERC 490
John Robert WilsonThe Doghouse Plot: History, Construction Techniques, and Application
10/19/2017; 9 AM; ECG 215
Chandrashekara Shashank KairaStructure-Property Relationships in Aluminum-Copper alloys using Transmission X-Ray Microscopy (TXM) and Micromechanical Testing
10/17/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Joshua B. JamesStability, Transport and Modification of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 Membranes for Light Hydrocarbon Separations

9:30 AM; ECG 215
Bryan WhitsellHuman-Robot Interaction Utilizing Asymmetric Cooperation and the Brain
 9/18/2017; 10 AM; ECG 238
Huidan Yin Synthesis and Characterization of ZIF-71/PDMS Mixed Matrix Membranes for Biofuel Separation Through Pervaporation
8/31/2017; 9:00 AM; ERC 490
Venkatraman NagarajanNumerical Simulation of Entrainment and Recirculating Flow at the Base of an Aerospike Nozzle with Supplementary Base Flow
7/12/2017; 1:00 PM; ERC 593
Anurag GandhiInvestigation of transition and vortex systems of a dynamically pitching airfoil under the free-stream turbulence conditions

10:00 AM; ERC 490
Brian ThompsonEngineering Escherichia coli for the Novel and Enhanced Biosynthesis of Phenol, Catechol, and Muconic Acid
7/11/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Santosh Shekar MudunurOptimizing parameters for the process of electrochemical reduction of Carbon-dioxide
7/10/2017; 2:00 PM; ERC 593
Robert HolgateAdvanced Prosthetics and Joint Mechanisms
7/5/2017; 10:00 AM; ERC 490
Kyle W. StaggsSeparations of Biofuels and Bioproducts via Magnetic Mesoporous Carbons
7/14/2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Nathan CahillOptimal Design Methods for Increasing Power Performance of Multiactuator Robotic Limbs
7/3/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Georgios Konstantinos KaravasBrain Computer Interfaces for the Control of Robotic Swarms

10:00 AM; ERC 593
Rutvik VaidyaAnalyzing the performance of Lithium-ion batteries for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Second-life applications
6/23/ 2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Ehsan IzadiInvestigating the mechanical behavior and deformation mechanisms of ultrafine-grained metal films using ex-situ and in-situ TEM techniques
6/22,/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Liang HuangMetal Complexes for Organic Optoelectronic Applications
6/13/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Jared SchoepfTiered Approach to Detect Nanomaterials in Food and Environmental Matrices
6/7/2017; 8:30AM; ERC 490
Saul OpieEffects of Phase Transformations and Dynamic Material Strength on Hydrodynamic Instability Evolution In Metals
5/31/2017; 1:00PM; ERC 593
Shrinil ShahEffects of Structural Uncertainty on the Dynamic Response of Nearly Straight Fluid-Filled Pipes: Modeling and Numerical Validation
5/26/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Ankush SharmaShape Factors for Pseudo-Steady State Flow in Fractured Hydrocarbon Wells of Various Reservoir Geometries
5/22/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Wei GaoMolecular Dynamic Simulations of Diffusion and Phase Behaviors of Colloidal Particles in Two-Component Liquid Systems
5/11/2017; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Narayan Vishnu KanhereOptimization of particle size of α-Alumina separator on performance of Lithium Ion Batteries
4/28/2017; 8:00AM; GWC 487
Pulkit SharmaToward an Uncertain Modeling of Hypersonic Aerodynamic Forces
4/11/2017; 8:00AM; GWC 535
Ashish GopalakrishnanCharacterization of the Dynamic Strength of Aluminium at Extreme Strain Rates and Pressures
 4/14/2017; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Shantanu PoreReliability of PV modules: Dependence on manufacturing quality and field climatic conditions
4/13/2017; 10:30AM; ISTB4 396
Adit PatankarDegradation Linearity Determination And Temperature of Photovoltaic Modules in the Field
4/13/2017; 3:00PM; BYAC 190
Wilson KongAngle Resolved Polarization and Vibrational Studies of Transition Metal Trichalcogenides and Related Alloys
4/12/2017; 3:00PM; LL 243
Ninad ChameleFractal Ag electrodeposits in Radial Programmable Metallization Cells as Physical Unclonable Functions
4/11/2017; 10:00AM; ISTB4 596
Devon BridgemanA Portable Colorimetric Sensing Platform for the Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide in Breath
4/11/2017; 1:00PM; GWC 465
Varun KelkarAnalysis of Chlorination & UV effects on microplastics using Raman spectroscopy
4/13/2017; 1:00PM; GWC 487
Sneha ShenoyEffect of Foreign Object Damage on Fatigue of Inconel 718 at elevated temperature (1050 C) 
4/14/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Philip SakievichIdentification, Decomposition and Analysis of Dynamic Large-Scale Structures in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
 4/14/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Ryan SpillerLongitudinal Stability of Twin-Fuselage Aircraft with Oscillations Due to Unattached Tails
4/13/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Andrew VerbinDetailed Design of a Pulsed Plasma Thrust Stand
4/13/2017; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Brendan HernandezLongitudinal Static Stability of a Tethered Rotorcraft
4/13/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Venkata Sathya Sai Renuka VallabhaneniEnvironmental-Induced Damage in Tin (Sn) and Aluminum (Al) Alloys
4/13/2017; 12:30PM; ERC 490
Jia XuSynthesis and functionalization of zinc oxide nanowires
4/13/2017; 11:00AM; PSF 306
Ke GengMorphology Evolution during Dealloying at High Homologous Temperature
4/12/2017; 10:15AM; ISTB4 240
Girish Nigamanth RaghunathanNumerical Solution of a 2-D model for formation of Zonal Jets
4/11/2017; 11:00AM; LL 45
Benjamin AndersonConceptual Fuselage Design with Direct CAD Modeling
4/11/2017; 11:00AM; Stauff A 317
Fraaz TahirCreep-Fatigue Damage Investigation and Modeling of Alloy 617 at High Temperatures
4/10/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Barry O'BrienNew Materials and Device Designs for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
4/10/2017; 12:00PM; ECA 219
Rohit SarkarSynthesis and in situ Characterization of Nanostructured and Amorphous  Metallic Films
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; ECG 227
Andre J. BrewerSurface Plasmon-polariton Enhanced Lasing: Numerical Studies
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; LSA 119
Sean WilsonScalable Control Strategies and a Customizable Swarm Robotic Platform for Boundary Coverage and Collective Transport Tasks
4/7/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Gargi KailkhuraCFD Analysis of Wind Potential Across Rooftop Gaps of Tall Buildings
4/7/2017; 1:00PM; ECG 305
John BeardTakeoff Obstacle Clearance Procedures: The Feasibility of Extended Second Segment Climb
4/7/2017; 12:00PM; LL 149
Nihanth CherukuruDoppler Lidar Vector Retrievals And Atmospheric Data Visualization in Mixed/Augmented Reality
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Melvin MathewOptimum Co-Product Utilization from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae
 4/6/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 490
Rick AhlfAutonomic Closure in Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) Simulations of Turbulent Flows
4/4/2017; 11:00AM; ERC 593
Yue DengA Novel Mobile Device for Environmental Hydrocarbon Sensing and Its Applications
4/4/2017; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Nicholas KemmeQuantifying the Properties of Elastic, Liquid Metal Based Thermal Interface Materials
3/28/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jeffrey SkidmoreOn the Effect of Walking Surface Stiffness on Inter-leg Coordination during Human Walking: a Unique Perspective to Robot-assisted Gait Rehabilitation
4/3/2017; 12:30PM; GWC 487
Jing LuEvaluation of Compound Semiconductors for Infrared Photo-detection Applications
3/31/2017; 10:00AM; PSB 234
Puneet Vasudev JethaniPower Management Strategy of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Peak Power Shaving Using Ultra-Capacitor3/30/2017; 9:30AM; ERC 490
Man LiSelenium Removal from Power Plant Waste Water with Solid Phase Extraction Materials3/30/2017; 12:00PM; ISTB4 396
Yuting WangReduced Order Modeling with Variable Spatial Fidelity for the Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Multi-Bay Structures3/3/2017; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Zhao ZhaoCharacterization of Novel Thin-Films and Structures for Integrated Circuit and Photovoltaic Applications2/20/2017; 11:00AM; ERC 490
Bonsung KooA New Atomistic Simulation Framework for Mechanochemical Reaction Analysis of Mechanophore Embedded Nanocomposites2/17/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jino GeorgeExtraction of Coherent structures using NS in 3D Turbulent flows and its effects on Chemotaxis1/30/2017; 2:00PM; ECG 236
Nathan BakkenSmall Molecule Organic Optoelectronic Devices1/6/2017; 9:00AM; ERC 490