Graduate defenses

2024 Defense Presentations

Peichen WuNovel data-driven emulator for predicting microstructure evolutions1/24/24; 9:00am; PSHE 130; Zoom Link:
Shuai ShuaiUnderstanding the Mechanism of Vortex Flow Modulation by Inertial Particles2/08/24; 10:30am; GWC 535; Zoom link:
Aditya DeshmukhChallenges in Modulation Doping of MoO3 on hydrogen Terminated diamond with HfO2 interfacial layer2/13/24; 2:00pm; ECG 114
Ji Yeon KimShape optimization of pin fins in heat sinks using Genetic Algorithm3/19/24; 1:00pm; ECG 214
Sachin ShivakumarAnalysis, Estimation, and Control of Partial Differential Equations Using Partial Integral Equation Representation2/26/24; 10:00am; ECG G305
Jose Vanir ValenzuelaAerodynamic Nuances on Wings Subjected to Ground Effect2/26/24; 1:00pm; ECG G335
Hyohun KimJoint Learning of Reward Machines and Policies for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Non-Cooperative Stochastic Games3/25/24; 10:30am; ECG G214
Amogh MeshramModeling and Simulation of Ironmaking using Hydrogen on Laboratory Scale, Pilot Scale, and Industrial Scale3/28/24; 1:00pm; BYENG 628; Zoom Link:
Zakary WildeEffect of Pore Morphology on the Thermal Evolution of PETN and Meso-Erythritol Microstructures under Shock Loading4/10/24; 9:00am; Zoom Link:
Sijie HuangAnalysis of Low-frequency Unsteadiness in Separated Flows Using Vorticity Variants3/27/24; 12:00pm; GWC 109; Zoom Link:
Richard Gabriel NileUnderstanding the Crystallinity-Structure-Property Relationships in Crystalline Polymeric Materials for Enhanced Applications via Novel Characterization Techniques4/2/24; 3:00pm; GWC 109; Zoom Link:
Emmie BenardInvestigation of Amine-Functionalized Polystyrene Networks for Structure, Property, and Performance Relationships in Gas Capture Applications4/1/24; 11:00am; SS 109; Zoom Link:
Erik Maas"Development of an Ultrasound Device for Characterizing Soft Materials and Investigation of Thickness and Force Effects on Peak Density Results"3/27/24; 1:00pm; PSH 230
Mahima Gupta"Towards Affordable Personal Weather Stations: Impact of Geometry and Flow Characteristics on Heat Transfer Coefficient from Heated Cylindrical Sensors
4/1/24; 12:00pm; WCPH 503; Zoom Link:
Sierra Wilferd"Systems Biology Approaches to Discover Mesothelioma Therapies"4/4/24; 11:00am; ISTB1 227; Zoom Link:
Cibin Thomas Jose"Optimization and Implementation of Wind Tunnel Like Capsule for Sweat Evaporation Measurement in Humans"4/2/24; 12:30pm; WCPH 503; Zoom Link:
Chris Gregory"Detailed Balance Analysis of Experimental High-Reflectance Back Contacts for Photovoltaics"4/2/24; 10:00am; ERC 593
Abishek Katta"MOCVD Based In-Situ Etching of β-Ga2O3 using Triethylgallium (TEGa)"4/3/24; 10:00am; ECG G305
Qihang Xu"Physics-guided Machine Learning in Air Traffic Flow Prediction and Optimization"4/2/24; 10:00am; WXLR A311; Zoom Link:
Siddharth Rohit Jain"Design, Fabrication and Characterization of PDMS Pads for Friction based Mobility of Tube Inspector Robot"4/3/24; 10:00am; ECG G320; Zoom Link:
Bradley Grim"Augmented Permittivity and Complex Self-Assembly in Zwitterionic Block Polymers"4/3/24; 11:00am; SS 236; Zoom Link:
Srisuda Rojsatien"Shedding Light on Atomistic Structures of Defects in Polycrystalline Thin-Film Solar Cells via Simulated X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy"4/9/24; 2:00pm; ECG G214; Zoom Link:
Steven Wilson"Unlocking Efficient Thermochemical Energy With Computational Materials Design Through The Compound Energy Formalism"4/5/24; 2:00pm; ECA A219; Zoom Link:
Lei Zhang"Value and Policy Approximation for Two-player General-sum Differential Games"4/8/24; 1:00pm; PSH 330; Zoom Link:
Mohamed El Mistiri"System Identification and Control Systems Engineering Approaches for Optimal and Practical Personalized mHealth Interventions for Physical Activity"4/9/24; 2:00pm; PSH 230; Zoom Link:
Rahul Rathnakumar"Uncertainty-Aware Neural Networks for Decision Support and Engineering Risk Assessment"4/5/24; 1:00pm; ECG G317
Himanshu Dave"A novel Volume Filtered Immersed Boundary (VF-IB) method towards high fidelity multiphase simulations."4/4/24; 1:00pm; ERC 490
Brian Ridenour"Synthesis, Engineering, and Characterization of Covalent Organic Framework-Based Composite Aerogels"4/424; 3:00pm; ECG G305
Surya Prakash Reddy Mandalreddy"Transmission Electron Microscopy of Formamidinium Lead Bromide and Iodide Perovskite Quantum Dots"4/11/24; 10:00am; PPSH 131; Zoom Link:
Jackson Comes"Experimentally Determined Steady State Biomass Flux Constraints for Flux Balance Analysis of the Fast-Growing Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 11901"4/9/24; 10:00am; BDC L1-21
Rohit Mahavir Gandhi"Thermal Management for 3D Heterogenous Integration of Semiconductor Packaging"4/9/24; 2:00pm; DH L1-39
Sumant Brahmankar"Markerless Genome Editing in C. glutamicum Using CRISPR-Cas9."4/10/24; 2:00pm; BDC.CL1-21
Tabsheer Ali Askari"Magnetic Tissue Retraction for Endoscopic Surgery"4/12/24; 1:00pm; PSH 130; Zoom Link:
M. Yasir Sayyad"Deciphering the Intrinsic Structure-Property Correlations in
2D Janus Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"
4/9/24; 9:45am; ERC 490
Daniel Rivera"Making the Manufacturing of Cement Zero Net Carbon
via the utilization of the Brayton Cycle"
4/10/24; 9:00am; ECG G305; Zoom Link:
Ajay Kumar Sharma"A Study of Energy Savings Potential of Reflective Roof Coatings in U.S. Climate Zones"4/12/24; 11:00am; ECG G305
Haley McKeown"Leveraging the Power of Ligninolytic Enzymes to Valorize Lignin to Polyvinyl Phenol"4/11/24; 2:45pm; BDC.CL1-21; Zoom Link:
Kartik Tripathi"Electrical and Mechanical Characterization of Hybrid Buckypaper/Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites"4/12/24; 1:00pm; PSH 331; Zoom Link:
Kaushik Shankar"Design and Manufacturing of a Shape Memory-Based Actuator"4/12/24; 3:30pm; WXLR A311; Zoom Link:
Nan Xu"Topological Machine Learning for High-Dimensional Data Analysis"4/12/24; 11:00am; ECG G214; Zoom Link:
Sri Ratna Kumar"Design and Modelling Multi-Stable Origami Structures for Adaptive Applications"4/12/24; 2:00pm; WXLR A307; Zoom Link:
Sateesh Pechetti"A Framework for Soft Body Armor Design Using Solid Finite Elements"4/10/24; 12:00pm; ISTB-2 : 201
Hoda Shokrollahzadeh Behbahani"Polysulfones for sustainability related applications"4/11/24; 12:00pm; WCPH 409; Zoom Link:
Harsh Gangwar"Model-Predictive Control Enhanced Energy Management
and Analysis of Dual-Motor Electric Vehicles"
4/12/24; 4:00pm; PRLTA 330R; Zoom Link:
Waseem Shameer"Development of a methodology for cilia-driven flow simulations with incompressible Navier-Stokes equations"4/12/24; 11:00am; GWC 109
Alex Plantz"A Framework for the Design and Optimization of Composites with Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Properties Utilizing Two-Point Spatial Correlation Functions"4/19/24; 9:00am; ECG G305; Zoom Link:
Sai Shashank Peddiraju"IncidentNet: Traffic Incident Detection, Localization
and Severity Estimation with Sparse Sensing"
5/14/24; 12:00pm; CTRPT 102-01; Zoom Link:
Natalie Click"Green Chemistry Leaching and Electrowinning for Lead Recovery from Silicon Solar Panels"6/21/24; 1:00pm; ECG G218; Zoom Link:
Piyush Haluai"Surface Characterization of Nanoparticles: Insights from In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy"5/24/24; 11:00am; ECG G218; Zoom Link:
Siying Liu"Light-based Advanced Manufacturing and Manipulation of Functional Polymers and Composites"6/5/24; 3:00pm; ECG G305; Zoom Link:
Melike Erdi"Structural and Angle-Resolved Optical and Vibrational Properties of Chiral Topological Trivial Insulator InSeI"6/19/24; 1:30pm; ECG G305; Zoom Link:
Kun Bi"Scalable Structural Modification of Graphene via Electromagnetic Radiation-Activated Nanomanufacturing"7/3/24: 3:00pm; ECG G305: Zoom Link:
Yizhen Zhu"Volumetric Printing of Multi-scale and Multi-material Structures via Light Initiated Direct Growth"6/25/24; 8:00am; ECG G320; Zoom Link:
Prakash Kumar"A Study on the Extraction of Geometrical Parameters from Flexible Mechanical Components and Assemblies and their Impact on Performance: A Machine Learning Approach"6/27/24; 2:00pm; ECG G305; Zoom Link:
Saurabh Sharma"Investigating oxidation behavior of stable nanocrystalline alloys"7/2/24; 2:00pm; ECG G320; Zoom Link:
Haofan Sun"A novel thermal design and modeling for FDM 3D pinting"6/27/24; 4:00pm; ECG G214; Zoom Link:
Syed Syhaan Shakeel"Synthesis and Characterization of Ca-Ce-Ti-Mn Perovskites for Solar Thermochemical
6/28/24; 11:20am; WCPH 503; Zoom Link:
Yash Mistry"Abstraction, Implementation, and Validation of Bio-inspired Design Principles using Novel Computational Design tool and Additive Manufacturing"7/8/24; 10:00am; ECG G320; Zoom Link:
Aman Saketh Bolem"Developing High-Performance Sodium-Ion Battery Cathodes: A Study on
Na(NixFeyMnz)O2 with Varying Nickel Compositions"
7/1/24; 2:00pm; ECG G320; Zoom Link:
Zishuo Zhao"Impact of TMSB/VC Additives for Ni-Rich NMC Cathode in Li Metal Batteries"7/2/24; 1:00pm; ECG G305; Zoom Link:
Angel Martinez Rodriguez"Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficiency Recommendations: A Case Study between Guatemala and the United States"7/2/24; 11:00am; ECG G320
Venkata Sai Charan Anudeep Akondi"Modeling and analysis of flow over rooftop structures in urban environment"7/2/24; 2:00pm; ECG G214; Zoom Link:
Brendan Wacenske"Utilizing a Raspberry Pi Based Control Systems to Monitor and Control CO2 delivery from Intermediate Gas Storage"7/3/24; 10:00am; ISTB3 140; Zoom Link:
Nicholas Fette"Enabling Systems for Energy Transitions"7/8/24; 2:30pm; ECG G305
Abhinav Chavali"Direct Ink Writing of PVDF/CA/PEG water treatment membranes"7/8/24; 4:00pm; ERC 490; Zoom Link:
Rohan Khaire"Analysis, Reconstruction, and Validation of pre-crash scenarios for Class-8 trucks"7/8/24; 4:00pm; PRLTA 330R; Zoom Link:
Jayesh Nagpal"Learning Relational Abstractions for Task and Motion Planning"7/8/24; 11:00am; BYENG 598; Zoom Link:
Bhaumik Bheda"Granular Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum: Experimental Study of Radiation and Conduction, and Statistical Analysis of Segregation through Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Modeling"7/19/24; 9:00am; ECG G335; Zoom Link:

2023 Defense Presentations

Theresa ChenSilver Recovery through a Fluoride Chemistry for Solar Module Recycling 12/20/23; 10:30am; ECG G317; Zoom Link:
Ronit SawantCharacterization of Composition Amplitudes and Wavelengths of Spinodal Decomposition Induced Modulated Structures in Small Unit Cell Metal Alloys Using Aberration Corrected STEM12/1/23; 10:00 AM; PSC 103
Fateme BanihashemiSynthesis and Xylene Separation Performance of Polycrystalline MFI Zeolite Membranes with Different Microstructure11/17/23; 12:00 PM; DH L1-39; Zoom Link:
Ayushi PradhanUnderstanding Metabolic Health and Substrate Utilization in the Human Body11/2/23; 12:00 PM; BDI AL 1-50; Zoom Link:
Cossack RodriguesImaging and Reconstructions associated with Emission and Absorption Tomography11/2/23; 10:00 AM; DISCVRY 181; Zoom Link:
Mostafa RezayatTowards Robot-aided Gait Rehabilitation and Assistance via Characterization and Estimation of Human Locomotion11/2/23; 10:00 AM; Zoom Link:
Sajana RatnayakeUse of Potential Flow Solvers for Automobile Racing Applications11/3/23; 9:30 AM; DH L1-13; Zoom Link:
Jianlan YeA Structure-property Relationship Study of Semicrystalline Polyethylene through the Development of Coarse-grained Methods and Representative Systems11/1/23; 10:00 AM; EDB L1-11
Mohammad AbdelrahimExploring the Optimal Design of Helical Structures for Space Explorations 11/1/23; 10:00 AM; PSH 230; Zoom Link:
Sumeyye CanerSynthesis and Characterization of Sputter Deposited BN and Cu/BN Multilayer Thin Films11/2/23; 10:00 AM; PSH 330; Zoom Link:
Deep PatelQuantum Mechanical Study of the Electronic Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of Heusler Alloys11/3/23; 1:00 PM; USE 108
Pawan Mukund MahalkarExploring ethylene generation in a micro-flow reactor with controlled temperature profile10/30/23; 10:00 AM; PSH 230
Ujjawal Jha"3D printing of micro-bots for Biomedical applications
using micro-Continuous liquid Interface production
10/30/23; 11:00 AM; ERC 490; Zoom Link:
Will LorenzoFundamental Assessment of High-Speed Aircraft Stability and Control from Historic Flight Tests11/3/23; 2:00 PM; DH L1-07; Zoom Link:
Rhushikesh GhotkarMulti-day thermochemical energy storage10/31/23; 10:00 AM; PSH 330; Zoom Link:
Zhi QiaoDynamic Modeling, Robust Control and
Contact Estimation of Soft Robotics
10/31/2023; 9:30 AM; ISTBX L1-08; Zoom link:
Mahmmoud Muhammed SyamImproving the Refrigeration System for a
Distributed Cold Supply Chain
10/26/2023; 8:00 AM; DH L1-13; Zoom link:
Kapil Chandra AkulaDepolymerization of Polypropylene Plastic Wastes
under Solvothermal Liquefaction Conditions
11/3/2023; 10:00 AM; DH 213; Zoom link:
Melanie Engstrom NewellApplying Wastewater-Based Epidemiology to Identify Risk Factors of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer at the Population Level10/20/2023; 10:00 AM; BDC CL1-21
Juan José García MesaStatistical Sequence Alignment of Protein Coding Regions10/25/2023; 10:00 AM; Biodesign Auditorium, room B105; Zoom link:
Salah AhmadiOctopus Arm Morphology, a Source of Inspiration
for Engineering Applications
10/23/2023; #:00 PM; PSH 130
Ramasai Dharani Harika NalamElectrode coated zeolite separators and Optimization of particle
size of silicalite for safe Li-ion and Li-metal batteries
10/20/2023; 1:00 PM; DH L1-13
Rafiq AhmedOptimized Anode, Cathode, Coolant Flow Designs and Optimization of Operating Conditions for Enhanced Performance of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells10/20/2023; 9:00 AM; ISTB3 140
Kevin AbishekIdentification of Autogenic Force Feedback Responses
In Elbow Flexor Muscle Group
10/18/2023; 1:00PM; PSH 130
Gavin O'MalleyA Scenario-Based Test Selection and Scoring Methodology for Inclusion Into a Safety Case Framework for Automated Vehicles10/24/2023; 2:00 PM; Peralta 103; Zoom link:
Kshitij Mukeshbhai PatelGeneralized Process Model for Solid Sorbent Direct Air Capture Contactors10/23/2023; 11:00 AM; WXLR A302; Zoom link:
Ashish RanaThermo-Responsive Materials for Dehumidification in Air ConditioningOctober 23, 2023; 2:00 PM; USE 108
William WeigandSilicon thin-film contacts to crystalline silicon solar cells10/13/2023; 2:00 PM; DH L1-39
Miralireza Nabavi Wavelet Multi-resolution Analysis of Turbulence10/27/2023; 9:30 AM; DHL1-33
Omid EghlidosSystematic Methods for Coarse-Grained Modeling of Nanostructure-Property Relationships in Semicrystalline Polymers10/24/2023; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Ao LiModeling, Control, and Evaluation of Tire Blowout for Partially and Highly Automated Vehicles 9/25/2023; 10:30 AM; WXLR A302; Zoom link:
Gerson J. LeonelStructure, thermodynamic stability, and energetics of guest-host interactions
in hybrid materials: polymer derived ceramics (PDCs) and metal organic frameworks (MOFs)
10/23/2023; 8:00 AM; ECG G320; Zoom link: 9887066501?pwd= U1ZDN3JFMVFZL2lJTzAyMFBXSVErQT 09
Mohammad Abu TalhaMathematical Modeling of Moisture Swing Sorption in Ion-Exchange Resins (IER) for Passive Direct Air Capture of CO28/31/2023; 3:00 PM; DH L1-33; Zoom link:
Manuela Vanegas FerroModeling Coffee Leaf Rust epidemics in response to shading and other farm management strategies: a spatially explicit and process-based approach8/8/2023; 1:00 PM; ECG G315; Zoom link:
Mostafa RezayatTowards Robot-aided Gait Rehabilitation and Assistance via Characterization and Estimation of Human Locomotion8/3/2023; 11:00 AM; ECG G320
Joshua HeinzAttainable Moment Sets - Approaches to Understanding Trim Capability in
Conceptual Design
8/1/2023; 4:00 PM; ECG G320; Zoom link:
Sushant Sambhaji LakhavadeNeutron Transmutation Doping of Two-Dimensional Materials7/10/2023; 1:30PM; ECG G215; Zoom link:
Barath SundaravadivelanPolymer/Coal composites from Ink-based Additive Manufacturing7/10/2023; 9:00 AM; ECG G315; Zoom link:
Venkata Sai Sushant PaturuPreliminary studies of scalar transport in turbulent jets using point-particle DNS7/7/2023; 2:00 PM; ECG G218; Zoom link:
Adarsh BakkireddyAminolysis of PET Polymer using ethylene Glycol catalyst and Long Chain Alkyl-Amines7/10/2023; 9:30 AM: ECG G305: Zoom link:
Adnan AbdullahiDirect Ink Written Luminous Monoliths for Hydrogen Sulfide Photocatalysis7/7/2023; 10:00 AM; ECG G320
Ziming ZhongDevelopment and Evaluation of a Laboratory Water Pump Digital Twin Simulation
for Enhanced Learning
7/7/2023; 2:30 PM; ECG G320; Zoom link:
Emiliano Quinones YumblaSensing, Modeling, Control and Evaluation of Soft Robots for Wearable Applications7/6/2023; 11:00 AM; ECG G320; Zoom link:
Rakesh BalamuruganData-Driven Approaches for Fatigue Prediction of Additively Manufactured Ti-6AL-4V and Simulation of Surface Defect Effect on Pipelines7/6/2023; 10:00 AM; DH 205; Zoom link:
Trishita Chowdhury Hydrogel Facilitated Melanoma Cell-Macrophage Coculture Tumor Microenvironments7/10/2023; 10:00 AM; ECG G320
Evelyn MirandaOperational designs, materials, and microbial communities enabling mining-influenced water treatment in lignocellulosic sulfate-reducing biochemical reactors7/3/2023; 1:00 PM; BDA B105
Neha MeenaStudy of thermophysical properties of the slag to predict the slag foaming model:
Effect of Cr2O3 Addition in EAF Slags
7/5/2023; 10:00 AM; BYEG 628; Zoom link:
Kade HawkinsRapid Water Tolerant Cationic RAFT Photopolymerization 7/7/2023; 9:00 AM; ECG G227; Zoom link:
Aditya SaxenaQuantification of shoulder stiffness at various arm postures using a 4-bar parallel exoskeleton robot7/5/2023; 1:00 PM; ECG G315
Md Fazle RabbiMechanical Behavior of Meteorites: Multiscale Characterization of the Strength and Failure Mechanism7/5/2023; 1:00 PM; ECG G320; Zoom link:
Changyu MengPhysics-Based and Data-Driven Models for Microstructure-Sensitive Material Failure Prediction6/23/2023; 10:00 AM; ECG G320; Zoom link:
Elisabeth ThomasDevelopment of pervaporation membranes and integration into system design for space flight wastewater management6/8/2023; 1:00 PM; Biodesign AL; Zoom link:
Aravind Adhith Pandian SaravanakumaranSimultaneous Navigation And Mapping (SNAM) Using Collision Resilient UAV6/7/2023; 11:00 AM; ECG G305; Zoom link:
Apurv MhatreSynthetic biology for enhanced protein secretion to valorise
biological and synthetic polymers
5/30/2023; 10:00 AM; BDC L1-21; Zoom link:
Shao-Ming WengElectroreduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formate on Carbon Supported Bismuth5/15/2023; 10:15 AM; ECG G320; Zoom link:
Harsh Pyarelal VermaRheology and Dispersion Study of Printing Ink for Ultrafast Layer-less Fabrication of 3D Metal Objects Using Vat Photopolymerization with Continuous Liquid Flow4/14/2023; 1:00 PM; ECG G315
Ching-Tao ChangAnalyze of Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Effect in MOS/MNOS Capacitors4/14/2023; 9:00 AM; DH L1-38; Zoom link:
Pranav Rajesh PawarPredicting Volume of Fluid Interfaces with Neural Networks4/19/2023; 11:00 AM; ECG G218; Zoom link:
Evan CarlsonHuman Gait Entrainment to Soft Robotic Hip Perturbations Using Simulated Overground Walking4/14/2023; 11:00 AM; DH L1-07; Zoom link:
Olga SkowronekModel-Predictive Optimal Control of Ferrofluid Droplet Microrobots4/13/2023; 9:00 AM; WXLR A109; Zoom link:
Rishabh BansalFlexible nanocomposite electrodes: Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical applications4/12/2023; 11:00 AM; ISTB4 492; Zoom link:
Walter GoodwinMulti-Robot Task Allocation with Inter-Agent Distance Constraints4/11/2023; 10:00 AM; DH L1-06; Zoom link:
Prem Kalpesh NawabVat Photopolymerization of Recyclable Polymers with Tailorable Properties for Highly Removable Supporting4/12/2023; 3:00 PM; PSH 433
Landon DenhamDevelopment and Qualification of Novel Colorimetric Breath Acetone Sensors for Ketosis and Ketoacidosis Diagnostics4/11/2023; 11:00 AM; BDC C201; Zoom link:
Rohan RavishekarElectrical Conductivity and Wettability Evaluation of Thin PEDOT: PSS films Printed via Electrically Assisted Direct Ink Deposition with Ultrasonic Vibration for Perovskite Solar Cells4/12/2023; 9:00 AM; PSH 433; Zoom link:
Evangeline AmonooThe study of Ohmic contacts to nitrogen-doped nanocarbon layers and diamond surfaces4/11/2023; 10:30 AM; PSH 131; Zoom link:
Riju Philip James AkkarakaduppilSynthesis and Characterization of sputter deposited Yttrium Zinc thin films4/13/203; 10:00 AM; PSH 131
Jueming HuReinforcement Learning for Planning and Scheduling in Aviation4/5/2023; 10:00 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Revanth WubhayavedantapuramAminoglycosides-derived lipopolymer nanoparticles for delivery of mRNA4/13/2023; 1:00 PM; GWC 535
Syed Muhammad HassaanSet Membership Overapproximation of Hybrid Systems with Applications to Analysis and Estimator/Controller Design4/10/2023; 9:00 AM; ECG G218; Zoom link: Passcode: 116677
Zeyuan JinSet-Valued Methods for Learning, Control and Estimation4/10/2023; 11:00AM; ECG G218; Zoom link:
John NkuutuAnalysis of Non-isothermal Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide in Metal Organic Frameworks4/10/2023; 12:00 PM; ECG G335; Zoom link:
Soe Lin PaingQuantification of Bilateral Ankle Stiffness in Frontal Plane during Standing for Varying Weight Distributions4/10/2023; 11:00 AM; ECG G227; Zoom link:
Yutian PangArtificial Intelligence-enhanced Predictive Modeling in Air Traffic Management4/10/2023; 11:00 AM; ERC 490
Yiwei YuCopper-based Nanostructures and Atomically Dispersed Metal Species for Heterogeneous Catalysis4/13/2023; 3:00 PM; ECG G320
Collin EdwardsIdentification of Most-Amplified Perturbations and Stabilizing Control of
Fluid Flow in a Channel Based on Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations
4/12/2023; 1:30 PM; ECG G315; Zoom link:
Lakshya TiwariPhysical Modeling and Simulation of Polymeric Structures with Metallic Material Printed by Electrically Assisted Vat Photopolymerization for Property Enhancements4/7/2023; 2:00 PM; DH 107; Zoom link:
Kathan Malaybhai Gajjar3D Conjugate Heat Transfer for Single Phase Immersion Cooling of CPU4/7/2023; 3:00 PM; DH L1-06; Zoom link:
Mani Modayil KorahFunctional Materials for the Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide4/6/2023; 8:00 AM; ECG G315; Zoom link:
Sai Susmitha GuddantiDirect Convection Correction for Cylindrical Radiometer Measurement4/6/2023; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Abhishek BrahmaExploring Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Integrated in the Exhaust Gases of a Fuel-rich Diesel Fuel Engine4/4/2023; 3:00 PM; ECG G214
William KanitzEnergetics and Stability of NiMnCo (NMC) Cathode
5/5/2023; 2:00 PM; ERC 490
Rishi Gokul ThayumanavanField Accelerated Stress Testing (FAST) of Photovoltaic Module in Hot-Dry and Hot-Humid Climates4/6/2023; 4:30 PM; ECG G320; Zoom Link:
Jae Sang LeeStructure-property-function relationships for segmented ionenes4/10/2023; 10:00 AM; ECG G227; Zoom link:
Rajesh RameshVentilated Capsules for Sweat Evaporation Rate Measurement4/3/2023; 11:00 AM; ECG G214; Zoom link:
Kevin O'BrienOpen Loop Stability & Control Screening of High-Speed Slender Aircraft 4/3/2023; 9:30 AM; ECG G227; Zoom link:
Michelle HalimInvestigating the Potential of F16BP-poly(I:C) Microparticle Associated CAR Therapies4/7/2023; 3:30 PM; ECA A219; Zoom link:
Kristina PhillipsFabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and the Effects of Varying the Anode Diameter on Cell Performance3/28/2023; 3:15 PM; ECG G214; Zoom link:
Yuhao JiangDesign and Modeling of Soft Curved Reconfigurable Anisotropic Mechanisms3/28/2023; 8:30 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Lidija BuchananFlowability of Powders in MFiX Simulations4/10/2023; 1:00 PM; LSA 119
Juliana LeviAdvancing the Technology Readiness of Membrane Catalyst-film Reactors for Nitrate Removal4/11/2023; 9:00 AM; Biodesign C Room CL1-21; Zoom link:
Connor HoopesIncreasing Lateral-Directional Controllability and Investigating Elevator-Body Flap Interaction for Shuttle Orbiter4/6/2023; 11:30 AM; LSE 204; Zoom link:
Srishti guptaAdvancing material discovery for selective adsorption and catalysis of toxic oxo-anion pollutants in aqueous phase - An ab-initio study4/4/2023, 9:30 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Fatemeh ZahediBiomechanics-Based User-Adaptive Variable Impedance Control for Enhanced
Physical Human-Robot Interaction
3/22/2023; 10:00 AM; ECG G218; Zoom link:
Mandar ShindeField Driven Design of Graded Cellular Structures3/16/2023; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yusi LiSynthesis of polymeric membranes and their applications in desalination and water purificationApril 10, 2023; 2:30 PM; ECG G335; Zoom link:
Barry HartwegMetallization and Interconnection Concerns for Silicon Photovoltaic Cells and Modules3/13/2023; 8:15 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Austin GoodrichA Dual Scale Approach to Modeling Hydrodynamic Instabilities on a Phase Interface4/13/2023; 1:00 PM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Faizan EjazEffects of Advanced Material Morphologies on Thermal, Electrical and Thermoelectric Properties3/17/2023; 1:00 PM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Ahmad AlqaisiA Computational Study on Melting Point of Si-Ge-Sn High Entropy Alloy2/24/2023; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Mofetoluwa FagadeSynthesis and Property Characterization of the MXenes2/3/2023; 2:00 PM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Monish Dev SudhakharNon-overshooting Model Predictive Control (MPC) for the Vehicle Lateral Stability1/12/2023; 9:30 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:

2022 Defense Presentations

Antonio TrujilloComprehensive Study of Radiative Sky Cooling Effect for Visibly Transparent, High-Emissivity Glass Windows11/16/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Aliaksandr SharstniouMetal-Assisted Electrochemical Nanoimprinting: Delivering Resolution and Throughput via Engineered Stamps11/4/2022; 11:00 AM; Peralta Hall, room 203; Zoom link:
Warner KostesDesigning a Method of Prime Induced Nucleotide Engineering Using a Transient Reporter for Editing Enrichment (PINE-TREE)11/4/2022; 1:30 AM; ECG 305; Zoom link:
Ruochen NiuPassive and Active Model Discrimination Algorithms for Constrained Uncertain Systems with Applications to Set-Valued Intent Identification and Fault Detection11/3/2022; 8:00 AM; Zoom link:
Benjamin WebbThe Effects of Static Aeroelastic Properties on Aircraft Performance and Shockwave Formation11/3/2022; 9:30 AM; Zoom link:
Yanan ZhangLiquid-Phase Thermochemical Reactions For Thermal Energy Transport and Storage11/3/2022; 12:00 PM; ERC 490
Sean InnesDeveloping an Automated Sampling System for CO2 Fixation in Cultures of Bio-Engineering Cyanobacteria11/2/2022; 8:00 AM; Zoom link:
Gana Sai Kiran Avinash Raj DwarampudiElectrically Assisted Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printing of Bioinspired Hierarchical Structures with Controllable Roughness for Hydrophobicity Enhancement11/2/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Paul ParadiseOn the Microstructure, Morphology, and Mechanics of Thin Wall Laser Powder Bed Fusion Structures10/27/2022; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Juan R Melendez-AlvarezEmergent dynamics arising from the feedback between synthetic gene circuit and host cell growth10/31/2022; 10:00 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Ahmed AbouhusseinOptimized Hydrodynamics of Bio-Inspired Locomotive Swimmers11/1/2022; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Anvesh YarraBand gap engineering and phase transition in InSeS and InSeTe Alloys10/27/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Faisal Ali MastoiExperimental Investigation of the Combined Effect of Al2O3 Nanoparticles and Ultrasound on Convective Heat Transfer under Laminar Flow Condition in a Circular Mini Channel Heat Sink10/28/2022; 1:30 PM; Zoom link:
Payden BrownClassifying High Entropy Alloys with Quantum Machine Learning10/26/2022; 1:30 PM; Zoom link:
Robin Koshy MathewsEMG Analysis of an Octopus Arm10/26/2022; 12:30 PM; Zoom link:
Ming-Hsien SunThermal Transport in Cadmium Sulfide Nanocrystals and Magic-sized Clusters
10.25.2022; 9:30 AM; ERC 490
Jung Eun ParkIntegration of Theory to Computations of Spray and Turbulent Flows10/21/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Kyle SwainStructural and Functional Studies of Nonribosomal Peptide Synthases10/27/2022; 12:00 PM; BDC 355; Zoom link:
Aastha UppalCompression-Activated Thermally Enhanced Liquid Metal Composites with Tunable
Functional Properties
9/29/2022; 2:00 PM; ERC 490
Joslyn MangalDesigning Metabolite-based Therapies to Rewire Immunometabolism and Treat Autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis10/21/2022; 10: 30 AM; LSA 119; Zoom link:
Najam Ul Hassan ShahFundamentals of Liquid Metal Foams and Emulsions9/27/2022; 9:30 AM, ERC 490; Zoom link:
Stanislau NiauzorauProcess-Structure-Property Relationships
in The Synthesis and Nanoscale Welding of Nanoporous Metal Feedstocks
9/16/2022; 9:30 AM; PRLTA 302; Zoom link:
Sushilkumar MuralikumarVision-based Control Using Object Detection and Depth Estimation for Robotic Pick and Place Tasks in Construction Applications8/24/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Swechchha PradhanExploration of aggregation and multivalency as viral inhibition strategies8/18/2022; 9:30 AM; Biodesign B105; Zoom link:
Tara BolandComputational Design of Interfacial Properties for Materials Discovery8/10/2022; 8:30 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Trumann WalkerCorrelating Copper Defects to CdTe Solar Cell Performance Before, During, and After Operation8/4/2022; 2:00 PM; ERC 189; Zoom link:
Sahil InamdarEngineering the Immune System using Metabolite-based Polymers for Cancer Immunotherapy8/4/2022; 10:00 AM; ECA A219; Zoom link: Sahil Inamdar
Jyothis Anand Prem Anand JayaprabhaThe importance of radiative properties of rooftop materials in affecting building thermal performance and the resulting impact on urban climates7/29/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Amm HasibUnderstanding the Role of Rheology in Binder-based Metal Additive Manufacturing
of Solid and Nanoporous Metals
7/11/2022; 10:30 AM; Peralta Hall 306; Zoom link:
Johnny NgPreparations of 3D printed Bioactive Scaffolds for Tissue Repair and Drug Delivery7/11/2022; 11:00 AM; ECG G214; Zoom link:
Shantanu SinhaStudies on Microscale Defects in Janus Monolayers7/11/2022; 11:30 AM; Zoom link:
Rajagopalan RameshSpectral Control of Thermal Radiation with Porous Metafilm for Enhancing Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion7/11/2022; 4:00 PM; ERC 593; Zoom link:
Shruti SharmaThermo-mechanical behavior of hierarchical and nanocrystalline Ni-Y-Zr alloys7/8/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Tyler EastmondInvestigation of the High Pressure Atomic-Level Response of Aromatic Polymers
via In Situ Energy Dispersive X-ray Diffraction Experiments
7/8/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Rachael KhaIdiographic Models of Walking Behavior for Personalized mHealth Interventions: Some Novel Approaches7/5/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Kaushik Kumar GujarathiOptimal path design for initial region classification for parallel parking based on geometrical methods for 2-WS and 4-WS systems7/1/2022; 4:30 PM; Zoom link:
Antonio Rodulfo Acuna3D Printed Heat Pipe Structures Use Application for Thermal Management on Power Dense Small Satellite Platforms6/30/2022; 12:00 PM; ISTB4 692
Mohamed BasyoniNovel approach for surface roughness quantification and optimization of cast-on-strap
lead-antimony alloy via two-point statistical correlation function
6/29/2022; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Erik PoppletonSoftware tools for design, simulation and characterization of DNA and RNA
6/27/2022; 9:00 AM; Biodesign Institute Bldg B, room B105;
Zoom link: Biodesign Institute Bldg B, room B105
Griffin McCutcheonPhage-Enabled Nanotechnology and Novel Sensing Architectures in Ribodevices6/23/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Fengrui ZhangInvestigation of bluff body wakes in incompressible and compressible flows via spectral element and discontinuous Galerkin spectral element method approaches6/20/2022; 8:00 AM; Zoom link:
Jiashen TianInvestigating the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Degradation Mechanism Under Siloxane Contamination6/28/2022; 10:30 AM; Zoom link:
Vishwa Krishna RajanHyperbolic Mode Control with Boron Nanotubes and its Impact on Near-field Radiative Heat Transfer6/17/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Reza James AhmedModeling and Control of Shapeshifting Ferrofluidic Robots6/14/2022; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Vikrant Kumar BeuraRole of solid-state and non-equilibrium processing induced microstructural variation on corrosion behavior of light-weight alloys6/1/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Matthew AdkinsA Guide to Simplified Thermal Model Construction for Cubesats5/27/2022; 12:30 PM; ISTB4 692
Khaled KhafagyHigh-fidelity Multiscale Modeling and In-situ Experiments of Advanced Aerospace
Composites in Extreme Environments
5/20/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Franky DjutantaDetermination of propulsion matrix from microscale Brownian motion5/12/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Xiaochuan HanEffect of electrolyte concentration on the electric output of thermogalvanic cells with Schwartz-P plastic structures4/14/2022; 3:15 pm; Zoom link:
William FarmerPhase-field Modeling of Electromigration-induced Defects’ Evolution in Interconnects Films4/15/2022; 12:00 PM; ERC 593; Zoom link:
Thomas NordstogCondensation Heat Transfer on Actuated Thermally Enhanced Hydrophobic Tubes4/14/2022; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Valerie HarrisAn Evolutionary Perspective on Neoplastic Disease Across the Tree of Life4/13/2022; 8:00 AM; Zoom link: [email protected]
Siddhesh GajareOrigin of Microwave Loss in Dielectric Resonators4/14/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Nikhil TamhaneModeling jet-plate interactions using large eddy simulations4/14/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Xavier BonelliOpen-Source Python Code for Modeling of Adsorption Breakthrough Performance of
Direct Air Capture of CO2
4/14/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Trevor CihaPrediction of Multicomponent Gas Adsorption Equilibrium for Direct Air Capture Using Ideal Adsorbed Solution Theory4/14/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Nihar MasurkarDesign and Control of a Lizard-inspired Tube Inspector Robot4/12/2022; 4:30 PM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Alexander FennerMetabolic Cross-Feeding in Engineered Co-Cultures of Escherichia coli4/14/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Kaushik KethamukkalaTime-based Subcycle Fatigue Life Prediction Model Considering Surface Roughness4/12/2022; 2:00 PM; Zoom Link:
Teresa McBryanValidating Granular Scaling Laws for Wheels/Screw Geometries4/13/2022; 11:30 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Jeremy ChaoReducing the Vanadium Dioxide Transition Temperature via Tungsten Doping4/13/2022; 12:00 PM; Zoom Link:
Rahul Rakesh SainiRecycling of HDPE4/15/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Hanah GoetzMultifaceted Effects of Resource Competition on Gene Expression and Noise4/15/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Husain MakiExploring the potential of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance use in healthcare, and assessment of free radicals content in Coffee4/13/2022; 3:00 PM; Zoon link:
Pawan VeereshImproving electric vehicle and battery pack assembly through predictive modeling of resistance spot welding and distortion reduction in thin-gauge metal sheets4/11/2022; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Brendan BrookhouserEngineering Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) for the Production of 5-Amino-1-Pentanol 4/15/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Rayan AlghanayemUse of Microbubbles to Mitigate Scaling in Membrane Distillation4/11/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Ngan Anh NguyenPoint-of-care Sensor for Creatinine Detection4/12/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Adam MartinDesalination Pervaporation Using Modified Zwitterionic Poly(arylene ether sulfone)
4/15/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Nicholas NaberAnalysis of Local Impact of Rooftop Photovoltaic Panels4/11/2022; 1:00 PM; ERC 593
Marcus GambateseOptimization of Multibody Dynamic Models and Their Controllers4/11/2022; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Dheeraj Ram Lingam MuraliSafe Li-Ion Batteries Using Electrode Coated Silicalite Separators For Improved
Performance And Cycle Life
4/15/2022; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Nikhitha PoornabodhaEffect of Fused Deposition Modeling Printing Parameters on the Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of PLA/Nanodiamond Composite4/7/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Kyle StewartRobust Extended Kalman Filter Based Sensor Fusion for Soft Robot State Estimation and Control4/8/2022; 9:30 AM; Zoom link:
Jing HuInvestigation of shock-induced material transformations using first principle calculations and classical force field molecular dynamics4/12/2022; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Emilio TorresRational Boolean Stabilization of Subgrid Models for Large Eddy Simulations4/6/2022; 1:00 PM; LSA 119; Zoom link:
Jack GriffinA “Mission Code” Approach to Conceptual Design of Hypersonic Vehicles4/8/2022; 10:00 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Reed AxmanClassification of Fabric Based Soft Actuators and Feedback Controller for At-home Hand Rehabilitation4/7/2022; 12:00 Pm; Zoom link:
Jacob SchichtelFundamental Investigations into the Properties and Performance of Advanced Materials5/16/2022; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Jackson OpokuMechanical and Electrical Properties of High Conductivity, High Strength Copper Material with Fine and Ultra-Fine Grain Size at Room Temperature4/15/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Joel LuskNear-infrared Contrast Agents for Cell Type Identification and Detection Utilizing
4/4/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Chonghan WenTriply Periodic Minimal Surface Structure Density Effect on the Power Conversion Performance of a Thermogalvanic Brick4/11/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Daniel CohenDynamic Modeling and Control of AerialManipulator for Phytobiopsy3/30/2022; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Lydia AmeriHigh Performance White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes3/29/2022; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Dylan EllisEngineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for the secretion of lignin-modifying enzymes3/28/2022; 1:00 PM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Munku KangPotential of data-driven approaches for modeling heat and mass convection processes3/31/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Md Jamal MianMechanical Behaviors at Elevated Temperature and Fatigue Strength Analysis of E-Beam PBF Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V Components4/14/2022; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Aniket ShirsatSwarm Robotic Consensus Strategies for Multi-Target Tracking And Feature Reconstruction3/2/2022; 11:30 AM; Zoom link:
Devin BowesNovel Applications of Wastewater-based Epidemiology for Assessing Population Nutrition, Infectious Disease, and Chronic IllnessNovel Applications of Wastewater-based Epidemiology for Assessing Population Nutrition, Infectious Disease, and Chronic Illness
Koushik PaulHigh-Frequency Ultrasound Analysis of Soft Material Characterization2/22/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Jie ChenUncertainty Quantification and Prognostics using Bayesian Statistics and Machine Learning3/4/2022; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Wendy LinDevelopment of Liquid Electrolytes for Extreme Temperatures: Design, Optimization, and Impact of Molecular Interactions2/8/2022; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Aksheshkumar Ajaykumar ShahAdversarial Machine Learning for Recommendation Systems2/10/2022; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Derall RileyFabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and the Effects of Linear Siloxane Deposition on Cell Performance11/5/2021; 12:30 PM; Zoom link:
Bret WainwrightNew Applications of Reduced Order Modeling for Geometrically Nonlinear Structures: Highly Asymmetry Structures and Contact Nonlinearity11/4/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom Link:
Christopher SoriniMultiscale modeling of polymer and ceramic matrix composites11/5/2021; 3:00 PM; WGHL 202; Zoom link:
Lily Baye-WallaceA Soft Robotic Hip Exosuit (SR-HExo) for Assistance and Rehabilitation of Human Locomotion11/5/2021; 4:30 PM; Zoom link:
Shyam LunagariyaOptimizing Design Parameters of a Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector Solar Energy System with Machine Learning11/4/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Mohammad AlkhuwaiteemFresnel Lens Solar Concentrator Application for Cement Production11/4/2021; 4:00 PM; Zoom link:
Lakshmi Gana Prasad AntervediNavigation and Dense Semantic Mapping with Autonomous Robots for Environmental Monitoring11/3/2021; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Angshuman BhardwajComputational Framework for Modelling Spray Cooling using the Quadratic Formula - Applied to Flat-Fan Sprays11/2/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Joshua RussellInvestigations into Human Ankle Impedance11/2/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Deepanjan GhoshLight-Activated Biomaterials for Soft Tissue Sealing and Wound Repair11/1/2021; 9:30 AM; ARM L1-30; Zoom link:
Vu Nguyen PhanCharacterization of Human Postural Balance under Compliance and Deep Learning for Predicting Environmental Conditions during Postural Balance11/1/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Fallon FumasiAn In Vitro Platform to Spatiotemporally Control Multiple Bioactive Peptides Using Reversible DNA Handles10/29/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Morgan JonesExtensions of the Dynamic Programming Framework10/29/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yi GaoUltra-efficient and Scalable Uncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Analysis for
Heterogeneous Materials
10/29/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Kevin TindellDesigning Gradient Scaffolds for Complex Tissue Engineering10/28/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Rui DaiExperimental Investigation and A Novel Packing Hollow Dodecahedron Model to Understand the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Elastic Cellular Architectures10/29/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Priyadarshini BhattacharyyaUltrafast Xray Diffraction Study of Charge Density wave in TiSe2 by Observing Electron-Phonon Coupling10/26/2021; 1:15 PM; ERC 593
Faiyaz AhsanProcess Modeling and Optimization of Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing of Inconel Material10/26/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Zirui ZhaiStudies on Origami-Inspired Metamaterials with Tunable Stiffness10/27/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Jing YuanA study on the evaporation and dynamic wicking on a passive air freshener10/6/2021; 9:30 AM; Zoom link:
Brendon Colbert
From Data to Predictive Models: Robust Identification and Analysis of the Immune System9/24/2021; 2:30 PM; Zoom link:
Hyunseong LeeHealth Management of Complex Systems Integrating Multisource Sensing, Nondestructive Evaluation, and Machine Learning9/8/2021; 10:100 AM; Zoom link:
Linyu CaoPhosphorescent Metal Complexes and Their Molecular Aggregates for Stable and Efficient Organic Light-Emitting Diodes8/23/2021; 1:30 PM; Zoom link:
Samantha CotsmireVaccinia Virus’ E3 Protein Inhibits Cellular Recognition of Canonical dsRNA and ZRNA8/20/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Mohammad KhajenejadSet-Valued Methods for Reachability Analysis and Estimation of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems8/25/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Tara NietzoldMulti-Scale Characterization of the Roles of Alkali Post-Deposition Treatments and Ag-Alloying in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells8/12/2021; 12:00 PM; ERC 189; Zoom link:
Sahil KanawadePermeability loss in soil due to ferrous iron precipitation7/30/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Alyssa HenningAdvancing Methods to Monitor and Assess Personal Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure During Physical Activity7/26/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Prathyush Rama KrishnaDetailed Analysis of Liquid Ligament Breakup7/12/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Martin BlairConceptual Composite Wing Design7/12/2021; 3:30 PM; Zoom link:
Mohammad FreigounDynamic Modeling, System Identification, and Control Engineering Approaches for Designing Optimized and Perpetually Adaptive Behavioral Health Interventions7/15/2021; 8:oo AM; Zoom link:
Samuel ShinNovel Organic Materials for Light Emitting Diodes and Neuromorphic Devices7/12/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Allan BuyinzaSynthesis, Characterization and Oxygen Adsorption Properties of Substituted Aluminophosphate (AlPO4-5) Zeolites7/12/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Soham SarkarModeling, Analysis and Control of Cart-Inverted Pendulum Systems and Fundamental Tradeoffs7/12/2021; 11:30 AM; Zoom link:
Mahdi IlamiMagnetic Needle Steering for Medical Applications7/8/2021; 8:00 AM; Zoom link:
Sarvesh BalakrishnamurthiCFD Modelling of Desorption Process of Zeolite-13X and Water Pair7/12/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Danish Faraaz SyedComputationally Efficient Object Detection Strategy from Water Surfaces with Specularity Removal7/6/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Andrew DopilkaExperimental and Theoretical Investigation of Tetrel Clathrates for Li-ion Batteries:
Electrochemistry, Structure and Applications
7/6/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Ankitaben Vasantbhai PatelA Computational Study of Non-reacting Sydney Burner Jet Using the Quadratic Formula as the Primary Atomization Module7/12/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yiqin XuMultiphysics simulations with spectral element methods: conjugate heat transfer, fluid-structure interaction, and acoustics7/7/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Xingbang ZhaoDevelopment of Hydrogel-based Porous Desiccants for Atmospheric Water Extraction7/2/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Marisa GliegeUtilization of Computational Techniques in the Development of Functional Materials7/1/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Marko GreenDevelopment and Performance of a Screw-Propelled ISRU Excavation System7/7/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Athul RajeevOn the Role of the Corner Radius in the Mechanical Behavior of the Hexagonal Honeycomb6/28/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Neda JavadiThe Properties and Longevity of Crude Urease Extract for Biocementation
6/28/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Hooman Daghooghi MobarakehApplication of Ultrasound in Regeneration of Adsorbents6/29/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Ryan GunckelSelf-Sensing Polymer Composites for Precursor Damage Detection via Mechanochemistry6/21/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Guanhong BuThe study of cyanobacterial bicarbonate transporters and Applications of microcrystal electron diffraction6/28/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Joshua VincentAtomic-resolution In Situ and Operando Visualization of Oxygen Transfer Reactions over CeO2-supported Pt Catalysts6/24/2021; 11:00 AM; ERC 490; Zoom link:
Soundarya SrinivasanStructural stability and radiation tolerance of nanocrystalline Cu-Ta for extreme applications6/9/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Karthik Rajan VenkatesanHigh Fidelity Modeling and Analysis of Nanoengineered Composites
and Complex Sandwich Structures
6/2/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Sindhuja KashettyIdentifying Liquid Structures Based on Length Scales & Rebuilding Them Using a Sphere Model5/20/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Mark SprowlsA Smart Home Medical Device for Accurate Metabolic Assessment5/12/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Rajeshree Pawan VarmaEnergy Absorption of Multi-Material Cellular Structures4/16/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Yuqi GuoMaterials Chemistry of Two-Dimensional Nanosheets: Surface Functionalization and Liquid Phase Exfoliation4/16/2021; 9:30 AM; Zoom link:
Punya PlabanRevisiting aerodynamic modifications to a thin transonic wing and Küchemann’s critical pressure co-efficient rule4/15/2021; 4:00 PM; Zoom link:
Francisco ArmentaRevisiting the Transonic Area Rule for Conceptual Aerodynamic Design4/15/2021; 8:00 AM; Zoom link:
Venkata Krishnan Sampath3D Printing of stainless steel 316L for corrosive and low-pressure environments4/16/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Christopher BreauxOptimal Control for Lunar Tumbling Robot4/16/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Girish Nigamanth RaghunathanDynamics and Predictability of Large-Scale Atmospheric Waves4/16/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Omar AbedEngineering and Investigating the Effects of Renewable Chemical Production in Bacteria4/15/2021; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Sahil KanawadePermeability loss in soil due to Ferrous Iron precipitation4/15/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Haokai YangFood Based Edible Electronics4/16/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Andrew FloresEngineering Synthetic Coculture Systems for Enhanced Bioproduction Applications4/16/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Ying QinSynthesis of Monolayer Janus Transition Metal Dichalcogenides4/15/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Spandana VajralaEffects of Particle and Environmental Variables on Rheology and Interaction of Granular Materials4/16/2021; 4:00 PM; Zoom link:
Samuel Gabe GreenbergLegionella Biofilm Formation Potential on Different Pipe Materials used for Low Nutrient Municipality Tap Water4/16/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Abhinav ChikhalkarInteraction of Charge Carriers with Defects at Interfaces and Grain Boundaries in Compound Semiconductors4/14/2021; 4:00 PM; Zoom link:
Haoyang WeiMaterial failure simulation with random microstructure using lattice particle method and neural network4/14/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Mohit Mukul BhagwatData-Driven Abstraction and Model Discrimination Techniques with Applications
to Intent Estimation of Autonomous Systems
4/16/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Anindya DebPredicting the Flow Function of Bulk Solids Based on Particle Size and Moisture Content4/14/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Anushree SaxenaHigh Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Thin Wall Inconel 7184/14/2021; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Fatima ShoaibGuaranteed State Estimation via Remainder-Form Decomposition Function-Based Set Inclusion for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems4/14/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Bhargav ChaudhariAssessing Flight Performance of a Supersonic Airliner with Swing Wing Capabilities using Energy Maneuverability Theory4/13/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Dini WangUltrafast, Scalable Manufacturing of Holey Graphene for High-Performance Electrochemical Applications4/14/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Anirudh DabirAtomic-Scale Simulations of Si-Ge-Sn Alloys Using Deep-Learning-Based Interatomic Potentials4/13/2021; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Varun SubramanianExperimental Study of Water-Ice Phase Change Process Improvement
Using Ultrasonic Energy
4/14/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Mohammad FreigounDynamic Modeling, System Identification, and Control Engineering Approaches for Designing Optimized and Perpetually Adaptive Behavioral Health Interventions4/15/2021; 3:30 PM; Zoom link:
Tyler SoudersModernization of a Vortex-Lattice Method with Aircraft Design Applications4/12/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Nitin ChauhanDevelopment of gas diffusion layers to improve the lower and higher relative humidity performance of the proton exchange membrane fuel cells4/16/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Vivek VermaSegmentation and Classification of Melanoma4/9/2021; 8:30 AM; Zoom link:
Gabino Martinez RodriguezA Study and Design of Multi-Element High Lift Systems for Commercial Transport Aircraft4/9/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yousef A A A AlweqayyanSimulated Thermal Resistance of Thermogalvanic Cells with Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Structures using ANSYS4/8/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Shih-Chuan TienEnergy-based fatigue model4/5/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Yiwen HuangVehicle Stability Regions: Estimation, Analysis, and Control4/12/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
James ArnoldVariable Impedance Control for pHRI: Impact on Stability, Agility, and Human Effort in Controlling a Wearable Ankle Robot 4/9/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Prudhvi Ram PeriElectron Microscopy Characterization of GaN-on-GaN Vertical Power Devices4/16/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Sushant ShivankarTime-based Subcycle Fatigue Life Model for Uniaxial and Multiaxial Loading4/5/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Yi ChenGame-theoretic Empathetic Parameter Estimation in Two-Vehicle Interaction4/2/2021; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Pei-En ChenNovel Hierarchical N-point Polytope Functions for Quantifying, Modeling and Reconstructing Complex Heterogeneous Materials3/31/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yashika AttardeSynthesis and Characterization of 2D Quantum Rare-earth-Tri-tellurides to analyze its CDW behavior4/16/2021; 2:30 PM; Zoom link:
Alec B. NienhauserCatalytic Treatment of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Semiconductor Wastewaters3/24/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Abhay SinghMicro- and Macro-scale Characterization of Fatigue Damage Behavior in Metallic
Materials under Constant and Variable Amplitude Multiaxial Loading
3/29/2021; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Paul RasmussenSynthesis and Mechanical Behavior of Niti Films with Controlled Microstructures
3/12/2021; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Kishen RafizElectrode-coated Inorganic Separators for High Performance and Safe Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Metal Batteries3/8/2021; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Rahul RaghavanNanostructural Self-Organization In Vapor-Deposited Alloy Films: A Phase-Field Approach3/11/2021; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yiwei WangModeling human adaptation with game-theoretic intent decoding in Human-Robot Interactions12/18/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Abhinandan GangopadhyayInvestigation of Strain Relaxation Mechanisms and Interfacial Defects in Lattice-mismatched GaAs(001)-based Heterostructures11/17/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Kyle MalliresNovel Gas Sensor Solutions for Air Quality Monitoring11/6/2020; 3:30 PM; Zoom link:
Rahul BhaskaranShort-Term Reliability Evaluation of Glass-Glass Photovoltaic Modules: Influence of EVA and POE Encapsulants11/6/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Shubham TurakhiaA Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Robotic Bicycle Stabilization11/6/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yashaswy GovadaSimulation Framework for Driving Data Collection and Object Detection Algorithms to Aid Autonomous Vehicle Emulation of Human Driving Styles11/5/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Omik Milind SaveVariable Impedance as an Improved Control Scheme for Active Ankle Foot Orthosis
11/4/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Yusi XiePassivation and Dissolution of Alloys
11/3/2020; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Erin KaraszCrack Injection as a Mechanism for Stress-Corrosion Cracking11/4/2020; 8:30 AM; Zoom link:
Abhishek JoshiQuantifying Deformations in Flexible Assemblies using Least Square Fit and Capture Zone Techniques 11/4/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link: :
Kodanda Phani Raj DandamudiProduction of Renewable Fuels from Bio-Based Feedstocks: A Viable Path to Enhance Value Chain and Sustainability11/4/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Kunal GideStudy Thermal Property of Stereolithography 3D Printed Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Filled Polymer Nanocomposite
11/4/2020; 11:30 AM; Zoom link:
Noah KurusUnique Design Discoveries for a Modern Mach 1.3 Airliner Including Anomalies in the Shock Wave Formation Along a Highly Swept Blunt Leading Edge Wing
11/2/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Sagnik DasguptaUnderstanding Solar Cell Contacts through Simulations11/2/2020; 3:30 PM; Zoom link:
Eric StallcupAccuracy and Computational Stability of Tensorally-Correct Subgrid Stress and Scalar Flux Representations in Autonomic Closure of LES10/30/2020; 10:15 AM; Zoom link:
Ahmad BamasagDirect Solar-powered Membrane Distillation for Small-scale Desalination Applications10/30/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Hamed FarivarnejadDecentralized Control of Collective Transport by Multi-Robot Systems with Minimal Information10/29/2020; 10:00 AM; Zoom link:
Reza Nazari3D Printed Gas Dynamic Virtual Nozzles for X-Ray Laser Sample Delivery and Optical Characterization of Microjets and Microdroplets10/28/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Sydney TaylorDynamic Radiative Thermal Management and Optical Force Modulation with Tunable Nanophotonic Structures Based on Thermochromic Vanadium Dioxide10/28/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Hosain BagheriBioinspired interactions with complex granular and aquatic environments10/28/2020; 8:00 AM; Zoom link:
Duo WangComputational Design of Compositionally Complex 3D and 2D Semiconductors10/26/2020; 2:00 PM; Zoom link: Zoom Link:
Marziye RahimiTouranposhtiExploring the utilization of startle as a therapy tool in individuals with stroke10/23/2020; 11:00 AM; Zoom link:
Lei LiuExploring Pentagonal Geometries for Discovering Novel Two-Dimensional Materials10/23/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Minghao LiuMultiresolution Coarse
grained Modeling of the Microstructure and Mechanical
Properties of Polyurea Elastomer
10/15/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Justin HuntDevelopment of a Novel Low Inertia Exoskeleton Device for Characterizing the Neuromuscular Properties of the Human Shoulder9/30/2020; 12:00 PM; Zoom link:
Amar ThakerStructural and Functional Studies of Protein-Nanoparticle Complexes and their Interactions9/25/2020; 1:00 PM; Zoom link:
Aditya YerramilliNovel Approaches for Improving Efficiency and Stability of Next Generation Perovskite Solar Cells9/25/2020; 3:00 PM; Zoom link:
Yuhao WangBayesian-Entropy method for Probabilistic Diagnostics and Prognostics in Engineering Systems
9/4/2020; 10:30 AM; Zoom link:
Joseph KarasReliability of Photovoltaic Cells with Plated Copper Electrodes9/1/2020; 9:00 AM; Zoom link:
Jiansong MiaoHigh Performance Semiconductor Gas Sensors8/19/2020; 2:00 PM; Zoom link:
Qinan ChangFast Forward and Inverse Wave Propagation Method for Tomographic Imaging of Defects in Solids
12/12/2018; 10 AM; ECG 215
Turki AlajmiKuwait Residential Energy Outlook: Modeling the Diffusion of Energy Conservation Measures
12/3/2018; 3 PM; ERC 593
Vidu JayanettiBasilisk Lizard Inspired Methods for Locomotion on Granular and Aquatic Media with Robotic Applications
11/30/2018; 10 AM; ART 240
Lauren BrunaciniInvestigation of the Electrical Resistivity of a
Perchlorate Oxidizer Based Electric Propellant Formulation
11/29/2018; 8:00 AM; ECG 335
Wenwen XuMaterial Processing for Edible Electronics11/15/2018; 9:00 AM; ERC 490
Sonam DahireStatistical models for prediction of mechanical property and manufacturing process parameters for gas pipeline steels11/7/2018; 10:00 AM; ECG 218
Daniel Miskin Early Wing Structural Design for Stiffness and Frequency Response 11/6/2018; 1:30 PM; GWC 535
Nirangkush Das Trajectory Modeling, Estimation and Interception of a Thrown Ball using a Robotic Ground Vehicle 11/6/2018; 12 PM; EDB L1-24
Aesha Patel Comparison of Encapsulant Degradation between Glass/Backsheet and Glass/Glass Field-aged Photovoltaic Modules11/6/2018; 11 AM; GWC 137
Viswa sai pavan Buddha
Series Resistance Increase in Field Degraded PV Modules in Different Climatic Conditions
11/5/2018; 3 PM; ERC 593
Rahul Verma Design, Fabrication & Characterization Of Pva/Nanocarbon Composite Fibers
11/2/2018; 12 PM; CDS 13
Dheepak Surya Kalyana Raman Theoretical investigation of transport across S/F interfaces
11/2/2018; 10:30 AM; DISC 246
William LeeExperimental Measurements of the Power Output of a Copper/Copper(II) Thermogalvanic Brick
11/2/2018; 10:30 AM; ECG 214
Penghong Guo
System Identification, State Estimation, And Control Approaches to Gestational Weight Gain Interventions
11/2/2018; 2 PM; LSA 109
Madhu Krishna Murthy
Characterization of Electrically Active Defects at Nb/Si Interface Using Transport and Transient Capacitance Measurements
10/29/2018; 1:00 PM; EDB L1-27
Pinar Cay Durgun
Investigation of water permeation through molecular sieve particles
in thin film nanocomposite membranes
10/25/2018; 11 AM; GWC 137A
Sreevatsan Bhaskaran Direct Detection Time of Flight Lidar Sensor System Design
and A vortex tracking algorithm for a Doppler Lidar
10/24/2018; 2 PM; ERC 593
Somya Singh
Deformation Behavior of Co-Sputtered and Nanolaminated Metal/Ceramic Composites 10/17/2018; 12:00 PM; ECG 218
Prudhvi Tej Chinimilli Human Activity Recognition and Control of Wearable Robots
10/15/2018; 10 AM; ECG 218
Nai-Yuan Liu
Sensors and their applications for connected health and environment
9/17/2018; 8 AM; ECG 218
Hooman Farsani
A Heterogeneous Porous Media Model for Fluid Flow Simulation
8/24/2018; 10 AM; WXLR A103
Ragesh Kumar Ramachandran
Exploration, Mapping and Estimation using a Swarm of Resource-Constrained Robots
8/24/2018; 9:30 AM; ERC 490
Simone Bernardini Efficiency-Limiting Recombination Mechanisms in
High-Quality Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells
8/23/2018; 10 AM; ERC 593
Siddhant Datta
Characterization of Fatigue Damage in Aerospace Materials under Complex Multiaxial Loading
8/17/2018; 11:00 AM; STAUF A417
Ruijin Cang
Data-Augmented Structure-Property Mapping for Accelerating Computational Design of Advanced Material Systems
7/24/2018; 1:00 PM; GWC 107
Ashlee Aiello Corrosion and Passivation of Mg-Al and Ni-Cr Alloys
7/19/2018; 3 PM; ISTB 696
Prudhvi Ram Peri
Physio-chemical Characterization of PZT based ultrasonic transducer stack
7/16/2018; 3 PM; ECA 219
Tarun Shesh
Carbon dioxide transfer characteristics of hollow-fiber, composite membranes
7/12/2018; 11 AM; BDA 204
Zz Haggerty

Excavation in Swarms: Applications to Human Infrastructure Problems

7/12/2018; 2 PM; ECA 219
Vaibhav Jhawar
Design of a Knee Exoskeleton for Gait Assistance
7/12/2018; 11 AM; ERC 490
Sri Ram Prasath Ramasubramaniyan
Fabrication, Modeling and Control of a Spherical Tail-Sitter UAV
7/11/2018; 10 AM; GWC 107
Bin Chen
Atomic Scale Characterizations of Two-dimensional Anisotropic Materials and Their Heterostructures
7/9/2018; 9:30 AM; ECA 219
Siying Liu
Investigation on Fatigue Behavior of Alloys by Various Approaches
7/6/2018; 3 PM; ERC 490
Hui Cai
Layer Structured Gallium Chalcogenides: Controlled Synthesis and Emerging Properties
6/29/2018; 3 PM; ECA 219 
Kedi Wu
Novel Growth Routes and Fundamental Understanding of Pseudo-One-Dimensional Materials
6/29/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Srishti Gupta
Synthesis and Characterization of Amphiphilic molecules for their use in health care industry
6/28/2018; 12:00 PM; ECA 219
Christopher Lefky
Corrosion and Sensitized Microstructure Evolution of 3D Printed Stainless Steel 316 and Inconel 718 Dissolvable Supports
6/28/2018; 9 AM; WXLR A311
Seyed Mostafa R. Sorkhabadi
Gait Dynamic Stability Analysis with Wearable Assistive Robots
 6/19/2018;  10 AM; GWC 107
Shantanu Das
Nucleation and Growth of Single Layer Graphene on Supported Cu Catalysts by Cold Wall Chemical Vapor Deposition
 6/15/2018; 2 PM; ECA 219
Hassan Alshehri
Opto-thermal Energy Transport with Selective Metamaterials and Solar Thermal Characterization of Selective Metafilm Absorbers
6/7/2018; 10 AM; GWC 107
Taylor RainesPropellant Mass Scaling and Decoupling and Improved Plasma Coupling in a Pulsed Inductive Thruster
6/8/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Sami Alelyani
Improvements to Heat-driven Cooling Cycles
6/6/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490;
Harini Murali
Aminoglycoside Polymers and Combination Treatments in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Studies
5/31/2018; 11 AM; ECG 215
Aniket Chitale
Generalized T-Map Modelling Procedure & Tolerance Sensitivity Analysis using T-Maps
5/14/2018; 10 AM; ECG 315
Takayuki Nosaka
Carbonaceous Nanomaterials as Flame Retardant Coating on Fabric
5/10/2018; 10 AM; ECG 215
Linda Fou
Indicators of Anticipated Walking Surface Transitions for Powered Prosthetic Control
4/13/2018; 9 AM; ECG 215
Sirong Lu
Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas at SrTiO3-Based Oxide Interfaces
 4/13/2018; 1:30 PM; PSF 306
Irene Lujan Regalado
Characterization of Thermo-Mechanical Damage in Tin and Sintered Nano-Silver Solders
 4/13/2018; 10 AM; ECG 347
Stephanie Booth
Effects of Wildlife Deterrent Devices Affixed to Wind Turbines on Power Output
 4/13/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Srisuda Rojsatien
Magnesiothermic Conversion of Sintered-Closely Packed Diatom (Coscinodiscus wailesii) Monolayer on Silicon Wafer and its Optical Properties
 4/13/2018; 11 AM; LSA 119
Kanishka Singh
Affine Abstraction of Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Active Model Discrimination
 4/12/2018; 9 AM; LL 114
Rushabh Talati
Implementation and Comparison of Various Observers for Time Delay System
 4/12/2018; 1:30 PM; DISCVRY 123
 Kshitiz Dolia
Accelerated UV Testing and Characterization of PV Modules with UV-cut and UV-pass EVA
 4/12/2018; 12:30 PM; ED 238
Yaopengxiao Xu
Modeling complex material systems using stochastic reconstruction and lattice particle simulation
 4/12/2018; 2 PM; ECG 238
Tanmoy Chatterjee
Understanding the interaction of wind farms and turbulent atmoshperic boundary layer in a large eddy simulation framework: from periodic to LIDAR based mean data driven cases
 4/12/2018; 12 PM; ERC 490
Hangkun Jing
Selenate and Chromate Removal with Titanium Dioxide based Photocatalysts
 4/11/2018; 2 PM; LL 272
Peyman Sirous
Metal Ion Detection by Luminescent Metal Organic Frameworks
 4/11/2018; 12:15 PM; PSH 131
Jueming Hu
Numerical Modeling of Cake Formation and Permeate Flux Decline in Membrane Filtration Using OpenFOAM
 4/10/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Ximo Chu
Surface Treatment of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
 4/10/2018; 12 PM; ISTB4 396
Seyedehmelika Meraji
Methylated and Unmethylated pDNA Delivery Comparison in Mammalian Cells
 4/9/2018; 2:15 PM; ECG 214
Sayalee Joshi
Microbial Metabolic chain elongation
 4/9/2018; 11 AM; BDA AL1-50  
Xingye Wang
In-situ Photoemission Spectroscopy Characterization of Electronic States in Semiconductor Interfaces
 4/9/2018; 3 PM; ERC 490
Nancy Fujikado
Synthesis of Acetylenic Carbon Molecules via Pulsed Laser Ablation in Ethanol
 4/9/2018; 1 PM; PSD 105
Sai Gautham Nuthi
Computational Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Pneumatically Driven Actuators for the Development of a Soft Robotic Arm
 4/9/2018; 12 PM; LL 270
Ashwin Agathya Boochakravarthy
Study Of Doped Magnetic System
 4/6/2018; 11 AM; DISCVRY 123
Sai Chaitanya Mangavelli
Numerical simulation of the interaction between floating objects and a gravity driven flow
 4/6/2018; 1 PM; ECG 317
Mathew Delisle
Destabilized Aircraft Response: the Implications of Pilot Trim Error
 4/6/2018; 2 PM; GWC 107
Paige Colasurd
Expression, Characterization, and Structural Studies of Anti-amyloid Antibody Fragments
 4/5/2018; 1 PM; LL 245
Spencer Cleary
The Supersonic Performance of High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engines with Fixed Conical Spike Inlets
 4/5/2018; 4:30 PM; ECG 335
Shaohua Chen
Modeling, Characterizing and Reconstructing Mesoscale Microstructural Evolution in Particulate Processing and Solid-State Sintering
 4/3/2018; 1:30 PM; ERC 490
Gokul Chandrasekaran
3D-Printed Heat Exchangers: An Experimental Study
 4/2/2018; 9 AM; GWC 109
Weston K. Bertrand
Enhanced Desorption in Novel Sorbent Materials Using Ultrasound
 4/2/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Jyothis Anand Prem Anand Jayaprabha
The Optimized Use of Phase Change Materials in Buildings
 4/2/2018; 4 PM; WGHL L1-15
Amr Fairag
Smart HVAC Zoning for Residential Buildings
 3/30/2018; 11 AM; ECA 219
Jung Eun Park
Analyses of Spray Atomization Based on Integral Form of Conservation Equations: Applications to Liquid Jets in Cross Flows and to CFD
 3/30/2018; 2 PM; LL 270
Vishnu Kumar Budama
Design and Evaluation of a Concentrating Solar Power System with Thermochemical Water Splitting Process for the Co-production of Hydrogen and Electricity
 3/29/2018; 10 AM; ERC 593
Mitchell Armstrong
Designing Sorbent-Containing Electrospun Fibers For Dilute Chemical Separations
 3/21/2018; 10 AM; LSE 204
Ashutosh Agarwal
Alloying of 2D Anisotropic Materials and Studying Their Vibrational and Optical Properties
 3/20/2018; 9 AM; ERC 490
Kaushik Sridhar Vadari Venkata
Microstructure development in magnetite films via non-classical crystallization
 3/16/2018; 10 AM; PSH 331
Xiangbing Jiao
From materials to devices: (I) Ultra-thin flexible implantable bio-probes with biodegradable sacrificial layers (II) Carrier spin injection and transport in diamond
 3/15/2018; 10 AM; ERC 490
Xu Wang
Understanding the Mechanical Behaviors of Lithium-Based Battery Anodes─Silicon and Lithium Metal
 2/28/2018; 12 PM; ECG 317
Wen-Hsi Huang
Recycling Valuable Materials from Crystalline-Si Solar Modules
 2/22/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Kousik Ganesan
 Capable Copper Electrodeposition Process for Integrated Circuit - Substrate Packaging Manufacturing
 2/9/2018; 2 PM; ERC 490
Ashwin Rai
Novel Methodology for Atomistically Informed Multiscale
2/7/2018; 1 PM; ERC 490
Liuyang DingFundamentals and Applications of N-pulse Particle Image Velocimetry-accelerometry: Towards Advanced Measurements of Complex Flows and Turbulence
1/30/2018; 12:00 PM; ERC 490
Nithya SubramanianPhysics-Based Modeling of Material Behavior and Damage Initiation in Nanoengineered Composites
12/14/2017; 10 AM; ECG 315
HsinWei WuCharacterization of Perovskite Oxide/Semiconductor Heterostructures
12/13/2017; 9:00 AM; PSF 306
Benyamin Gholami BazehhourMultiscale Modeling of Oxygen Impurity Effects on Macroscopic Deformation and Fatigue Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium
11/21/2017; 11:00 AM; ART 240
Qianlang LiuProbing atomic, electronic, and optical structures of nanoparticle photocatalysts using fast electrons
11/21/2107; 9:30 AM; ERC 593
Sandesh G. BhatDesign and Development of a Passive Prosthetic Ankle
11/6/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Amr IbrahimSynthesis and Gas Transport Properties of Graphene Oxide Membranes
11/6/2017; 11 AM; WXLRA106
Sahil InamdarHydrogel Nanosensorsfor Colorimetric Detection and Dosimetry in Proton Beam Radiotherapy
11/3/2017; 1:30 pm; ECA 219
Majid VaghayenegarCharacterization of HgCdTe and Related Materials For Third Generation Infrared Detectors
11/3/2017; 9:30 AM; PSB 234
Jui-Yung ChangRadiative Heat Transfer with Nanowire/NanoholeMetamaterials for Thermal Energy Harvesting Applications
10/31/2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Yiyang LiMultiscale modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of phase-segregated polymers: polyethylene and polyuria
 10/30/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Shahriar AlamA Fundamental Model Methodology for the Analysis Design and Fabrication of a Narrow Transparency Window in a Bulk Meta-Material
10/27/2017; 3 PM; ERC 593
Tyler StannardCorrosion and Corrosion-Fatigue Behavior of 7075 Aluminum Alloys Studied By In Situ X-Ray Tomography

10:30 AM; ERC 490
Scott TurnageAnomalous Dynamic Behavior of Stable Nanograined Materials

11:30 AM; ERC 490
John Robert WilsonThe Doghouse Plot: History, Construction Techniques, and Application
10/19/2017; 9 AM; ECG 215
Chandrashekara Shashank KairaStructure-Property Relationships in Aluminum-Copper alloys using Transmission X-Ray Microscopy (TXM) and Micromechanical Testing
10/17/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Joshua B. JamesStability, Transport and Modification of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 Membranes for Light Hydrocarbon Separations

9:30 AM; ECG 215
Bryan WhitsellHuman-Robot Interaction Utilizing Asymmetric Cooperation and the Brain
 9/18/2017; 10 AM; ECG 238
Huidan Yin Synthesis and Characterization of ZIF-71/PDMS Mixed Matrix Membranes for Biofuel Separation Through Pervaporation
8/31/2017; 9:00 AM; ERC 490
Venkatraman NagarajanNumerical Simulation of Entrainment and Recirculating Flow at the Base of an Aerospike Nozzle with Supplementary Base Flow
7/12/2017; 1:00 PM; ERC 593
Anurag GandhiInvestigation of transition and vortex systems of a dynamically pitching airfoil under the free-stream turbulence conditions

10:00 AM; ERC 490
Brian ThompsonEngineering Escherichia coli for the Novel and Enhanced Biosynthesis of Phenol, Catechol, and Muconic Acid
7/11/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Santosh Shekar MudunurOptimizing parameters for the process of electrochemical reduction of Carbon-dioxide
7/10/2017; 2:00 PM; ERC 593
Robert HolgateAdvanced Prosthetics and Joint Mechanisms
7/5/2017; 10:00 AM; ERC 490
Kyle W. StaggsSeparations of Biofuels and Bioproducts via Magnetic Mesoporous Carbons
7/14/2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Nathan CahillOptimal Design Methods for Increasing Power Performance of Multiactuator Robotic Limbs
7/3/2017; 10 AM; ERC 490
Georgios Konstantinos KaravasBrain Computer Interfaces for the Control of Robotic Swarms

10:00 AM; ERC 593
Rutvik VaidyaAnalyzing the performance of Lithium-ion batteries for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Second-life applications
6/23/ 2017; 9 AM; ERC 490
Ehsan IzadiInvestigating the mechanical behavior and deformation mechanisms of ultrafine-grained metal films using ex-situ and in-situ TEM techniques
6/22,/2017; 11 AM; ERC 490
Liang HuangMetal Complexes for Organic Optoelectronic Applications
6/13/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Jared SchoepfTiered Approach to Detect Nanomaterials in Food and Environmental Matrices
6/7/2017; 8:30AM; ERC 490
Saul OpieEffects of Phase Transformations and Dynamic Material Strength on Hydrodynamic Instability Evolution In Metals
5/31/2017; 1:00PM; ERC 593
Shrinil ShahEffects of Structural Uncertainty on the Dynamic Response of Nearly Straight Fluid-Filled Pipes: Modeling and Numerical Validation
5/26/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 593
Ankush SharmaShape Factors for Pseudo-Steady State Flow in Fractured Hydrocarbon Wells of Various Reservoir Geometries
5/22/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Wei GaoMolecular Dynamic Simulations of Diffusion and Phase Behaviors of Colloidal Particles in Two-Component Liquid Systems
5/11/2017; 9:00AM; ERC 490
Narayan Vishnu KanhereOptimization of particle size of α-Alumina separator on performance of Lithium Ion Batteries
4/28/2017; 8:00AM; GWC 487
Pulkit SharmaToward an Uncertain Modeling of Hypersonic Aerodynamic Forces
4/11/2017; 8:00AM; GWC 535
Ashish GopalakrishnanCharacterization of the Dynamic Strength of Aluminium at Extreme Strain Rates and Pressures
 4/14/2017; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Shantanu PoreReliability of PV modules: Dependence on manufacturing quality and field climatic conditions
4/13/2017; 10:30AM; ISTB4 396
Adit PatankarDegradation Linearity Determination And Temperature of Photovoltaic Modules in the Field
4/13/2017; 3:00PM; BYAC 190
Wilson KongAngle Resolved Polarization and Vibrational Studies of Transition Metal Trichalcogenides and Related Alloys
4/12/2017; 3:00PM; LL 243
Ninad ChameleFractal Ag electrodeposits in Radial Programmable Metallization Cells as Physical Unclonable Functions
4/11/2017; 10:00AM; ISTB4 596
Devon BridgemanA Portable Colorimetric Sensing Platform for the Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide in Breath
4/11/2017; 1:00PM; GWC 465
Varun KelkarAnalysis of Chlorination & UV effects on microplastics using Raman spectroscopy
4/13/2017; 1:00PM; GWC 487
Sneha ShenoyEffect of Foreign Object Damage on Fatigue of Inconel 718 at elevated temperature (1050 C) 
4/14/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Philip SakievichIdentification, Decomposition and Analysis of Dynamic Large-Scale Structures in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
 4/14/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Ryan SpillerLongitudinal Stability of Twin-Fuselage Aircraft with Oscillations Due to Unattached Tails
4/13/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Andrew VerbinDetailed Design of a Pulsed Plasma Thrust Stand
4/13/2017; 10:00AM; GWC 487
Brendan HernandezLongitudinal Static Stability of a Tethered Rotorcraft
4/13/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 593
Venkata Sathya Sai Renuka VallabhaneniEnvironmental-Induced Damage in Tin (Sn) and Aluminum (Al) Alloys
4/13/2017; 12:30PM; ERC 490
Jia XuSynthesis and functionalization of zinc oxide nanowires
4/13/2017; 11:00AM; PSF 306
Ke GengMorphology Evolution during Dealloying at High Homologous Temperature
4/12/2017; 10:15AM; ISTB4 240
Girish Nigamanth RaghunathanNumerical Solution of a 2-D model for formation of Zonal Jets
4/11/2017; 11:00AM; LL 45
Benjamin AndersonConceptual Fuselage Design with Direct CAD Modeling
4/11/2017; 11:00AM; Stauff A 317
Fraaz TahirCreep-Fatigue Damage Investigation and Modeling of Alloy 617 at High Temperatures
4/10/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Barry O'BrienNew Materials and Device Designs for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
4/10/2017; 12:00PM; ECA 219
Rohit SarkarSynthesis and in situ Characterization of Nanostructured and Amorphous  Metallic Films
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; ECG 227
Andre J. BrewerSurface Plasmon-polariton Enhanced Lasing: Numerical Studies
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; LSA 119
Sean WilsonScalable Control Strategies and a Customizable Swarm Robotic Platform for Boundary Coverage and Collective Transport Tasks
4/7/2017; 3:30PM; ERC 490
Gargi KailkhuraCFD Analysis of Wind Potential Across Rooftop Gaps of Tall Buildings
4/7/2017; 1:00PM; ECG 305
John BeardTakeoff Obstacle Clearance Procedures: The Feasibility of Extended Second Segment Climb
4/7/2017; 12:00PM; LL 149
Nihanth CherukuruDoppler Lidar Vector Retrievals And Atmospheric Data Visualization in Mixed/Augmented Reality
4/7/2017; 10:00AM; ERC 490
Melvin MathewOptimum Co-Product Utilization from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae
 4/6/2017; 2:00PM; ERC 490
Rick AhlfAutonomic Closure in Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) Simulations of Turbulent Flows
4/4/2017; 11:00AM; ERC 593
Yue DengA Novel Mobile Device for Environmental Hydrocarbon Sensing and Its Applications
4/4/2017; 8:00AM; ERC 490
Nicholas KemmeQuantifying the Properties of Elastic, Liquid Metal Based Thermal Interface Materials
3/28/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jeffrey SkidmoreOn the Effect of Walking Surface Stiffness on Inter-leg Coordination during Human Walking: a Unique Perspective to Robot-assisted Gait Rehabilitation
4/3/2017; 12:30PM; GWC 487
Jing LuEvaluation of Compound Semiconductors for Infrared Photo-detection Applications
3/31/2017; 10:00AM; PSB 234
Puneet Vasudev JethaniPower Management Strategy of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Peak Power Shaving Using Ultra-Capacitor3/30/2017; 9:30AM; ERC 490
Man LiSelenium Removal from Power Plant Waste Water with Solid Phase Extraction Materials3/30/2017; 12:00PM; ISTB4 396
Yuting WangReduced Order Modeling with Variable Spatial Fidelity for the Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Multi-Bay Structures3/3/2017; 1:00PM; ERC 490
Zhao ZhaoCharacterization of Novel Thin-Films and Structures for Integrated Circuit and Photovoltaic Applications2/20/2017; 11:00AM; ERC 490
Bonsung KooA New Atomistic Simulation Framework for Mechanochemical Reaction Analysis of Mechanophore Embedded Nanocomposites2/17/2017; 12:00PM; ERC 490
Jino GeorgeExtraction of Coherent structures using NS in 3D Turbulent flows and its effects on Chemotaxis1/30/2017; 2:00PM; ECG 236
Nathan BakkenSmall Molecule Organic Optoelectronic Devices1/6/2017; 9:00AM; ERC 490